30 Profitable small business ideas in Denmark

by Biztraction Research

Generating and deciding on the kind of small business ideas in Denmark to start can be difficult and challenging at the same time. However, we would guide you through a list of small business ideas in Denmark and brief you on what to expect as you start this journey. You can also read about similar ideas and processes in Netherlands, Cyprus, and Cayman Island.

What We Covered In This Article

How easy is it to start a business in Denmark?

Starting a business in Denmark is easy. And this is confirmed by the World Bank’s “Ease of doing business” index, which places Denmark as one of the countries where businesses are easy to start. 

Many factors contribute to this ease, such as fewer restrictions for businesses, a conducive environment, a booming economy, etc.

Is Denmark a good business place?

Denmark is a very good business place. And it is one of the most prosperous nations, with a strong social welfare net for its citizens. 

Aside from this, the country is designed in such a way as to attract investors and businesses from all over the world. The nation has professionals who are highly skilled in various fields of endeavors. The labor market is flexible; there are fewer regulations to restrict the operations of legal businesses. 

Modern facilities such as clean water, electricity, good roads, etc., are in place to help businesses flourish. Denmark is a truly good place for any business. 

How can a foreigner start a business in Denmark?

Denmark is a business-friendly nation that encourages citizens and foreigners to start up their businesses. So, yes, a foreigner can start a business in Denmark. And the following steps can be taken to achieve this:

To start with, as a foreigner who intends to start a business in Denmark, you would be required to get a work permit and apply for residency.

Afterward, you need to get a CPR number, which serves as a Personal Identification Number. This number is important because you can only establish a Capital Company without it. You would not be able to establish a sole proprietorship.

Afterward, you proceed to register your business. In doing this, you need to identify yourself as the business owner. And this is done by uploading a copy of your passport. You also need to state your address and your national social security number. 

Then after registering, you would receive your CBR number. 

Business ideas to start in Denmark without money

There are numerous businesses that one can start in Denmark without money and which would thrive. Most of these businesses require offering your skill, knowledge, etc., for money. 

The following are some business ideas to start in Denmark without money:

Content Writing:

Content writing has to do with writing for businesses and individuals to promote their businesses. Content writing is a key part of advertisement and marketing. And it is a well sought-after skill, which can earn you a lot of money if you know your onions.

Many businesses, individuals, organizations, etc., need content to promote themselves on social media, Google, etc. 

Thus, as a content writer, you can start a freelancing content writing business where you create content to be used on social media, websites, emails, etc. And then get paid for your services. This business requires only your skill and expertise as a content writer.

Animal training:

Dog training is another business you can start in Denmark, which does not require start-up capital. All that is needed is your love for animals, knowledge, and experience of how to train and care for them.

Animals such as dogs, cats, etc., are commonly kept as pets in Denmark. And most times, their owners need an expert to train and walk these animals. This is where you come in, then, as an animal trainer. And you would surely get paid for services rendered. 

Virtual assistance:

Setting up a virtual assistance business is another way to make money in Denmark without using money. Nowadays, most companies hire virtual assistants to help them carry out their administrative and secretarial job. It is cheaper to do this than hire a full-time staff.

So, if you have experience with administrative and secretarial work, can create emails, organize schedules, etc., you are the right fit as a virtual assistant. You can start with one company. Then as time goes on, you can decide to take on more than one job at a time to earn more.

Business consultancy:

As a business expert, you can also offer business consultancy services to earn more in Denmark. Business is a key player in the economy of Denmark. And for these businesses to thrive, they require sound counsel and expertise.

As a business expert, you can work as a business consultant, providing insights on business growth, 

Franchise opportunities in Denmark

There are many franchise opportunities in Denmark, and some of them are as follows: 

Another World: 

This technology company creates Virtual Reality games and aims to make them accessible to everyone. Founded in 2018, they focus on creating simple game mechanics suitable for children and adults. 

They provide licenses for games made; they produce new games almost yearly. The price for the Franchise ranges from $12,000, with an initial investment of about $30,000. The payback period is about nine months+. 


Govorusha is a speech Therapy Center established in 2012. It is a specialized center that helps children from ages 0 to 14 with developmental problems. They provide therapy to children who have speech and developmental disorders to help them get qualified help for improvement. 

