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Best small business apps for your phone

by Biztraction Research

Are you looking for the best marketing app or the best online business apps to manage the day to day operations in your business?

When it comes to managing your business operations you need the right tools and automation to speed up routine tasks or present a professional outlook to your clients. Technology has become a way for small scale businesses to match the operations of large corporations without having to spend a fortune.

With many pay as you go models for business mobile apps and web applications small businesses only need to pay for what they currently use. This gives the freedom to scale your operations as your business grows or you add a new team member.

Benefits of business apps and online applications in managing your operations

1.      Increased Brand Awareness

With social media tools like Facebook, Tiktok, Twitter and Instagram, small businesses can increase their brand awareness through constant engagements or via paid advertising. This is easier compared to traditional marketing and advertisement that are more expensive.

Mobile business Apps can guarantee more visibility of your products and services, also grab the attention of your target business audience who are active on their smart-phones daily.

2.      Higher business engagement level: 

Small businesses can literally manage relationships with their customers beyond buying and paying for goods. They can be part of social engagements and spearhead conversations that increase the engagement between the business and its customers.

3.      Direct communication

Business apps that give you direct personal communication with your target audience are more effective. It guarantees a more effective and quicker response to inquiries, issues and better customer support.

4.      Boosting Sales and Revenues: 

Recent research shows that 52% of online orders are done on mobile phones. Engaging with your customers increases their trust and loyalty to your business. This helps you to achieve more sales and to accumulate more revenues. The major trend currently is incorporating online shopping into your business which has been known to boost sales and revenue. 

5.      Tracking and Analysing Customers Behaviour: 

Tracking the activities of your app users have been easier with Google Analytics platform or Firebase which includes;

 Active users (Daily, Weekly and Monthly)

 Demographics of Active users (Age, Gender, Location, Types of used devices)

Conversions that are completed (In-app downloads, calls, Get Direction Request, Booking and Buying transactions)

The various channels that directed that directed users to your app

 Revenues and total transaction generated from your business app

6.      Providing Real Value To Customers: 

Collecting surveys, easy to fill forms and your customer information on your business mobile app is important as it allows you to know the efforts of your potential and current customers.

Business apps for communication and meetings

How do you conduct meetings with your remote team or with clients that are in a different location from your business? Using online tools and apps can help you bridge the divide of distance and become more productive. Rather than spend several hours on the role to a client meeting, you can set-up an online meeting.

 Apps for small business communication include;

This is another important app for business. If you already have an account with Google or use Google Workspace (formerly, G Suite) for work, then considering Google Meet is an option you won’t regret. It allows you to have 100 call participants.

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, there is a huge rise in popularity with zoom both for businesses and individuals. It has innovative features like being able to see 49 participants on one screen.

With the vision to replace Skype for Business, this app was launched. It also has the feature to integrate with Microsoft 365 including Outlook email.

Over the years, WhatsApp has been widely accepted by almost everyone because of its easy to use features and accessibility. It is used for group calls, messaging and sharing of multimedia. International communication between users is allowed by WhatsApp.

It doesn’t just offer VoIP phone calls, but with RingCentral video, remote meetings just got easier and better. Excellent features that are innovative including integrated video conferencing screen sharing, and messaging makes the app with a love to love about it. When you can communicate in real-time, working from anywhere around the world makes you feel connected. Your meeting attendees can download and run a free version of the app, or hop into a meeting from their browser as long as you have a RingCentral account. Your customers, friends and family can join online meetings without passing the stress of signing up.

          The ReadyTalk app allows you to do the following:

·         Scheduled and demand meeting

·         The opportunity to amalgamate Microsoft Outlook

·         96 attendees


Business app to manage for project and team management

 Managing multiple projects across multiple teams can be very challenging. Tracking deliverables, challenge’s and deadlines especially for complex projects can also be mind boggling. However, we would share free project management and team management tools. These tools are free depending on your team size and the amount of projects you want to manage.

In allowing you to manage your business day to day tasks then Asana does a great job by engaging you to high level planning all together in one place. Asana got the ability to put your files, sticky notes and data in one place, the reasons Asana users like it.

Globally recognized software that offers lists, boards and cards to your teams and projects in a way that’s user friendly. Trello is a top choice, be it managing your personal life or work.

