Profitable business ideas in Nigeria in 2022

Profitable business ideas in Nigeria in 2022

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I enjoy writing articles to guide people to start, scale and grow their business. We have worked with entrepreneurs who grew from zero to generating millions in annual revenue.

profitable business ideas

Every profitable and lucrative small-scale business starts as an idea. Those ideas are then developed into an enterprise or business. A business idea is an opportunity to grow in wealth, knowledge, and experience. With this opportunity comes a lot of responsibility, which must be borne by the business owner for success to be achieved. 

There are a variety of small-scale businesses, which can be engaged in to get profit and build a livelihood. Now, we shall examine some small-scale business ideas which can be engaged in to build profit. 

What to consider before starting a small business

  • Is this business right for me? Do I have the right skills and education or can I learn the skills required by this business? Do I have profitable business ideas?
  • Does the business require minimal capital to start? How much would I need to start the business?
  • Do I need to register the business? Are there any regulatory or government agencies that I would need to register with?
  • Do I need a website?
  • Would it be easy to employ people?
  • Do I have the time to manage the business?

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    Emerging profitable business ideas in Nigeria

    Voice-over artist

    According to Berkley, Voice over artists are auditory performers who work on everything from video games and commercials to audiobooks, apps, and e-learning courses. If you don’t have the skill there are online courses and physical academics you can join to learn.

    If you have this skill, there are several ways to make money online without spending a dime. You can sign up on freelancing websites like Voices, the number one platform for voice over artists. The  jobs on the platform pay in dollars and are based on the hours of work done. You can also approach publishing houses to negotiate a deal to turn their physical books into audiobooks.

    Search engine optimization (SEO) expert 

    This is a field that deals with writing contents and optimising them for search engines so that they can rank. When these pages rank they attract traffic to the website and you can monetize the traffic through affiliate links or displaying Google ads. 

    You can make money by creating your own blog and signing up for affiliate marketing websites or by helping small businesses rank for a fee. Most small businesses will pay an average of $60 for one one keyword as quoted on Fiverr, a freelance platform.

    Tutoring English to foreign students online

    If you have a degree or certification in English, you can teach kids English via online platforms. VIPKID is a  great platform to get started. There are several other platforms you can also explore to see the one most suitable to you. These platforms pay anywhere between $20 – $26 per hour.

    NFT art sales

    Are you an artist? Your drawings and art can be converted into a digital art called NFT and sold. Opensea is one of the foremost marketplace for NFTs. You can sell one art for as much as $1,000 – $1,000,0000


    55 profitable business ideas that make money in Nigeria

    We are making a list of profitable business ideas in Nigeria that you can make money from on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Some of these businesses are traditional offline businesses while some are online businesses that can make you earn in dollars. The choice of business you decide on will depend on your skills and your commitment to start that business.

    1. Small chops

    Small chops is a kind of snack popularly made in Nigeria, which comprises a combination of samosa, spring roll, puff puff, peppered meat or chicken, mosa. Starting a small-scale business, making small chops is an enterprising idea that is bound to scale, due to its huge demand by individuals.

    The snack is served in homes, and also at parties, to serve as dessert after main meals. The cost of starting a small chops business would involve acquiring the baking skill to make the snacks, as well as buying the utensils needed. It is a lucrative business, which one can use as a side gig to get additional income.

    A location that is close to human foot traffic or event centres is a great way to make more money from this business.

    A party pack of small chops cost NGN 1,000. Supplying 300 guests at any event would generate NGN 300,000 monthly.


    1. Cake baking 

    This is another profitable small scale business idea, which one can engage in. Cake making as a business involves baking and decorating various kinds of cake, for individuals and groups for personal use or at events. 

    Cakes are of different kinds varying from chocolate cake, marble cake, carrot cake, sponge cake, red velvet cake, fruit cake, etc. And as a baker, you would make a lot of profits, if you buy your ingredients in bulk, as this would help you save more money. Hence, you would have more profit. 

    You can start this business without money. People can pre-order the cakes and you would use their money to get the ingredients to make the cake.