The franchise fee ranges from $28,000, with a total initial investment fee of $16,200. And the payback period is from one year.

Krispy Kreme:

Krispy Kreme is a retailer and wholesaler store that sells doughnuts, coffee, sweets, etc. the company produces doughnut-making equipment and mixes. And they have about 1400 retail shops in more than 30 countries. 

It was established in 1937, and the franchise fee is about $25,000, with a total investment of $275,000. 

Days Inn:

This hotel deals with low-priced hotel services and gives free Wifi and breakfast. It was established in 1970, and today, they have about 1800 locations where the hotel operates as a franchise. 

Upon purchase, buyers get support such as training, marketing aids, etc. the franchise fee is about $35,000, with a total initial investment range of $292,634. 

Websites to find businesses of sale in Denmark

The following websites feature many businesses which are up for sale in Denmark. These websites include:


The Exchange marketplace website is a great website to find many businesses for sale in Denmark. The website is one the largest growing websites where businesses to be sold are listed for people to buy.

The information on the website is highly reliable and verified. The website also has a secure messaging platform, where sellers can easily interact with buyers and make inquiries about businesses put up for sale. 

They also have a secured encrypted payment capture, which helps secure your money. It is a great website to check out if you are looking for businesses to buy in Denmark. 


Easy buy sells business is another platform dedicated to selling businesses of various kinds. They advertise businesses in various fields such as retail, accounting, IT, Consulting, etc. 

The Easy Buy Sell Business connects business sellers to buyers to facilitate a hassle-free business transaction. 


Smergers is an online website that lists businesses to be sold and franchised. They connect business owners with investors and buyers. The website hosts about 79,500+ pre-screened and verified businesses, with investors from 900+ countries. 

The website has a global network of individuals and a fair valuation of businesses to be bought and sold. Security is also assured on the website, as every business, investor, advisor, etc. is pre-screened.


The Million Makers Website is another global platform for selling businesses. Businesses on the platform are screened, and business names are kept confidential. 

The Million Makers lists businesses in various fields, such as automobile, car wash, petrol stations, beauty salons, farms, food vans, bakeries, etc. They also help to lease or rent business establishments in Denmark. 

Tech business opportunities in Denmark


Fintech stands for Financial Technology. It involves the use of technology in carrying out financial services. Financial technology is a lucrative tech business opportunity that would thrive in Denmark due to its innovative and technology-driven economy. 

Fintech involves every process which makes use of technology to automate payment. It involves financial transactions such as mobile banking, peer-to-peer payment services, cryptocurrency, etc.

Mobile application development:

Mobile application development involves the creation of mobile apps for mobile devices. It is an innovative business idea that is highly demanded today due to the immense benefits it gives to people. 

Various mobile applications include budgeting, education, mobile notepads, mobile financial apps, etc. 

To start a mobile application development business in Denmark, you can take the following steps:

  1. Choose a major platform. There are many platforms for mobile application development, such as Android, ios, Symbian, Windows, etc.
  2. Learn important skills in the field.
  3. Master coding skills.
  4. Practice your skill.
  5. Then you can go ahead to create your mobile application development business. 

Website design:

Website development involves the creation of websites for businesses, individuals, brands, professionals, NGOs, etc. Nowadays, the web is the best place to market one’s business. And every business is eager to take advantage of this.

Hence, if you launch a website design business in Denmark, you will attract many businesses. And they would be willing to pay for you well, to develop and design websites for them. This is a great business idea, which brings in loads of money, and allows you to work from anywhere in the country. 


EdTech stands for Educational Technology. And it is an innovative approach to education whereby educational materials are made available through technological means.

EdTech businesses are highly profitable due to the importance of education in day-to-day life. Examples of EdTech companies include Udemy, Coursera, Alison, etc.

So, launching your EdTech business in Denmark would bring immense profits. However, you need to be passionate about the educational field and provide great educational content to increase people’s knowledge.


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It has to do with creating value and search engine optimized content, which ranks well on Google. As an SEO writer, you can establish this business or even work as a freelancer.