Widely regarded as the pioneer of assignment work remotely. Before Basecamp emerged, projects felt scattered, things slipped, and it’s difficult to see where things stand, and many people were stressed as a result. 

The software is designed especially for HR, finance, marketing, for business team collaboration and it enables you to work the way you want.


Business apps to manage your accounting and invoicing

Managing finance for small businesses is vital for the growth of the business. Most small businesses do not have proper records of their finances. This affects the business when it needs to prepare business plans, financial statements  and any other documents that are important to establish the valuation of the business. Using accounting systems and softwares can help you keep track of your invoices, payments, generate receipts and also generate financial reports.

Are you having difficulties in managing the account and invoice? Worry worry-less because I have good news for you. Quick Books help you to seamlessly organise and run your business ranging from expenses to cash flow to payroll.

An intuitive cloud-based accounting application that can easily be accessed across all your devices and it’s easy and simple to use. It helps you to view invoice payments, create invoices and handle all your standard tasks. 

Looking for the simplest accounting software for your small business then Kippa is a perfect match for you.   

Expense reports can be tiring and burdensome for most business owners, there’s software availability at your finger-tips that can do just the work for you.


Business apps for cloud storage and file transfer

File sharing is made much easier with WeTransfer that allows you to share large files and photos of about 2GB free. 


  • Google Drive: 

This app aids you in sharing and creating your work online and the ability to always access your documents anywhere around the world.

  • Google Docs: 

Another spec when it comes to storage and sharing of files. It helps you to share folders, files with people while keeping the original copy intact. 

  • Drop Box: 

This is a new way to share, store and track your work. 


Business apps for customer service

  • Zendesk: 

Trusted by 200K+ customers, it is award winning customer service software that enables you to keep happy customers via text, mobile, email. 

  • Tawk.to: 

One of the  best customer service apps around, it aids you to chat, monitor the visitors on your website, respond to support tickets and help you create a Help Centre that allows customers to help themselves and guess what all are 100% free. 

  • Zoho Desk: 

Been context-aware customer service software that enables you to put your loyal customers at the heart of the company. 


Business apps for graphics design

  • Canva: 

Considered one of the best apps in graphic designing. It aids you in creating beautiful designs with your team. 

  • Adobe Spark:  

Its mobile design app which allows you to design and create stunning short videos, social graphics, and web pages that get mouth wangling.  

  • Visme: 

When it comes to building the reputation you deserve, Visme is the best choice.  

  • Klex: 

The same powerful engine that runs Gravit Designer, the same runs KLEX. 

  • Snappa: 

In every step on your graphic design journey, SNAPPA saves time.  

Digital marketing apps for small businesses

  • Facebook Business Suite: 

It allows you to manage your Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger account all in a single place, that saves you time and simplifies the way you connect with your current and prospect clients.  

  • Hootsuite: 

With the use of HOOTSUITE, you can save time by scheduling posts across your entire social network in just a few clicks.  

  • Buffer: 

Using Buffer to manage your social media allows you the time and space for your business. 

Blogging app for businesses

  • WordPress: 

With lots of mobile ready themes and designs, WordPress allows you to create a free website or build a blog with ease. 

  • Blogger: 

It allows you to create a unique and beautiful blog for free, be it sharing your experience, knowledge or the latest news. 

  • Wix: 

About 500 customized eye catching templates, free reliable web hosting, and powerful SEO tools.   

Online payment and store for small businesses

Regarded as one of the easiest ways to make and accept payment from your customers anywhere in the world.  

Trusted by about 60,000+ businesses, Paystack aids businesses to get paid anywhere and by anyone in the world.  

  • Ecwid: 

Looking for a place to sell on the social media marketplaces, then Ecwid is the answer.  

  • Bumpa:  

In Bumpa, you can manage your online store in the easiest way possible.   

  • Shopify: 

A complete commerce platform that lets you manage and start your business. 

Apps for electronic signature 

  • Adobe: 

It gives you the ample opportunity to conduct complete business transactions on the go.  

 Final thoughts

There’s no reason for failure right? At just a click you can meet your target audience; you can make that business become that which you have envisaged of it. With your mobile phone or the desktop, believe me when I say that the sky is your beginning point.

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