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30 Small Business Ideas for Female Students

by Fikayo Moronkola

30 Small Business Ideas for Female Students

So, are you searching for those small business ideas for female students which is lucrative? If yes, we have got you covered with 30 small business ideas for all female students in this article!

While in school, you already have projects demanding your time and money but what about your personal needs? There’s a solution right at your fingertip. Tap into your creative brilliance as a female student, start a small business to cut tuition fees, and gain real-world business experience.

This article presents 30 small business ideas for female students, including unique ideas for school breaks and profitable options during school days. As a female student ready to start a small business, your bright future includes the potential to become a successful entrepreneur.

Are you ready? Let’s get started as we learn 30 small business ideas for female students in this article.

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Top 5 countries to start small business ideas for female students that will thrive

Indeed, there are a lot of women population in the world attending tertiary education but, in this section, we will take a look at 5 states where women enjoy exclusive benefits. Also, this would help you as a female student to take advantage of this solid fact based on the national survey by WEF in terms of population. 

The top 5 states are listed below:


Qatar officially takes the lead due to its higher proportion of female students than anywhere else on earth. 44% of women are in further education in Qatar and many female entrepreneurs are rising fast to the top of the business industry.

With such encouragement, if you are a female student in this country, your business idea is worth starting whether from. your home or at your school. Now here are a few business ideas that you could start in Qatar as a female student:

Small business ideas for female students to start in Qatar:

Start Selling Electronics

Electronics is stated to be the best-selling product in Qatar. If you’re a female student knowledgeable about electronics, you could begin a small business selling to classmates.

Start with mobile devices, then expand to selling laptops, computers, cameras, and headphones as your business grows. In addition, with a website for orders and a catchy ad that reflects our brand. Small ideas may bring surprising profits.

Online Fashion and Clothing stores

In second place are fashion and clothing items which have great interest from people in Qatar. The world of fashion seems to be in high demand daily and the target markets are mostly the students. 

Why not launch an online fashion and clothing store for Qatari shoppers who love buying things online, offering fashion items for both female and male students?

The cost of delivery would also be reduced due to your target market being students from your school with the market strategy of discounts during school festivities. This mind-blowing idea would make you a millionaire in no time.

Sell Gifts and Flowers

There has been a high demand and significant increase in gift and flower products in Qatar. Do you have an amazing idea to start a gift business where you would be able to help your colleagues at school when they have celebrations, or they want to gift someone else?

If yes, your idea is an amazing one and you could start it as a small business idea as a female student. This business idea does not require much to start with as you can start from your classmates to the whole school. During school breaks, female students can sell gifts and flowers to relatives and neighbors.


The second county is Barbados with 88% of Barbadian women in higher or further education. Barbados is also a country known for its vibrant and colorful scenery and nature. A step further as we take a look at small business ideas you can start as a female student.

Small business ideas for female students to start in Barbados:

Embroidery and knitting

Embroidery and knitting have been in existence for ages ago, but it still has significant value in today’s World. Many females use embroidery skills to create unique clothing styles.

As a skilled female student in embroidery and knitting, you can create various items for a small business idea, like a pencil case, water bottle holder, key holder, purse, and more. 
Also, this business would leap due to its uniqueness, and you could do it during your spare time during school days. 

A tip would be to advertise your services at community centers, religious places, schools, and clubs. In addition, embroidery and knitwear are in demand all around the year and it means more income for you as a female student.

Given embroidery, check out this article on starting an embroidery business.

Bookkeeping and accountancy firm

Bookkeeping might sound like a tasking business that would take most of your time at school, isn’t it? Well, as a female student, you could make this business a flexible one for you by offering your services to your teachers and lecturers at school.

Moreover, technology has made it easier for females with math and accounting skills to do online bookkeeping, offering flexibility and the ability to negotiate prices without affecting schoolwork.

Graphic Designing

Is graphic designing advisable for a female student who has a lot of projects that have fees that need to be paid? To start a graphic designing business as a female student, you need a good computer, software, and creative skills.

This is indeed a flexible business and also a business that has become increasingly relevant in major fields and has huge profits attached to it as long as your work delivers good quality.
Graphic designing with printing is a great income earner for female students looking to start a business idea in school. 

A tip is to invest in a good computer and printer to ensure your work delivers the quality you want it to deliver. In light of good computers to invest in, check this article out!


Overall, 40% of Jamaican women go into tertiary education, making Jamaica the third option for starting a small business idea as a female student.
If you are thinking about what should draw you check out its lush topography of mountains, rainforests, and reef-lined beaches with lovely weather. 