    Average price of a good cake is NGN 5,000, making 60 cakes monthly means you will earn NGN 300,000 monthly.


    1. Party drinks 

    Party drinks involve making drinks, such as cocktail drinks, mocktail drinks, zobo, fruit juice, etc. which can be served and used at parties and even in the home. Making and selling party drinks is a profitable small-scale business, which would yield a whole lot for an individual. 

    Equipment for party drinks are fairly cheap, and it is a great start for a profitable side gig. 


    1. Private tutor

    Knowledge is power! And trust me, someone is in search of that knowledge you possess, and this is where being a private tutor comes in. Most Nigerian parents are in search of private tutors to teach their children school work, after school hours. 

    So, you can position yourself as an expert in your field, and apply as a private tutor to teach students after school. Private tutors are usually needed for subjects such as Mathematics, English Language, Chemistry, Physics, Literature, Accounting, Biology, Economics, etc. And this can serve as a profitable business, where you use what you have to get what you want, in this case, your knowledge. 

    Most wealthy individuals also require private coaching for their children at their residence. You can set up a website or brand yourself as an exclusive private tutor or coach.

    As a premium service for the wealthy, you can charge at least NGN 30,000 and with 10 kids scheduled across your week you can conveniently earn NGN 300,000 monthly.


    5. Hairstyling

    Fashion is a big deal in Nigeria, and there are always women and some men who seek the services of a hairstylist to make their hair. This could be making braids, weaves, crochets, etc., and as a hairstylist, you do not necessarily need to open a shop. You could stay in your house and have people come to you. You could also do home service, where you go to people’s homes to style their hair.

    Hairstyling is a lucrative business, and it can be started easily once you have the skill to offer. You could also make and sell wigs and hair extensions that people would buy to use for their hair.

    You can innovate your services and offer premium home service. Luxury services means you can charge more per client and increase your profit margin.


    6. Barbing

    Related to Hairstyling, barbing is another profitable small scale business, which is in demand. As a barber, you can offer your services to both men and women interested in barbering and styling their hair.

    As the business grows you can add up more locations, add premium home services for busy executives or include other complimentary services. You can use your space to also sell accessories and clothing that are suitable for your customers. You can sell shoes, t-shirts, bags, belts et.c as long as they align with your goals.

    With an average price of NGN 1,000 you need 300 haircuts to make NGN 300,000 monthly. That is an average of 10 haircuts daily which is easily achievable.


    7. Rental service 

    This is a very lucrative business that yields profit over time. Rental services have to do with renting out chairs, canopies, tables, pots, etc. to people for events. 

    It is a business that pays back its capital. And this is because you can get your capital from the rental fees paid.

    Rental service is a business that requires little of your presence to thrive. And it is a business that can be passed on to another person to continue.


    8. Computer training

    The world has gone digital, and the ability to use computers and other digital gadgets has become a necessity. As an expert with computers, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, etc., you can start a computer training business, where you train people on how to use the computer to type, print, draw, etc.

    You could start with a single computer, and over time, expand the business. Kids coding bootcamps is also an emerging business in Nigeria you can add to your services.


    9. Catering service

    Food is an essential part of life, and everyone has to eat to live. So, as a caterer, your services are needed by many.

    To start with, you can offer catering services at events, where you cook food in large quantities to feed guests. And through your clients, you can get referred to other people, If you are excellent.

    Also, some busy professionals require the services of a caterer to cook food for them in bulk, to keep at home. Hence, as a career, you are paid to cook for them, to keep their fridge stocked.


    10. Makeup

    Makeup is a profitable business, which brings in substantial income, provided you are excellent at it.

    The fashion industry is here to stay and makeup is a key aspect of it. Some women require makeup to be done on them for events, such as weddings, burial ceremonies, naming ceremonies, and even for religious gatherings.

    So, as a makeup artist, you can offer your services, to glam up these women. Alongside makeup, you can also help them fashionably tie their headgears and still charge them for it.


    11. Auto repair 

    Another profitable business is the auto repair business, which has to do with repairing automobiles of different kinds. There are a variety of problems that automobiles of different kinds develop, from time to time. It could be with the engine, vehicle body parts, etc. 

