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AICCRA Zambia Accelerator Grant

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About AICCRA Zambia

Southern Africa is a climate hotspot. Erratic rainfall, rising temperatures, and recurring droughts and floods are impacting water, agriculture, and energy businesses, undermining farmers’ livelihoods, and threatening existing crop and livestock systems.

The COVID-19 pandemic has placed further stress on food and water security in the region, with both crises affecting workforces, transportation systems, and supply chains from field to fork. As the region and Zambia gear up for economic recovery post-Covid, AICCRA’s value addition would be in strengthening climate resilience and putting food systems on a low emissions development pathway with the view that improved water resource management is key to a zero-carbon future.

AICCRA Zambia aims to improve water and food security in southern Africa through access to knowledge, technologies, and decision-making tools to strengthen climate resilience in Zambia’s food systems in the face of a hotter and drier climate. AICCRA will work with Zambian partners by scaling actionable climate information services (CIS) and climate-smart agriculture (CSA) innovations that will achieve water and food security and build resilience in an inclusive manner.

AICCRA Zambia Accelerator Grant offer

1. Scaling grant
Successful applicants will be awarded a scaling grant of US$ 50,000 per bundle, distributed over the course of the project duration according to the proposed budgeting and needs of the applicants. The funds will only be distributed if their purpose is proven to contribute to the proposed scaling activities. Participants are required to periodically produce audited financial statements.

2. Technical assistance
During the active project duration (January 2022 – December 2023), CGIAR partners will provide technical assistance in form of development and implementation of agronomic best practices, commercial/business advisory, scientific assistance, networking opportunities in form of multi-stakeholder dialogues as well as monitoring & evaluation. Participants are expected to work closely with the CGIAR partners.

Who we are looking for

  • For-profit business with at least one year of regional or national presence and experience, and legally able to perform work in the country. Non-government, consultancy, and non-profit entities will not be considered as leading applicants.
  • Implementing partners and other organizations may be included in a consortium such as other commercial businesses, farmer cooperatives, consulting firms, and/or business/member associations.
  • Personnel with relevant experience and qualifications to implement the proposed scope of work.
  • Experience working in Zambia, including with producers and other market actors, development partners, non-governmental organizations, and government agencies and organizations.


  1. Call for applications: Wednesday, 27th of October – Sunday, 4th of December
  2. Evaluation of applicants: 4th of December – 14th of January
  3. Announcement of winners: 21st of January
  4. Kick-off and begin of cooperation: 1st of February

Application process

Please read the following instructions carefully in order to successfully submit an application:

Step one: Click on “apply” below and enter your company information

  • Only the main applicant is required to fill in the application form. The main applicant is required to create a VC4A-account (free of charge)
  • The main applicant provides information on their organization in parts 1 and 2

Step two: Fill in the application of the partner applicants

  • The main applicant also enters the information of the partner applicants
  • Four additional partners can be added to the application in the form (part 3 to 6)
  • If the partnership consists of less than 5 applicants, please only fill in information for the correct amount and leave the additional fields empty
  • If the partnership consists of more than 5 applicants, please indicate so in the application form (step 3)
  • Only active partners listed in the application will be eligible for funding

Step three: Choose a bundle and fill in the application form

  • In part 7, please indicate in the drop-down list to which bundle you wish to apply
  • Download the respective application sheet (.doc) and fill it in together with your partners
  • Submit the sheet as well company registrations as well as CVs of the founders by uploading them to the upload field
  • You can always close the online application portal and return later, allowing you to work offline on the application sheet document with your partners. Your progress will be saved

Step four: Submit the application

  • After filling in the required fields and uploading your application material, please click “submit”. Only fully submitted applications will be considered
  • If you have questions at any time during the application process, please reach out to [email protected] or via WhatsApp to +49 177 2994862

We look forward to your successful application!

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