Many businesses want to rank on Google’s first page. However, they lack the technical knowledge and resources to write well-timed content, which people and search engines love. Thus, as an expert SEO writer, you can launch your tech business in this field in Denmark. 


E-commerce is not new to the world. And with the pandemic of 2020, people have not only shifted more to buying online, they now heavily rely on it. E-commerce stands for electronic commerce, and it has to do with the method of buying and selling things online.

In Denmark, the e-commerce sector is booming, and it is a great tech business idea to launch. Some examples of e-commerce businesses today include Amazon, Ali baba, Jumia, etc. 

Benefits of doing business in Denmark

Low business running cost:

One of the benefits of doing business in Denmark is that the costs of running a business are low. As a business owner, you wouldn’t have to spend so much on electricity, rent, etc. And this surely makes business run more smoothly, with more profits coming in. 

Safe business environment:

Denmark also offers your business a safe environment, free from hassles, violence, robbery, etc. It is a safe country that is not prone to violent incidents, thus, securing the businesses in the nation. 

Availability of talented workers:

Denmark has a pool of talented professionals who are readily available to work. Thus, when you establish a business in the country, you get access to a reliable workforce who bring their best to work to make your business flourish. 


Denmark is an innovative and technology-driven nation. And this helps businesses grow as they make use of the innovative developments in the nation to increase revenue and expand in size. 

Stable economy:

Denmark has a stable economy, which is not easily subjected to inflation. These businesses in the nation can grow over time without being subjected to the high cost of making purchases or low profits. 

Work-life balance:

The work structure in Denmark gives space for a balanced work-life structure. This structure allows workers to put in their best while at work and spend quality time with their families.

This structure contributes to making happier and more efficient workers, who give their best input, to make businesses successful.

Challenges of starting a business in Denmark

Conservative buyers:

One of the challenges of starting a business in Denmark is that most people are conservative buyers. This means that they are mostly satisfied with already existing businesses. 

Thus, switching to newly set up businesses may take a while. However, if you remain consistent as a new business owner and continue to render satisfactory services, you attract customers. 

Getting a construction permit:

Another challenge of starting a new business in Denmark is that you need to get a construction permit. And in getting this permit, eight procedures need to be followed.

Also, one cannot conduct business or start anything without a construction inspection. 

Getting credit and investors:

Getting access to credit and investor as a new business in Denmark also takes time. This is due to the regulations in place to protect investors. 

Also, getting access to credit takes a while. And this is confirmed by the World Bank and International Finance Corporation ranking, which ranks Denmark as the 23rd country in the world in terms of ease of getting access to credit.

Payment of taxes:

As a business owner in Denmark, you would be required to pay ten different taxes. And processing them requires about 130 hours, which is a lot of time. 

And these taxes, such as insurance contracts and property taxes, environmental taxes, etc., are to be paid yearly. 

Regulations with importation and exportation:

There are strict regulatory procedures that guide the importation and exportation of goods in and out of Denmark. 

When exporting goods to other nations, there are four documents that every business must complete. When bringing in goods from other nations, one must also complete three documents. And these documents take five days to be processed. 

Enforcing Contracts:

The process of enforcing contracts in Denmark involves more procedures than it takes in other nations of the world. Here, contracts take 410 days to be enforced. 

The process of enforcing these contracts could also be confusing. 

30 profitable small business ideas in Denmark

Now, we will examine 30 small business ideas that you can consider starting in Denmark. These business ideas can either be done full-time or as a side gig. 

Here are some lucrative small business ideas to launch in Denmark:

Laundry business:

One of the lucrative business ideas to start in Denmark is the laundry service business. This business involves washing, drying, and ironing clothes for people at a fee. 

This is a very profitable business, as many people tend to outsource laundry these days to be able to do other meaningful things. Thus, you can position yourself and start a laundry business, helping prow take that burdens off their necks. 

Also, you could decide to tap into the delivery part of the laundry business. Many individuals leave their clothes at the laundry for a long because they do not have the time to pick them up. Here, you can arrange with these laundry businesses to deliver their customers’ clothes at a fee. 

Fitness center:

A fitness center is another profitable business idea that can fetch you a lot of money in Denmark. Everyone wants to look fit, lose weight, grow biceps, and look smart. You can then take advantage of this need to grow income for yourself.