    And as an auto repairs, you would get a lot of money from this business, provided you are an expert at your work. You could also get referrals from your clients, to help widen your client base.

    12. Car wash

    Vehicle owners require their vehicles to be kept clean, at least once a week. And this is where you come in, with your business.

    Many of these vehicle owners do not have the luxury of time to wash their vehicles. Hence, they need someone to wash it, and you can do that at a price. You can also decide to charge, based on the kind of vehicle, be it a car, bus, truck, etc.

    13. Electronics repair

    Electronic gadgets of various kinds such as television, electric cooker, iron, etc. require repair at different points in time. As an electronics repairer, you would work more with damaged household electronic gadgets.

    It is a lucrative work that could be started small, provided you have the skill to offer.

    14. Personal trainer

    As a fitness expert, you could start a business as a personal trainer for one-on-one clients, where you help them in their fitness journey. If running a gym is not for you, then you could consider running your business as a personal trainer, helping individuals get fit, stay on their fitness regimen and achieve their body goals. 

    Now, in running your business as a personal trainer, you get to charge more, since you would be dedicating more of your energy and knowledge to one client at a time.


    15. Childcare

    Child caring, also known as daycare is a very lucrative and interesting business, especially if you love being around children. In the childcare business, parents bring their young children to your office, for you to watch over them for some hours in a day. And afterward, the parents come to retrieve their children.

    When the children are with you, you are required to feed them, supervise their play, and keep them from harm. You are to also clean them up, if they defecate, and change their clothes. You can charge these parents monthly or weekly, depending on how you decide to operate.

    Daycare charges anywhere from  NGN 50,000 – NGN 120,000 per month per child depending on location. With 6 children attending your daycare you can easily generate NGN 300,000 monthly


    16. Social media management 

    Social Media Management has to do with using social media to reach the target audience of a business. As a social media manager, you are to plan content, create content, post content online, and monitor engagement.

    Social media management is a must-have skill in today’s world, which is ruled by social media and algorithms. As a social media manager, you must be knowledgeable about how various social media platforms work, how to increase followers, engagement and metrics.

    As an individual with social media management skills, you can create a lucrative business out of it. Start small with one client’s account, and do a good job. Your work would surely speak for you and bring you more clients to work with.

    Managing the social media pages of 6 businesses for a monthly fee of NGN 50,000 means you will earn NGN 300,000 monthly.


    17. Blogging

    This has to do with opening a blog to write and enlighten people about a particular thing. It could be about lifestyle, personality disorder, business, relationship, anything that you enjoy writing about and that you are knowledgeable of.

    Blogging is a lucrative business, where you use your writing skills to make a living, blogging about your chosen topic. From there, people read your content and gain your trust. And if you decide to create a product in your niche, people are more likely to buy, since they trust that you are very knowledgeable in the field.

    Blogging allows you to make money online on a daily basis. With affiliate marketing you make a commission to refer products and services to your audience and you can get 30% commission depending on the affiliate. 


    18. Virtual assistant

    Another surprising profitable business you could start is being a virtual assistant to individuals, who need personal assistants online. These individuals do not necessarily need you to be physically present. They just require you to help manage their schedules online, book tickets, make calls and carry out virtual roles, to make their lives easier.

    As a virtual assistant, you have the chance to work, alongside holding a full job. It is a profitable business idea.


    19. Pure water production

    Water is life! Over time, people have tried to sell water, and it started with the sale of ice water, which was water tied in transparent nylon for sale.

    However, over time, pure water production sprang up, leading to the production of cleaner water in a sachet. Pure water is another lucrative business that would grow over time; thereby, increasing profit.


    20. Oil and gas business

    The oil and gas sector is one with many opportunities, such as oil drilling and exploration, equipment leasing, petroleum refining, crude oil exportation, etc. It is a most lucrative business, which can bring in a lot of money, provided one does things accordingly. And this is because the oil and gas business is highly regulated.

