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How to become a brand ambassador and influencer

by Biztraction Research

A brand ambassador is a person who represents a brand, embodies the values that drive the brand, and puts the brand in a positive light, in the eyes of the public.

A brand ambassador also has the responsibility of increasing the brand awareness of a company. And this is done through the use of promotional tactics, which leads people to know, like, and trust the brand. This then moves them to patronise the brand.

Brand ambassadors are important to increasing sales for a business, as they make use of marketing strategies to strengthen people’s interest in the brand, to encourage patronage.

A key feature of brand ambassadors is that they must be highly knowledgeable about the brand they are representing. This would enable them to convince people to patronize the brand, to achieve the goals of the ambassador deal.

Who is  a brand influencer

A brand influencer is a person who embodies the results that a brand promises to give its customers. As a result, they can influence and convince others to patronize the brand, to get that result too.

For example, a skincare brand can make use of a brand influencer who has used their products, to achieve smooth and flawless skin. Now, when this influencer markets the brand, the results of the product used encourages people to patronize the brand for that result too.

Brand influencers are usually loved and trusted by a company’s target audience. Hence, they can influence that audience to patronize the brand.

Brand influencing may be done subtly or made obvious. For example, if your favorite actress or actor makes a video of them eating the cereal of a particular cereal brand, there is a huge possibility that you would be endeared to that brand, and want to patronize them because of that video. 

What just happened there, is brand influencing. You have just been influenced by your favorite celebrity to like that brand. Brand influencers get free access to the products and services of the brands they influence for.

Do brand ambassadors get paid?

Yes, brand ambassadors get paid for what they do. And the pay differs based on several factors, such as the ambassador, the brand, the goals of the ambassador deal, the duration of the ambassadorship, etc.

How much do brand ambassadors get paid?

The amount that brand ambassadors get paid differs, based on the factors already stated above.

Now, clothing brands, skincare brands, food brands, investment companies, etc. all pay their ambassadors. And while some pay the ambassadors after sales have been made through the ambassadorship deal, others pay the ambassadors once the deal is signed.

On average, brand ambassadors are paid about $20,000 (~10 million naira) annually, depending on the kind of brand they are working for. Payment for brand ambassadorship may also be monthly, weekly, or as the brand and the ambassador deem fit.

How many followers do you need to be a brand ambassador?

The number of followers you have is not necessarily a benchmark, for whether you would qualify to be a brand ambassador or not. Now, this is not to say that a large following is not necessary. This is simply to say that, it is not the ultimate, since it is the quality of followers and not the number of followers that matters, to succeed as a brand ambassador.

Now, as a brand ambassador, your major target is people. Hence, you need to have a quality following with loyal fans who would be willing to patronize the brand you are representing. 

On average, a brand ambassador should have about 5,000 followers and more.

However, what most companies consider in signing ambassadorships with celebrities is whether the followers of such celebrities would be interested in the products and services of the company.

For example, a world-renowned football player is more likely to get ambassadorship deals with sports-related brands, than the person is likely to get ambassadorship deals with skincare brands. And even in situations, when the person gets an ambassadorship deal with a brand that is not directly related to his or her profession, it would mean that the person has some relevance to those brands in other areas of life.

For example, a female basketball player, who just went to bed and is nursing her baby could sign an ambassadorship deal with a nursing mother brand, to influence other nursing mothers to patronise the brand, etc.

What qualifications do you need to be an ambassador?

There are certain things needed for one to qualify as a brand ambassador, and they are as follows:

  1. Relevance of the ambassador to the brand’s goals: 

One of the things that qualify a person to be an ambassador is how relevant the individual’s brand is, to the goals aimed at to be achieved by the brand. 

A celebrity who is known to be a staunch advocate of eating healthily would not fit in, as a brand ambassador for a fast food and junk company. Here, the ambassador’s and company’s goals do not align; so, working together would be difficult.

  1. Quality of followers: 

The quality of one’s followers is also another key qualification to consider before one can be a brand ambassador. For example, a beauty consultant would have followers who are also interested in beauty and skincare. 

So, such a person may not be able to influence a recycling company. 

This is because the followers on the ambassador’s page are most likely interested in skincare and beauty topics, and not in recycling. 

  1. Ability to represent the brand well: 

Another factor to consider is the ability of the ambassador to represent the company well, and embody their values in his/her public and even private life, when necessary. 

For example, as a brand ambassador for a recycling company, such a person must be very much interested in recycling and be a recycler in real life, and not just for the gram.

  1. Willingness to work with the ethics of the brand: 

Brands have ethics and rules of engagement. Hence, for you to qualify as a brand ambassador for a company, you need to be willing to abide by their ethics and rules of engagement. 

How do I become a brand ambassador with no experience?

Being a brand ambassador without prior experience is possible. However, you would need to learn the intricacies of how brand ambassadorships work and how you can function effectively, as a brand ambassador. 

The following steps can be taken to become a brand ambassador without experience :

  1. Build your resume: 

One of the ways to start your journey as a brand ambassador without experience is by building your resume, and highlighting relevant skills that an ambassador should possess. Skills such as marketing, sales skills, etc. should be stated. 