Okay! Now, to the business side, what business idea can a female student start in Jamaica?

Small Business ideas for female students to start in Jamaica

Sell hair extensions

The hair extension business is common in Jamaica and if you have a good and quality plug for buying hair extensions then your small business idea could be this as a female student.

This is a lucrative business in college or university as female students often desire to enhance their hair’s beauty. Get your small business idea started as the smart female student that you are.

Sell Fragrances

Hmmm, you smell nice as always! Are you always complimented on your love for trying out and buying different perfumes? If this is you, your small business idea as a female student could be in selling fragrances from perfumes to sprays and the thriving one perfume oils.

To succeed in this business, you need to know your target market, secure storage for your products, and advertise to roommates, hallmates, and departments, before expanding.

Also, some courses teach fragrance enthusiast how to come up with their fragrance smell, you could take your business up and brand your fragrance with its unique smell and packaging.

Swim costume business

Jamaica is known for its island where many beaches are found, and this means a lot of tourists would be coming in. You know what else? Many schools would be going on field trips or summer camps and their destination point is largely going to be around the beach.

Amazing right? Yes, you could start a small business idea as a female student in selling swim costumes both male and female to your collar at school. Also, take it online to make the business process easier for you and make it more available to other tourists outside your school premises while earning your money.


In fourth place is a Middle Eastern nation where women have a better education than men. According to facts, 41% of Kuwaiti females attend tertiary education institutions. Hence, there are lots of opportunities for female students like you who cannot wait to start their small business idea. Below are small business ideas for female students to start in Kuwait.

Small business ideas for female students to start in Kuwait:

Home appliances business

If you are a female college or university student, selling home appliances might look a bit tasking but it isn’t and there are a lot of advantages.
It would also help to note that the Kuwaitis tend to have a high demand for home appliances. 

With this knowledge, you could start a small business by selling home appliances to your colleagues at school. Consider starting with small appliances like blenders, and explore unique products from platforms such as Amazon, Temu, and Jumia. As a female student, you can benefit greatly from this business.

Beauty and personal care Consultant

Are you good at offering bits of advice to your friends, and colleagues on the best skincare routine, and the best beauty care products that fit their skin and have commented on the amazing results? Plus, you find yourself taking courses and reading books on beauty and personal care products.

If yes, then you have a small business idea ready for you to start, it doesn’t require much finances to begin with and you can do it at your convenient time. Offer beauty and personal care to various people as a means to do what you love and earn additional money in your pockets. You could also offer this consultancy online and one-on-one during your spare time at school.

Sell food spices

Kuwaitis tend to be foodies and they have a high demand for spices nuts dairy and confectionery. Spices are very much needed to make foods more delicious, and we are all aware of how the majority of female students and more commonly male students also find interest in making their meals to save food costs.

If you know how to combine food spices for various food recipes, you could start a small business by selling food spices to your colleagues.
In addition, save costs by buying various spices in bulk and selling them in bulk. A good tip is to have a well-designed package and efficient delivery system to make it easier to balance school with work while you make money.


Bahrain takes the fifth place among the top and it is not the last, with women in the island nation in the Persian Gulf far better educated in their country. Let’s take a look at small business ideas for female students to start in this amazing country.

Small business ideas for female students to start in Bahrain

Dyes And Pigments Business

Starting a dyes and pigment business requires creativity and it sells more in our modern world due to its uniqueness in style. There are two alternatives for this business for you as a female student looking to start a small business.

The first would be in terms of selling products such as dyes, pigments, and paints. While the other involves making items such as bags, tops, shoes, and other items with the use of dyes and pigments. Also, you can combine both and sell both the dyes and pigments alongside products made from dyes and pigments.

Due to its uniqueness, ideas won’t be running out fast plus it comes with a lot of stipends for you to have additional money at your tips.

Video Editor

A video editor handles various elements like camera footage, dialogue, sound effects, graphics, and special effects to create the final film or video. Communication skills are essential in media production.

Many schools require the help of a video editor, especially in terms of advertising their school as well as events for their school. What if they do not require you to pay large money to video editors outside when they have you? Yes, this could be your small business idea and you will make good profits from your school too and it is not limited to school alone.

Also, you can make $2,000 — $208,000/month for your video editing business with a flexible schedule as a female student business owner.

Start a language translation service

Most schools require a language translation service. This small business idea not only brings profits but also experience and helps to add to your portfolio.

Let your business idea serve as a bridge to linguistic barriers, helping businesses reach a wider audience outside of a single language. To become a language translator in Bahrain, master a second language, and learn other languages to offer your services efficiently. 