    As an oil and gas dealer, you can start up with a small capital, since there are many other services, required to be offered in the industry, which does not necessarily require you to be an oil merchant 


    21. Bread supply and distribution

    Food items are one of the fast-selling commodities in Nigeria, especially fast food. Bread is also one of the highly consumed carbohydrates, which people use for various food combinations.

    Meals like bread and tea, bread and egg, bread and beans, etc are testament to this fact. You could therefore create a business plan out of this. Go to a bakery around you, and make a deal with them to be a distributor for shops in your area.

    Here, you could also decide to sell them yourselves. By doing this, you have removed the main cost of production from yourself, and still created a source of income from distribution.


    22. Egg supply

    Another food substance that is highly in demand is eggs. Eggs are a great source of protein and individuals make use of them in various ways. This could be by boiling, frying, making an omelette, etc.

    Eggs can be eaten with all manner of meals, ranging from rice, yam, spaghetti, etc. Hence, you could create a flourishing small business out of this, by seeking out a poultry, where you can buy eggs from. Afterward, sell these eggs at retail price to retailers and even consumers.

    The profits to be accrued would amaze you. Get started now!


    23. Liquid soap

    Liquid soap is a much-needed domestic item that is used to carry out various functions, such as washing plates, washing clothes, washing toilets, etc. Making of liquid soap requires the purchase of certain chemical substances, such as Caustic Soda, Nitrosol, Texapon, Sulphuric Acid, foam booster, preservative, colouring, etc.

    These items are easy to get and the process involved in making liquid soap is quite simple. It is a profitable business, which helps you to make money on the side, alongside also using the soap for your chores at home. It is a win-win!


    24. Affiliate marketing 

    Affiliate marketing has to do with advertising and selling the products of other people, with a certain commission being paid to you, on any sales made. Affiliate marketing is an interesting trade, as you don’t require any start-up capital. All you need is your ability to persuade people to buy.

    Affiliate marketing is a seamless way to earn money, provided you are selling a good product, which people would benefit from.

    To get started, search out for any entrepreneur looking for affiliate marketers. Pitch your sales skills to them, and agree on a commission on every sale made. You are well on your journey to making additional money; go for it!


    25. Viewing centre

    Viewing centres have become more popular, with the growing interest of people in sports activities. In most viewing centres, football matches are the most-watched, and this is a business idea to make money from.

    Individuals who cannot afford cable subscriptions to watch these matches in their homes seek out viewing centres. And if you are ready to start this business, you only need electricity supply, cable subscription, TV, benches for people to sit on, and probably a covering for the viewing centre.

     Entertainment is much in demand and also paid for. Charge an affordable fee, for people to gain entrance into the viewing centre, and you would be surprised at how much you would make from this business.


    26. Post Services

    Running a post-service business has to do with running a business, where you render mail services. Here, you help individuals and organisations send parcels, letters, documents, etc. from one location to another.

    Post services are popular, and it is a profitable enterprise to grow in.


    27. Plantain chips

    Plantain chips are snacks, made from frying long strands of unripe plantain in hot oil. It Is commonly sold on the road, to travellers, as well as in shops. 

    Plantain chips business is another lucrative business that does not require specialised skill. And it could be started with as little capital as possible, which would later be expanded.


    28. Fashion business

    The fashion world is a growing one, and fashion designing is a core aspect of this. And if you have the skill, you should as well earn from it.

    Ladies, men, children, etc., need to wear clothes for various events. This could be for weddings, burial ceremonies, work, religious activities, etc. Hence, as a fashion designer, your skill is in much demand and well-paid for, if you know your onions.

    You could start a unisex fashion business, provided you can make clothes for males and females. Make your unique designs, and start with that one customer. If you are skilled, you will surely get referrals and make great money.


    29: Digital marketing

    Digital marketing is a broad field, which involves various skills such as social media management, email marketing, SEO Content Writing, Copywriting, etc.

    The world is now a global village, and advertising has moved past traditional means to the online world.

    As a digital marketer, your skill is in much demand by companies, non-governmental organisations, individuals, etc., who need to showcase their work online, increase their reach and attract more audience. Digital marketing is an excellent source of income, which you can charge a big deal for if you are skilled.