You can also include previous relevant job experience, which positions you well, to work as a brand ambassador.

  1. Network with other brand ambassadors: 

Another thing to do, to become a brand ambassador without experience is by connecting and networking with other brand ambassadors, who are already experienced and who know their onions. 

These individuals would help you to understand the industry, as well as connect you with brands you fit in with.

  1. Grow your social media platforms: 

It is also important that you build a strong following on social media, by creating content, which is relevant to the kind of ambassadorship deals you are interested in. This would help you attract followers who are interested in such brands, and as time goes on, you would be positioned well to represent those brands.

How do you become an Instagram ambassador?:

Instagram ambassadorship is one of the high-paying digital jobs. Brands are now internet-savvy and know that social media, especially Instagram is a marketplace, where many of their target audience is Hence, Instagram ambassadors are in demand to help brands connect with their target audience.

The following steps should be taken to become an Instagram ambassador, they include:

  1. Be clear on your brand identity: 

To become an Instagram ambassador, you need to clearly define your brand and interests, as an individual. This is important so that your content would relate to one another. And this helps you to build authority and be seen as relevant in your niche.

  1. Post quality and consistent content: 

After being clear on your brand identity and message, you need to start posting quality and relevant content consistently. This builds engagement, increases your followers, and leads people to know, like, and trust you.

  1. Build a strong following: 

Having a strong following is important to grow. As an Instagram ambassador, you must be able to connect emotionally with your followers. Engage them one-on-one by liking their photos, like their comments on your posts, and build a connection to retain them.

  1. Network within your niche: 

It is also important that you network in your niche, to meet with other brand ambassadors and brands who are on the outlook for Instagram ambassadors in your niche.

  1. Be professional: 

Now, you must be professional and courteous in the way you relate with your followers and the brands you work with. Don’t be rude or cold, be warm and eager to connect.

How much do Instagram ambassadors get paid?

The payment for Instagram ambassadorship deals varies, depending on the brand, the Instagram ambassador, the duration of the ambassadorship deal, etc. 

Averagely, an Instagram ambassador gets paid about $20,000- $50,000 per year. And this salary could vary, depending on the length of the deal. However, this is what is common, on an average estimate annually.

How to become a brand ambassador for clothing

Clothing brands are always on the lookout for brand ambassadors to showcase their clothing collections. So, the following steps can be taken to become a clothing brand ambassador:

  1. Pick a clothing niche: 

To get started as a brand ambassador, for a clothing brand, you need to pick a clothing niche that you want to be known for. Whether for sports clothing, dinner wears, corporate wear, casual wear, etc. Being specific would help you attract the best brands that you fit in with.

  1. Create clothing content: 

Next, you have to create quality clothing and fashion-related content. Create helpful fashion tips that aid your followers in their fashion journey. Talk about how to style a particular piece of clothing, how to enhance one’s look with a fashion item, etc.

  1. Engage and connect with your audience: 

When you create quality and relevant content, you are sure to get followers, who are interested in your brand. Now, you are to take advantage of this to engage and connect with them emotionally. Comment on their posts, be personal and human in your engagement.

  1. Connect with other ambassadors in your niche: 

To grow as a clothing ambassador, you should reach out to other clothing ambassadors, to learn more and be well-known in your niche. This connection could get you better brand ambassadorship deals.

Companies looking for brand ambassadors

Many companies and businesses need brand ambassadors and are in a constant quest for them.

Clothing brands, food brands, investment companies, skincare brands, hair extension brands, etc. all need brand ambassadors. The following are the names of some companies looking for brand ambassadors:

  1. Sand Cloud
  2. Enjoy Leggings
  3. Happy Earth
  4. One Tribe
  5. Unemployed Denim
  6. Forge Graphics
  7. Tweezerman
  8. Move Makeup
  9. The Skincare Boutique
  10. Yoga Tech

How to become a brand ambassador for free:

Being a brand ambassador for free involves volunteering to promote a brand and its products for free. 

Here, you could start by talking about a brand online or using their products and sharing it with your audience, without being paid. 

You could also reach out to a brand to promote their products for free while getting free products for your personal use, as a reward.

Teenage brand ambassadors:

Brand ambassadors are of different age grades. There are children brand ambassadors, who represent children-related brands, such as children’s food brands, diaper brands, etc. 

In the same vein, there are teenage brand ambassadors, who represent teenage-focused brands. These teenage brand ambassadors are needed by brands whose target audience are teenagers and young people. Now, these teenage brand ambassadors are needed to give their brands recommendations on how to improve their products and services based on a teenager’s perspective. 

Now, the insights from these teenage ambassadors are very useful, since they are part of the audience being targeted, for the product and service being sold.

Teenage brand ambassadors are mostly needed for clothing and fashion brands, fast food brands, etc.

Final thoughts

Brand Ambassadorship is an important aspect of the marketing strategy of a business. 

To drive awareness and sales, most businesses invest in hiring brand ambassadors to spread the news about their products to their followers, as well as to influence these followers to patronize the brand.

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