Canadian employers looking for foreign workers

Canadian employers looking for foreign workers

Biztraction Consulting

Biztraction Consulting

I enjoy writing articles to guide people to start, scale and grow their business. We have worked with entrepreneurs who grew from zero to generating millions in annual revenue.


The Royal Bank of Canada reported that there are currently more than 860,000 vacant job opportunities in Canada. Most small businesses are faced with labor shortages, hence Canadian employers looking for foreign workers in order to cushion the effect.

Even the government of Canada is implementing various immigration programs to bring in foreign skilled and unskilled workers in a bid to close up the employment vacancy gap being caused mostly by a large aging population who are retiring.

This is good news for skilled and unskilled workers in developing countries who are planning to immigrate to Canada in search of greener pastures. Some immigrants do get employment offers while in their home countries.

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    Are Canadian employers looking for foreign workers?

    The short answer is Yes. A Canadian business can employ a foreign worker if they meet certain requirements by the government of Canada. Some businesses need a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) or a LMIA exemption which they have to apply for through their employer portal on the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) website.

    Canadian employers looking for foreign workers

    Can I get a Canadian job offer without PR?

    You might be wondering what a foreign worker needs to work in Canada, right? Although, most foreign workers need a work permit or a Canadian permanent resident status to work in Canada. There are certain types of jobs that do not require a work permit for foreign workers. In this situation you would need a work permit exemption. You would need to find out from the relevant agencies if such is applicable for you.

    Can I work in Canada without a degree?

    You can definitely work in Canada without a degree. The Canadian government has several immigration programs that are targeted at foreign nationals without degrees. All you have to do is to look for the appropriate program that matches your skills.

    Canadian Visa has written an extensive guide of all the programs you can apply for that allow you to work without a degree and the accompanying requirements.

    How to get a job offer from outside Canada?

    How does one find employers looking for foreign workers? In today’s global world, a lot can be done on the internet. Having said that, as a foreign national looking to work in Canada there are several mediums you can use in securing a job offer while you are still in your home country.

    • You can apply through international recruitment agencies. We have also provided a list of the top 3 recruitment agencies in Canada that employ foreign workers.
    • Apply through Canadian job bank
    • Search for companies and businesses in your field directly on Google, and contact these employers directly with a strong selling point on why you will be a great addition to their team.
    • Update your LinkedIn profile, search and apply for Canadian jobs. You can also try job search on platforms like Indeed, Monster e.t.c

    Canadian employers hiring foreign workers

    List of businesses that recruit foreign workers

    Global Consulting Group Inc.

    195 Main St N, Markham, ON L3P 1Y4, Canada


    They help organizations, teams and individuals reach their performance potential, by being committed to their clients, candidates and consultants. They are enthusiastic about their work, and consistently produce results and are driven to match jobs with the best top talent.


    Global Hire Immigration & Placement Services

    Suite 210, 4935 – 55 Ave NW, Edmonton, Alberta-T6B 3S3


    They specialize in foreign worker recruitment and matching foreign workers and employers. Some of the services they provide for foreign nationals are:

    • Assist in making travel arrangements & airport pick-up.
    • Permanent residency
    • Settlement (S.I.N., banking, accommodation, healthcare, bank account, cell phone)
    • Spousal and family sponsorship

    Canadian Staffing Consultants Ltd.

    3660 Midland Ave Suite 300, Scarborough, ON M1V 5L6, Canada


    They bridge the gaps of employment by assessing and providing businesses with the most suitable, highly-efficient, and dedicated employee.  Their process evaluates each applicant in a holistic fashion and aims to measure attributes like intelligence, aptitude, and personality. 


    WorkVantage International Workforce Solutions Inc.

    5000 Yonge St Suite 1901, Toronto, ON M2N 7E9, Canada


    The recruitment agency has more than 15 years of experience helping Canadian employers address their labor shortages with qualified foreign workers. They are licensed in every province in Canada to recruit workers for different labor needs. 


    Renard International Hospitality Search Consultants

    121 Richmond St W Suite 500, Toronto, ON M5H 2K1, Canada


    Renard International has successfully completed management searches in over 56 countries and is the leading executive recruitment firm for jobs in the hospitality and regulated cannabis industry. They are committed and dedicated to assisting their clients in meeting their profit objectives through intelligent and effective recruitment of key personnel.


    Goldbeck Recruiting Inc.

    475 W Georgia St #510, Vancouver, BC V6B 4M9, Canada


    They strive to provide excellence in the recruitment services to establish mutually rewarding relationships between our clients and candidates. They also serve businesses in a wide range of industries.


    Hays – Recruitment Agency Toronto

    1050 W Pender St #2150, Vancouver, BC V6E 3S7, Canada


    This is a worldwide recruitment agency serving businesses in several countries. You can also search if they have their office in your home country


    Work Global Canada Inc

    69 Elizabeth Ave, St. John’s, NL A1A 1W8, Canada


    The aim of Work Global Canada Inc is to provide the highest quality employment solutions to their clients through the recruitment of Canadian and international workers who best meet specific requirements. At the same time they provide quality employment opportunities to international workers with specialized skills.


    Common ways Canadian employers look for foreign workers?

    One of the most popular and easiest ways for Canadian companies to hire foreign workers is on the basis of Temporary Work permits. The Temporary Foreign Worker Program is the quickest way for employers to look for foreign workers especially for unskilled roles.

    The other options via the Express Entry selection program. Foreign workers employed through this  process also receive permanent residence. The Express Entry program is processed through three main immigration streams:

    • The Federal Skilled Worker
    • The Canadian Experience Class
    • The Federal Skilled Trades Program


    Get your plans right

    In conclusion, getting a job and migrating to a new country can be a tedious process. You would need all the help you can find especially if you can afford the services of a Canadian recruitment agency. Most of these recruitment agencies take the stress off you and bring in the local expertise of the labor market that might not be available to you.

    On the other hand if you are a DIY kind of person, some research and using online tools would help you achieve you goal of getting a job in Canada  

    Biztraction Consulting

    Biztraction Consulting

    I enjoy writing articles to guide people to start, scale and grow their business. We have worked with entrepreneurs who grew from zero to generating millions in annual revenue.

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