Earn between$40,000 to $550,000/month as a language translator.

Factors to consider before starting a business as a female student.

• Estimated cost of starting business
•Fee of registering a business
• Purchasing equipment price
• The amount needed to buy raw materials

30 small business ideas for female students

This section covers small business ideas for female students at home, during breaks, online, and during school seasons. Given 30 small business ideas for female students, the ideas are:

1. Sell handmade goods

Handmade goods could be in various colors and shapes based on your preference and your customer’s preferences. It’s a small business. You need a little investment to start. Till then, use your hands until you have enough funds to buy big equipment.

The handmade business can also be based on specifics as you can choose to focus on making bags or hats and these are just a few to be mentioned. 

Earn between $10,000 to $500,000+ from your handmade business as a female student.

2. Babysitting business

The babysitter business is not new, as you may have taken jobs babysitting or caring for younger siblings/relatives. If you love taking care of children, this could be your small business idea as a female student.

Also, you can start it with your neighborhood friends and run a babysitter business with them. It is advisable to know the regulations involved in running a babysitter business to ensure no legal actions are taken against your business. 

For your babysitting business, you can earn $20.00 per hour.

3. Pet sitters’ business

Are you a lover of animals, or pets? If yes, you can also consider offering your expertise in taking care of pets to people in your neighborhood. It wouldn’t be something you love doing alone but it would also serve as a business that adds additional money to your pockets before school season begins again.
There are also additional benefits such as getting to meet new friends as you engage in your service. 

You can get an average of $16.41 per hour, for your service as a female student starting a pet sitter business.

4. Blogging

Blogging is a business idea as a female student that you can do while in school and also at home. Facts also state that women make up 50.9% of bloggers. Yes, your interest in blogging can be utilized for making good profits.
It can be on different topics and various interests of your choice such as travel, beauty, fashion, photography, food, lifestyle, childcare, etc.

 As a blogger, you can make USD 1,000 and USD 10,000 a month.

5. Vlogging

Vloggers have a lot of platforms such as YouTube, and Instagram which female students can utilize to vlog about their school life, sharing tips that could help other students. This small business idea requires consistency and ideas that captivate your followers. 

As a vlogger, you can schedule vlogging times that don’t conflict with schoolwork, and also enhance video editing skills for high-quality blogs.

In addition, you can earn between $82 and $83,000 per month being a vlogger.

6. Starting a magazine business

Why is a magazine business idea here? Very good question! In most schools, the administration bodies are looking for more ways in which they can showcase their schools to the World and also engage their students.

Do you have skills in content writing where you would share useful information and write about school events in a very captivating manner to readers? If yes, why not do your brilliant and talented skills to your school as a small business idea where you can earn profits?
Also, you might be a vendor plug to various stores in your school campus or dorm where you sell magazines to them and earn your money.

7. Sell Stationery

Stationaries are a must-have in every classroom. Female students sell their markets faster by offering discounts in school.
Plus, you can have an idea of what the student wants and get them to customize their stationery such as pens, books, journals, stationery sets, etc.

8. Sell Groceries

Groceries is another business on the top list for any student looking to start not only a small business idea but also a side business and is sure to earn huge profits. Consider the abundant groceries and hungry students in your school, especially after a busy day.

Your small business idea would be the best plug for students to easily access after a busy day at school especially if you are a college or university student. This business is lucrative because it earns money for you.  Also, you can sell items that don’t expire easily.

9. Hairdressing

Are you good at making hair in addition you love styling hair to make them more attractive. If yes, make use of your hairdressing skills and talents to make hair for your friends, floormates, and colleagues.

In addition, based on the flexibility you could spare your time during weekends to make a good number of hair or a free day at school to make hair for people. Also, set your available times for business without affecting your reading and projects.

As a female student with a hairdressing business, you can earn an average of $29,670 per year. 

10. Cloth mending and alterations business

Be a lifesaver for clients at your school who have had stories of what I ordered vs what I got. Offer alterations for oversized clothes and mend useful items with neat stitching skills.

Starting a cloth mending business can earn you extra cash as a female student. Plus, if you are good with your stitches, your business will get a lot of referrals in no time. 

You can earn $27,710 to $34,950 per year with your cloth mending and alteration business.

11. Shoe making business

Can a female student start a shoe-making business? With the right tools and knowledge, you can start a small business in shoemaking while in school.
To begin a shoe-making business you need the following basics such as measuring tools, thread and sewing, pens and brushes, scissors, knives, sharpening, etc. 

The average earns for a shoe-making business is $31, 450 per year.