    And trust me, your work online would speak for you. It is a great way to expand your network and grow.


    30: Web design

    Web design is a digital skill that involves building and designing websites for individuals, businesses, organisations, and even the government. A website is like a digital store, and every business that would thrive in this twenty-first century must possess one.

    So, as a web designer, your skill is in much demand. As a result, you can charge a premium fee for your services. This could even serve as a full-time job, provided you have a large number of high-paying clients, who pay well and even refer you to others.


    31. Ghostwriting

    Ghostwriting is a lucrative business in the world of writing and publishing. Ghostwriting involves writing for someone, without claiming ownership of the work.

    When you ghostwrite, you get the idea for the write-up from your client, but you are responsible for expanding the story. This is a skill that is highly in demand, as some individuals want to become authors but do not have the skills required.

    Hence, you can charge them to ghostwrite their books, school thesis, articles for blogs, etc. at a cost. However, you relinquish the rights to these works, as a ghostwriter, as the work legally belongs to your client, and cannot be claimed as yours.


    32. Child care training centre

    A child care training centre is a place where individuals are trained in child care, basically nanny training. To engage in this kind of business, you should be knowledgeable about early childhood education. 

    This exposes you to how a child’s brain works, tactics to use for correction, how to instill obedience, respect, etc.

    This is another lucrative small-scale business, which would surely yield a lot of profit, if strategically planned. Also, if you know your onions, you would surely get referrals from existing clients.


    33. Catering training centre

    As a caterer, you can create another source of income from your cooking skills, by creating a catering training centre. A catering training centre requires you to teach students and impart your culinary knowledge as skills to them.

    Many people are willing to learn to cook for various reasons, either to be better at cooking for their family, to create a catering business for themselves, etc. Hence, as a skilled caterer, you can start a catering school, where you teach people how to make a variety of meals, snacks, etc.


    34. Logistics business

    Logistics is important to many businesses, especially online businesses, where they need to send goods to their customers offline. This is where you then come in with your services.

    As a logistics business owner, your services are much in demand. And once you have a reliable and efficient logistics driver, who delivers goods on time and in good shape, you would easily get referrals.


    35. Haulage business

    The haulage business involves the moving and transportation of goods from one place to another, on roads and railways, through the use of trucks, trains, lorries, buses, etc. 

    The haulage business is very important, as they facilitate the movement of goods from producer to wholesaler, retailer, or even directly to the consumer. It is similar to the logistics business, and it is a very lucrative business. 


    36. Relocation business

    The relocation business has to do with helping people relocate from one destination to another. It involves offering services, such as visa processing, helping travellers settle in their destination nation, helping them sort out accommodation, and other important things, etc.

    With the increasing rate of people leaving the nation in search of greener pastures, the relocation business is in full bloom and would yield a lot of profit.


    37. Nursery and primary school

    Education is the key to national development. And in recent times, the government has allowed individuals to establish schools from primary level up to tertiary level.

    Hence, if you are an educational professional, you can decide to start a nursery and primary school, where children come to learn, and which serves as a foundation for their formal education. In starting up a nursery and primary school, you can start with as low as 5 students and 2 teachers, in a two-room apartment. However, if you give out quality and standard services, you will grow. 


    38. Sales of building materials

    Selling building materials is another profitable business today. Building materials such as cement, blocks, stones, sand, roofing sheets, etc are in much demand, due to the number of building projects carried out by individuals, firms, organisations, the government, etc.

    Selling building materials is a lucrative business that expands your net worth, connection and increases your exposure.


    39. Recharge card business

    Selling recharge cards is another lucrative and fast-selling business to embark on. Everyone needs recharge cards to make calls, subscribe to data services, etc.

     So, as a recharge card seller, you would make lots of sales from selling recharge cards. This business thrives anywhere, regardless of location and time.


    40. Poultry farming

    Agriculture is the first occupation of man, and it has been divided into various branches, as shall be discussed in other business ideas below. 

    To start with, a lucrative agricultural business is poultry farming. This requires you to rear poultry animals, such as hens, chickens, turkeys, and other birds. These birds would lay eggs, which could either be hatched or sold as eggs, to serve as another source of income.


