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Documents for CAC Business Name Registration

by Emmanuel Enya

People feel at ease doing business with organizations they trust. The importance of credibility in business cannot be overemphasized. One way to do this is by registering the business with an authorized agency (Corporate Affairs Commission). To do this you need certain documents and information. Our goal is to guide your through the process, by outlining the key documents you need for business name registration with CAC.

The Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria, established in 1990, has the responsibility of regulating the formation and management of companies in Nigeria. If you are a business owner, registering your business with CAC will give your business brand that touch of authenticity it needs. Below is a list of the information and documents you need to have to proceed with your business name registration. 

Requirements and Documents for CAC Business Name  Registration 

Biodata information

  1. State of origin 
  2. Local government of origin 
  3. City/town/village
  4. Street name 

Business Information 

  1. State where the business is located 
  2. Business local government location 
  3. City/town 
  4. Business house number 
  5. Street name 
  6. Nature of the business 
  7. Name of the business 
  8. Business email address                                               

Supporting documents 

ID Card

CAC mandates that you submit an identity card during the process of your business name registration. The ID card can be your drivers license, international passport,  voters card or national identity card (NIN Slip)

Passport Photo

You need a recent passport photograph to be attached to your business name registration application 


The proprietor(s) of the business will attach a signature document. You can simply sign on a white sheet of paper, as is the case with the clients we help to process their business name registration.


Now you have all the documents you need to register your business. You can proceed to register your business. In our article on “how to register business name with CAC”, we covered all the steps needed to register your business with CAC.

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