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Why Small Businesses Need Business Strategy Consulting

by Emmanuel Enya
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So you want to start or have already started your business? And the local marketplace seems too complex for you to get a hand of? (you need a business strategy consultant) Or are you overwhelmed with the enormous data, ideas and information out there. So much so you don’t seem to know the right steps to take? (again you need business strategy consulting).

You are not alone, a lot of entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs don’t really have a holistic grasp of the market. And very often, they underestimate the relevance of business strategy, proceeding to carry on their business with gut feelings. 

However, although intuition may be important, it can be wrong if not fed with the appropriate information. In order to cover the gap in information, you need a guide. It is the job of a strategy consultant to aid your business decision making process. 

To properly understand why you need a business strategy consultant, you must understand what the goal of a business consultant is in the first place. In this article, we opine that small businesses need strategy consultants, even more than bigger and more established businesses. 

What is the Purpose of Business Strategy Consulting?

The business landscape is like the game of chess, with many possible moves, and different outcomes. Not only are you moving in order to win. You are moving in relation to the move made by your opponent, maneuvering and devising, until the final checkmate. 

Of course the actual business space is more complex than chess. But the salient point remains, that in the world of business, there are factors both within and outside your control that determine whether or not your business will be successful. Therefore, you need to be flexible, knowing how to adjust with the times and economic factors in order to keep up. 

Business strategy consultants are trained in the art of spotting the trends, and contemplating the most appropriate moves. To have a glimpse at what these “moves” look like. We will point at some of the steps business consulting strategists take on their mission to formulate business strategies. (Note: the “intty-gritties” is much more complex than what will be listed here. Contact us at [email protected] for consultation). 

Step 1: Business Strategy Consulting Identify and Build your Business Vision

Every company must have a road map, and a more broader direction of where it is going and how it intends to get there. It goes beyond just saying “we want to make money” (which is indeed a noble thing), but about the exact path that needs to be taken in order for the money to be made. The business vision is a constant end goal, it is what remains at the core of your business, and grounds the business philosophy. A clear and strong business vision creates the framework for sustainability. 

Step 2: Assist to Clearly Outline What Makes Your Business Better Than Others

this popularly known as comparative advantage. It is very pertinent because it is your very own strength, which you can leverage on in order to get ahead of your competitors. It is also an indicator of what you are doing correctly, something you can replicate, as well as maximize.

Step 3: Business Strategists Help You Identify Clearly Your Market Size and Target Audience

The importance of knowing your market size cannot be overemphasized, it enables the business owner to estimate the supply size with potential demand. It also aids in targeted adverts, geared towards the specific and peculiar audience. 

Step 4: They Help Make Decisions Based on Facts and On-the-ground data

Good business decisions cannot be made without data, the numbers and figures matter a lot and with a large reservoir of data, it sometimes becomes hard for individual business owners to go through with the kind of attention needed. However, strategy business consultants have been trained to observe the patterns, find the gaps, fill them in and make plausible predictions. 

Step 5: They Help You Build a Flexible Business Structure

The business world is constantly changing and evolving to and in order to keep moving with the trends it is pertinent that business owners are able to adjust with the times and newer innovations. 

Why is Strategy Business Consulting Relevant to Small Businesses?

Some of the pertinent ways strategy consulting may be of relevance to businesses generally, can be deduced from the foregoing. But in this section, we will be answering specifically, the question: “why is strategy consultancy relevant to small businesses”. 

It is important to reiterate what was earlier stated. “small businesses need strategy consultants even more than big and well established businesses with solid business structures!”. Because small businesses are like infants attempting to get on their feet. And in order to do so, they need all the help they can get. These are the following ways business consultants can be invaluable to your business. 

  1. Business strategy consultants come with years of business experience and understand the ins and outs of the industry. It means that they have a good grasp of the best practices within the industry. Their experience can be crunched down and made available to you. Hence you will not have to take the longer and oftentimes dire route of trail and error.
  1. Small businesses are new to the business environment. They therefore need to be able to take calculated risks as well as manage them. However due to the lack of experience, they need to be properly guided along the way. Business strategy consultants exist to do all of the hand holding required for businesses to survive even in harsh climes.
  1. Getting a business strategy consultant has proven to be cost effective. These businesses can simply learn from the recommendations of the consultant. And this means that beyond just giving businesses a workable frame. They also ensure they outline ways these businesses can save more money while carrying out business operations. And this is pertinent especially for small businesses given the strength of their present financial capacity.  


Getting the service of a business strategy consultant is like standing on the shoulders of a giant. The requisite foresight and bird’s eye view needed to make the market catch will place you on the path of profit maximization. At Biztraction consulting, our focus is on you, we find fulfillment in helping small businesses grow. Our qualified team of strategy consultants don’t just proffer theoretical recommendations. We will hold your hands and walk you through the process. Reach out to us today.. (link to our email should be provided) We will provide that quality business strategy consulting your business needs.

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