    41. Snail farming

    Snail is a fast-selling business, and it is a delicious meal, which is nutritious to the body.

    Snail farming requires you to look for a suitable land area, usually a marshy area, where you can find many snails. And afterward, offer them for sales at great prices. Trust me; you would be shocked at the amount you can make in a single sale. It is a highly profitable small-scale business.


    42. Cassava farming:

    Another farming business that can be engaged in is cassava farming. Cassava is a versatile product that can be used in making other products, such as cassava flakes, sweeteners, etc.

    As a cassava farmer, you need farmland to plant and cultivate your cassava. And when the season comes for harvesting, you can make use of the cassava in various ways. 

    You can decide to make products from it to sell, you can also choose to sell the cassava itself. You can also make use of it for your consumption. In all, it is a win-win.


    43. Fish farming

    Fishes of different kinds, such as catfish, etc can be used in fish farming and sold at good prices to make a profit. As a fish farmer, you purchase small fishes, which you then feed to become big.

    Fish farming is another lucrative business that would not only serve as a source of income but can also be used to feed your family.


    44. Pig farming

    Pigs are popular for the product they produce, which is pork meat. And pork meat is known to be highly nutritious and delicious.

    As a pig farmer, you are to purchase some pigs, and start rearing them. Over time, they would breed more, as they copulate; thus, increasing your herd.

    Pig farming is a lucrative business. And even though it takes a lot, its reward exceeds the efforts.

    45. Palm oil business

    The Palm oil business is also a thriving business that would succeed if well managed. Palm oil is gotten from palm kernel nuts and it is used for a variety of things. 

    In cooking, it is used in cooking several meals, and also for other purposes. It is a profitable business to venture into, to make huge sales.


    46. Vegetable farm

    Vegetables are easy to plant and they bring in a bountiful harvest when the season goes well. As a vegetable farmer, your farm is a source of wealth, which you can use to make a living, as well as a source of food for your home.

    Vegetables of various kinds are eaten by people in various tribes in the country. So, there is surely a market to supply and get paid from.


    47. Livestock feed production

    Another lucrative small-scale business that one can embark on, is producing and selling livestock feed. Livestock, varying from hens, chickens, goats,  etc all require feed to grow and survive.

    So, as a livestock feed producer, your target audience is livestock farmers who need livestock feed to feed their livestock and keep them growing healthily. This is a business that can be started with little. 

    You could start with selling livestock feed for one type of livestock, and over time, grow to sell for other livestock.


    48. Gym or personal trainer

    Keeping fit and being in shape is a priority for some people, and if you can help them achieve this goal, they would surely be willing to pay for it.

    Many individuals want to shed fat, stay fit, but they are unable to keep to their routine. However, by subscribing to a gym, they are more motivated and would stay more committed to the process.

    So, you can start a gym service by renting a space. Afterwards, buy some gym equipment, charge a fee for people to come in to use the gym, and over time, expand the business.


    49. Pharmacy

    Running a pharmacy requires specialised knowledge. So, it is not a business that can be started by just anyone.

    As a pharmacist, you can work for a private hospital or the government, and still have your private pharmacy where you consult and prescribe drugs for patients. This would serve as another source of income, and help you grow in your field of expertise.


    50. Photography

    A picture is worth a thousand words! And memories are best captured in images. Ever gone for an event, where there was no photographer to take pictures? I guess not.

    Photography is a profitable business, which pays a lot if you know your onions. As a photographer, you can take pictures for various events, such as weddings, burials, naming ceremonies, birthday parties, official events, house warming, etc.


    51. Painting and creative arts

    Painting and creative arts is another form of business enterprise that you can make a lot from, provided you are good at it.

    As a creative artist and painter, you can decide to have a genre of painting to focus on. This could be focusing majorly on paintings that depict certain things that matter a lot to you. Examples of such include motherhood, freedom, religion, marriage, etc.

    You would be shocked at the amount people are willing to pay, for a painting that draws their attention. Get started today!