As a fitness coach, you can open a gym where people subscribe to exercise. You can also use social media and record fitness videos that people would buy and watch to help them achieve their fitness goals. 

Advertising agency:

An advertising agency focuses on creating awareness and publicity about brands and businesses to attract customers, investors, etc. So, if you have an advertising degree or possess the skills to advertise traditionally and on the internet, you can start an advertising agency business.

Most business wants to grow their brand awareness. However, they do not have the money to pay an in-house advertisement expert. Thus, you can work as a freelance advertising company to help. They achieve their advertising goals and make money for themselves.

Car wash business:

The car wash business is another profitable business idea that can fetch you much income in Denmark. It involves washing, cleaning, and waxing vehicles of various kinds. 

As the economy grows, more people can buy vehicles of various kinds. Thus, they would require car washing services to keep the vehicle clean and shape. This is a profitable business that attracts individuals who require your services. Just be in a good location, where most of your clients are likely to be. 

Domestic cleaning:

The business of domestic cleaning has to do with offering cleaning services to homeowners, office space owners, etc., at a fee. Most individuals outsource their home cleaning to ease stress and focus on other things.

Thus, this would be an opportunity to generate wealth if you have good cleaning skills and attention to detail. You also need to be able to advertise what you do well to attract more clients.

Dog training:

If you have a knack for dogs and can train them, you can do business out of it. Dog training involves working with dogs to help them obey simple instructions and other things.

Dogs and other pets are treasured by their owners. So much that these owners are willing to pay to train these pets; thus, you can deploy your love and skill in training animals to earn some cool cash. 

Party Rental:

The rental business is where you purchase tables, chairs, canopies, centerpieces, stages, and other event supplies. Rent out to people at a fee. It is much easier and less capital-intensive than opening an event center.

A rental service is lucrative, as you can earn the amount used in purchasing those items just from the money people pay to rent them. It is a profitable business to consider investing in.

Lego distribution:

Denmark is the headquarters of lego. Thus, you can start as a lego distributor and partner with lego producing companies to distribute lego. 

Creche or Pre-school:

A creche or pre-school business is a great business idea that you can launch if you have the necessary qualifications and license. It is a low-cost business that can start from your home without increasing expenses to rent another facility. However, make sure to get permission to start in your home.

And as you grow in number, you can then expand to a new facility. It is a great fit if you love taking care of children. 


Starting a restaurant is a profitable business idea to launch in Denmark. You will surely thrive if you possess good culinary skills in local and international dishes.

When starting this business, pick a strategic location where you can easily attract local and foreign customers. Make sure your restaurant is always clean and cooks well to study your customers. It is a great business idea if you have the skills.

Power washing Business:

The power washing business involves using power washing machines to clean surfaces, such as walls, concrete, building facilities, vehicles, etc.

It is a lucrative business that aims to remove first grease, dust, pants, and other particles from surfaces. Also known as a pressure-washing business, it is a lucrative business that generates a lot of income if you position yourself well as an expert. 

HAVC Installation:

HVAC installation is another great business idea to start in Denmark, provided that you have the skills. HVAC stands for Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning. It is another business lucrative business idea to launch in Denmark. 

Dairy Farm Business:

This is a lucrative business to start in Denmark. It involves the production of raw milk and cheese from animals. It is a profitable business that can expand, thus increasing your income. Deciding to delve into raw milk processing into processed and drinkable ones for immediate consumption. 


In Denmark, you can also start a photography business. The photography business is a thriving one, where you can deploy your skills to preserve beautiful memories for people in the form of pictures. 

You have to decide to focus on a niche, such as children’s photography, wildlife, travel, events, etc. You can also organize photography workshops and classes to teach other people at a fee. 

Boat rental:

The boat rental business would flourish well in Denmark due to the large expanse of water in the nation. You are just minutes away from a water body anywhere in the country. 

Thus, individuals, families, etc., engage in various recreational activities in the water. So, you can take advantage of this to rent out boats for people to use. Make sure that your boat is well cared for and clean, and you will surely grow.