12. Bead making business

As a female student, business ideas are not running out, another business idea that is unique for you to start is bead making. You would need items such as beads, needles, thread, beading wire, beading loom, bead board, metal wires, etc. for bead making.

Indeed, starting a bead-making business idea allows you to schedule your schoolwork with work time. You also have the opportunity to choose the materials you want to use, and your unique styles.

13. Sell Jewelry

Take your love for jewelry and buy in bulk to start selling to your female colleagues plus the benefits of you having discounted prices buying in bulk. A good tip would be to ensure you have quality jewelry that lasts long enough for your customers to keep them coming back.

Jewelry includes bracelets, rings, earrings, necklaces, etc. To sell jewelry successfully, establish a strong brand, and later collaborate with upscale jewelry brands for customers.

 In the United States, you can earn $59,570 per year by selling jewelry.

14. Sell hair accessories

The hair accessories business has been expanding lately with lots of creative techniques being used to make it not only beautiful but also very functional. Female students like you need your business to easily purchase hair accessories that match their preferences.

You can earn between $54,750 and $109,500 a year selling hair accessories.

15. Sell cosmetics

The cosmetics business is a large industry and a highly demanding sector in our World today. Both males and females are starting to place more focus on their skin and their care. Hence, starting a small business selling cosmetics will bring you a good number of money.

It covers various products such as skin-care items, fragrances, makeup, hair products, deodorants, baby products, and more.

By selling cosmetics, you can earn $59,500 on average per year. 

16. Catering services

Do you love cooking and can spend a good amount of time in your kitchen trying new recipes plus you love to cook more for people too. If it’s a good passion of yours, you could start from a small scale and cook for your roommates and floor mates and earn additional money.

You could get them to buy their ingredients or buy the ingredients with additional costs attached for your customers. Plus, you get to pick the dates and times when your business would be available.

 Earn an average of $57, 711 per year engaging in catering services as a female student.

17. Tutor

Are you good at various or specific subjects? If yes, you could become a tutor on-site and online. Then, utilize your time management skills to lead tutorials in your department and teach general subjects across departments.

In addition, you can tutor online to improve high school students’ grades and make extra money.

As an online tutor, you could earn $ 30, 886 average per year.

18. Proofreader

Being a proofreader as a female student comes with the benefits of getting opportunities from your school environment.  With this business, you get to work with several departments at your school while also getting good experiences and additional money.
One who is in charge of any typographical, grammatical, spelling, punctuation, syntax, or formatting errors in written content is a proofreader.

As a proofreader, you can make between USD 25 to USD 44 per hour.

19. Photographer

You can be the photographer for major events at your school with your small business idea as a photographer. To make people more aware of your business, build up a portfolio and utilize social media. You could also partner with other businesses in your school to gain additional money.

If you love photography, it is something that can use to get additional money significantly. You can get started by buying a camera and accessories that you would need for your business.

Photographers earn about USD 28,000 per year.

20. Event Planner

Organize events for your school with your planning and organization skills to make events memorable. The event planning business also makes a good number of money.
In addition, school events are always up and running meaning they need an event planner who would be able to handle decorations, catering, and security well. 

An event planner can earn $49, 470 on average per year.

21. Cake-making and pastry business

Every classroom, and department has a special occasion to hold and your friends might need to celebrate one or two special occasions. Starting a cake business that satisfies the sweet tooth around you would keep them craving more of your cake. 

Plus, there are a variety of cake flavors and you could also make gluten-free pastries for clients that eat gluten-free pastries. Also, you can make your cake business exciting with cake parfait, ice cream cakes, and more. Good packaging would also help increase the demand for your business. 

Selling cakes and other pastries could earn you $37,000.

22. CV and Resume services

Are you an expert in delivering the best CV for other colleagues with feedback that the majority have gotten to offer with their CVs? If it’s a yes, then take a step further with your expertise and turn it into a small business idea as a female student.

 You can provide resume and CV tips on social media to help people create compelling resumes for job interviews. In addition, your charge fees can be based on your preferences too.

 Earn £ 22,680 with your CV and resume services.
Don’t forget to utilize social media to publicize your expertise to gain more clients.

23. Online fitness trainer

If you enjoy assisting others with their health and fitness goals, start a fitness training business. Create online videos for subscribers and help them achieve their objectives. 

You can share meal plans, diet foods, and affirmations to motivate viewers to reach their goals. Also, you would be able to earn money while helping your viewers too. 

An online fitness trainer could earn between $30,000 to $70, 000 per year.