    52. Consultancy

    Consultancy is a business that requires you to offer your knowledge about a thing to others, who are interested in getting better at the thing.

    For example, if you are a finance expert, you could do financial consultancy for individuals and businesses. This could be to help them get better at their finance, understand their cash flow, create a budget, save, invest, etc.

    Consultancy can be done in any field of expertise. Once you know your onions, people would surely be willing to pay to glean and learn from you.


    53. Cooking gas business

    Cooking with kerosene is no longer as common as it was some years ago. These days, people are cooking more with a gas cooker, hence, requiring cooking gas to do that.

    So, if you decide to start up a cooking gas business, you surely have customers waiting to demand your service. The business requires you to sell the gas in Kilograms, and it is a very profitable enterprise.


    54. Petrol station

    Opening a petrol station is another business that pools in a lot of money, and would help you grow your network. 

    Opening a petrol station may require many funds, or even collaborating with someone. However, it is a great business that yields income, since petrol is in much demand by individuals for various needs.


    55. Petrol supply

    If you lack the money to open a petrol station, you could also start up by supplying as little quantity as you can afford. This would require you to buy petrol from petrol stations, and keep it in large containers to keep in your storehouse.

    You could also decide to buy directly from the dealers, who sell to petrol stations and load them in your warehouse for sale.


    How to grow your small business

    • Hire the right people: 

    One of the ways to grow your small business is to hire the right employees. At the beginning of the company, you may be the only worker. However, as you expand, you need other employees to help with the workload.

    So, when hiring these people, make sure to be professional and hire people who are passionate about the work, and not just interested in the money

    • Reduce your risk exposure:

    Every business has its own risk. However, one of the ways to grow is to reduce or avoid risk exposure. Research about projects before putting your business money into them, and be strategic about investments.

    • Focus on customer experience:

    One of the most critical factors that determines your business success is your customer’s satisfaction level! Make them feel good, and they would become repeat customers and even refer others to your business.

    • Invest in yourself and provide strategic leadership for your team:

    Another important way to grow your business is to improve yourself continually. Think and take strategic decisions that elevate your business and expand your reach.

    Also, as an entrepreneur, you need to take the lead in your business. Be clear about the vision you have, and communicate it effectively to your team members, to facilitate growth.

    • Understand everything about your business:

    Knowledge is power indeed! As a business owner, you should be vast in knowledge about what you do. Be a jack of all trades as regards all aspects of your business.

    This is very important so that you would be able to easily handle issues that come up, in your business, without being stranded due to lack of knowledge. Don’t be found wanting in knowledge and exposure.


    Business loopholes to avoid while growing your business

    • Have a business plan:

    One of the business loopholes to avoid as a small business owner is not having a business plan that would guide you through running your business, managing finance, and increasing sales. It should never be taken for granted.

    • Register the business to protect yourself:

    Another loophole is to separate yourself from the business by registering it as a legal entity on its own. This protects you, in legal cases, since your business is separate from you.

    • Don’t expand too quickly:

    Another mistake that small business owners make is to expand quickly without first deepening their roots.

    As a small business owner, have a deep understanding of your industry, know the pros and cons and be highly knowledgeable. Don’t rush expansion; make it a gradual process.

    • Have proper accounting and bookkeeping practice:

    One of the ways to shoot yourself in the leg as a small business owner is to mix personal funds with business funds. Never do this!

    Instead, keep a good account of your business finance and monitor sales, purchases, profits, losses, etc.


    Final thoughts

    Building a profitable small-scale business takes grit, perseverance, and knowledge. As a business owner, you would encounter different obstacles. However, you should use these obstacles as stepping stones to success.

    Work on yourself, increase your knowledge and expertise about your business. Don’t be left in the past; upgrade regularly.

    Also, be dedicated to giving quality always. Never compromise quality for money. And with these, success is sure.

    Biztraction Consulting

    Biztraction Consulting

    I enjoy writing articles to guide people to start, scale and grow their business. We have worked with entrepreneurs who grew from zero to generating millions in annual revenue.

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    This is awesome seriously, after reading this, my head is full of ideas. God bless whoever wrote this

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