Virtual assistant:

Starting a business as a virtual assistant in Denmark is a great idea, which helps you work from home. As a virtual assistant, your work is to render secretarial services to individuals. 

This involves booking flights, organizing schedules, reading and replying to emails, etc. It is a beautiful business idea that can make you more money than you imagine.

Ice cream and snacks shop:

Starting an ice cream and snacks shop is a great business idea to flourish in Denmark. Children and even adults love ice cream. And a snack is a much-needed time to satisfy one’s cravings. This ice cream and snacks shop is a great business idea to make profits in Denmark.

And if you can’t rent a shop, you can use the mobile ice cream shops, where you can move around from place to place, to sell. 

Moving Business:

A moving company assists people in moving properties, from one place to the other, during relocation processes. When individuals need to relocate from one location to another, they usually require vehicles and extra hands to help them move their things. 

Thus, you can establish a business as a moving company in Denmark to help people relocate from one city, state, or country to the other. It is a lucrative business venture that yields substantial income.

Pet food:

The Petfood business is a promising one that can thrive in Denmark. Many individuals and families in Denmark own pets, such as dogs, cats, etc. And they are always willing to take good care of these pets.

This way, you can start a pet food business, where you buy and sell food to feed these pets. However, you should be well experienced and knowledgeable before delving into this business. This would help you know the kinds of food to give different pets.

Skincare business:

A skincare business is another kind of business that would flourish in Denmark. As a skincare consultant and product dealer, you would be targeting a late number of people from both genders, depending on the kinds of products you sell.

Skincare products, such as body lotions, balm, face cleansers, moisturizers, serum, etc., are essentials needed by many to care for their body. To complement your products, you can also decide to sell perfumes, body sprays, roll-ons, etc. 

Bridal Shop:

A bridal shop deals in all forms of accessories and wedding gowns for brides. A bridal shop is a profitable business idea that would thrive anywhere globally, and Denmark is no exception.

As a bridal shop owner, you can deal in bridal items such as wedding dresses, crowns, hair accessories, bridal shoes, rings, jewelry, etc. You can also offer make-up services to complement your business. 

Luggage Storage:

A luggage storage business helps people keep their luggage when they are on a visitation. Luggage storages also help people keep their luggage when they don’t have a permanent place in an area or don’t want to keep going around with loads while in a place.

This is another profitable business, which solves people’s problems, and yields profits.

Pig Business:

Launching a pig business involves rearing, caring for, and selling pigs. It also involves containing pork from pigs and selling it for money.

Pig Business is a profitable venture to invest in, in Denmark. And even though it involves a lot of hard work and dealing with the pigs, its rewards are far-reaching. 

Dance Coaching Business:

You also start a business as a dance coach or a dance expert. Here, you can teach/coach others on how to dance. 

You work with groups in schools, dance schools, couples, etc., to learn dance steps to impress their audience. This is a business that requires no capital to start up. Just make sure to have good positioning to get clients who require your services. 

Social Media Management Business:

As a social media expert, you can also establish a business in social media management. Here, you help other brands and businesses manage their social media platforms. 

You create content, post content, monitor performance, measure growth, etc. You can also work with multiple clients at the same time. 

Hair Salon Business:

A hair salon business is also great if you possess the skills to make great hairstyles. Some of the amazing hairstyles in need are braids, crocheting, etc.

So, you must be up to date with the latest hairstyle trends and perform to the best of your ability.

Property Management Business:

Property Management involves helping property owners to manage and oversee their properties. The properties could be houses, lands, shops, etc.

Insurance Underwriting Business:

Starting an insurance underwriting business involves how an insurer decides whether a company has an acceptable level of risk or not. Working as a professional insurance underwriter and evaluate the risks of insuring people’s properties is easy to start if you have the skills and it requires little on no capital.

Music Coaching Business:

Music coaching is another great business idea, which allows you to use your skills to make money.

As a music coach, you can coach individuals, groups, choirs, etc., on the intricacies of music. Then you make money in the process. 

Organic food store:

Health is wealth! This statement has proven to be true over time. And Danish citizens take it well to heart. 

Thus, you can open an organic food store, where you sell purely organic food, fruits, etc. This is a lucrative business that would attract healthy eaters. It can also be started on a small scale.