24. Book club business

A book club business is a smart business idea for a student looking to start a small business in a school setting. Research pinpoints many students want to read books but lack accountability to achieve their goals.

This business idea would help other students and it is a good community to help book lovers to come together to share their ideas. Consider selecting books based on your community’s interests and exploring different life areas monthly in your book club.

 How do you gain money? The people in your book club would be required to pay for monthly or yearly subscription fee.

25. Travel transportation Agent

Do you have a good transportation plug that is interested in helping students get back home safely and comfortably? If it’s a yes, this could be your small business idea as a female student. You get the opportunity to partner with a transportation company that would offer you a good number of shares.

Also, to balance school work, limit advertising during school entry and closing time in your transportation business. The profits would still benefit you as many students love it when they can easily get transportation at an affordable and convenient platform.

You can earn $49, 973 with the travel transportation business.

26. Meal planning business

Most times students have a goal to have a healthy eating plan during school days but they can’t help with their tight schedules. If you have a knack for planning affordable meal plans for students, you could turn this into a business idea and get to earn profits.

Your meal plan business can be on a specialized basis or a general one and this business has good profits if it delivers to the clients what they expect. 

A meal planner can earn a range of $23,150 to $74,170.

27. Virtual Assistant

Being a virtual assistant works with being a student who has a desire to earn additional money. As a virtual assistant, you would be required to manage email accounts, make phone calls, make travel arrangements, and schedule appointments.

A virtual assistant works remotely and this comes with flexibility in terms of scheduling and you could balance your school work with your business as a virtual assistant. 

As a virtual assistant, you can earn a monthly income between $1,250 and $ 10,875 

28. Fast food plug business

This enticing business idea attracts countless students who spend money at various fast food chains like Domino’s, KFC, Chipotle, Chick-fil-A, Dunkin Donuts, McDonald’s, Burger King, and more.

Starting this business requires you to have a good partnership agreement with these fast-food companies as well as make your fast-food plug well known to your colleagues. Also, make sure you have a clear timeline for fast food availability to avoid school interference while earning money.

29. Start an NGO

There are many clubs at school, so why not take your leadership skills and passionate heart to help others and start a non-government organization club? There are various areas your NGO could focus on starting an NGO.

To attract opportunities and volunteers, start a school club and collaborate on fundraising events. Nothing beats seeing lives being helped with your big heart of love and effort.

You could earn between $91,000 to $112,000 with top earners making $147,500 annually as an NGO owner.

30. Music composer

Starting a small business as a music composer requires a good music background and basic composition skills for pleasing sounds. Most music composers get deals to work in various films including adverts, TV shows as well as films. All these projects mean there are a lot of profits attached to it.
This business requires you to invest money in equipment that would make your business more convenient work for you.

A music composer could earn $ 51,155 per year.

Furthermore, check out amazing ways to start, and scale your business idea here!


How do I start a small business idea as a female student?

As a female student starting a business, you need to answer some questions to find the right small business. The answers should be based on your interests, skills, and schedule as a student.

  The questions are:

  • How much time do I have to commit to a small business?
  • What am I good at?
  • Can any of my hobbies or interests become a small business?
  • What’s important to me and what are my values?
  • Which skills do I have that could benefit others?
  • In what ways can I leverage resources at my college to help me start a business?
  • How much will it cost to start a business?

After answering the questions, start drafting your business plan, investing in tools and materials, and utilizing social media to get clients.

How lucrative is starting a small business as a female student?

As a female student looking to start a small business, you can tell when a business is lucrative with the following benefits below. Moreover, as a student, you want good grades, and a business that gives real-life experience, builds your portfolio, and increases your earnings. 

The benefits include:

  • It helps to build your portfolio and CV.
  • You get to earn extra cash that can help you handle additional personal needs.
  • Get to experience the World of business and learn new business skills.
  • Utilize the power of networking as you get to interact with like-minded entrepreneurs.
  • Learn business skills and other character skills needed in the business that might not be taught in your school curriculum.
  • Have the ability to learn how to manage your schedule well as you balance school with work.
  • Learn the ability to balance working while studying.


Indeed, when embarking on a self-employment venture, it’s important to consider your skills, interests, and goals. Finally, this article shares small business ideas for female students and answers questions on their entrepreneurial journey. 

In the end, it lies in your decision to leap into the World of risk and experience while earning more cash at your tip. As you make a decision, you should also think about what will bring you success and satisfaction. 

Being an entrepreneur requires dedication and commitment, are you ready to begin your entrepreneurship journey as a female student? If yes, you could begin your journey with the few tips revealed in the article. 

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