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Website for businesses for sale in the UK

by Biztraction Research

Finding a business to buy is not always an easy feat. Considering most business owners with businesses to sell do not often advertise these opportunities for several reasons. However, there are many steps involved in searching for the right type of business. Our goal is to curate a list of websites for businesses for sale in the UK that  will help you find a business to buy, no matter what kind of company you’re after or where in the UK it is located. 

How do I find business brokers to assist me with purchasing businesses?

The International Business Brokers (IBB) website is an authority place to get most useful information regarding business brokers should you need them to help you facilitate buying a business. The IBB has been providing information on company and business opportunities since 1829.

Some marketplace and websites for businesses for sale listings als include a listing for business brokers. We have indicated beside such listing a “also include business brokers” notation to help you easily identify them

Investors use various methods to ensure they are looking at legitimate business opportunities. A review on the listing websites help investors evaluate the business potential of a company. Not all opportunities listed on the site would be great for you but you need your own criteria to evaluate these businesses.

Why do people buy already existing businesses?

Buying a business is not necessarily a good deal, especially for business people who like to start things. However, there’s no denying that buying a business saves the time and effort it takes to grow a business. With great evaluation techniques you can buy a well established business and grow the business from there.

Other investors get a thrill from buying businesses that are in trouble or crisis with the goal of transforming these businesses.  

The following website provides advice on buying a business and includes listings of business for sale in the UK, ie information regarding businesses for sale in the UK, businesses for sale in London, businesses for sale in the West Midlands, businesses for sale in North West England, businesses for sale in Yorkshire and businesses for sale in Scotland.

  1.  Businessforsale.com
  2. https://www.business-sale.com/
  3. Right Biz
  4. Ebay.co.uk
  5. Dalton Business
  6. Business Trade Centre
  7. Bizdaq
  8. Elite Business Live
  9. Business Mart
  10. Intelligent.co.uk
  11. Christie and Co
  12. Business Buyers.co.uk
  13. https://www.greatbritishbusinessshow.co.uk/ 
  14. Franchise UK
  15. https://www.knightsbridgeplc.com/
  16. https://bruceandco.co.uk/
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