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Business plan template for startups

by Biztraction Research

A business plan template for startups is a comprehensive document that should outline your business in detail. It should also provide information about your market opportunity, your unique selling point and how the business will make money.

However, a business plan also gives investors an idea of the direction the business will take upon starting and in its normal course of operation. How large the market opportunity would determine if investors would fund your business venture.

This article will give you several business plan templates for startups. These are downloadable templates you can customize for your business. 

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Why you need a business plan template for startups

Business plan template describes your business, they also cover objectives, strategies, sales, marketing and financial forecasts. A business plan is crucial for you, your employees, investors and in other cases your customers and other shareholders. These are some of the reason you need a business plan template:

  1. To help you clarify your business idea
  2. To help you spot potential problems and how to mitigate them
  3. To set out your goals and milestones in several areas of the business
  4. To measure your progress 

Secret tips to consider when writing or selecting a business plan template for startups

Be concise

A quick glance should give potential investors or any other person reading the business plan a thorough understanding of your business. You should also have an executive summary of your business, and how it will make money from the target market.

Be specific

Be specific. Cut out unnecessary jargon and write in the business plan in simple language. 

Know your market

Have a thorough understanding of your market, the different market segments and other opportunities that are in your industries. Make sure the plan is clear about the target market, competitors and what differentiates you from every other business out there. 

Know your numbers and financials

The growth of businesses are measured by the revenue and the financial health of the business. The essential part of a business plan is the finances. How long will it take the business to break even and generate profits. Investors and loan companies would need your financial forecast and projections to determine if they would invest in your business.

Sample business plan template for startups

Start Up Loan Business Template

Start Up Loan Business Template Guide

Business Plan Pack (PDF, 1mb)

Business Plan Template Doc

Business Plan Financials

Cash flow template

Guide on how to use the cash flow template

How to secure business financing

When you have a business plan that help you to convince customers, suppliers and potential employees to support your business; securing funding for your business becomes easy. A well researched and written business plan will help you secure investment or a loan from a bank. 

To access financing you can read this article on the  Business Finance Guide website.

Programs you can apply for

  1. Prince Trust Enterprise program
  2. Start-up Loan
  3. UK Startups
  4. Jump Start UK
  5. UK Kickstart Scheme
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