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Business Idea in Poland for Ladies

by Fikayo Moronkola

Business Ideas in Poland for Ladies

Are you hoping to start a business idea in Poland for ladies?

Likewise, are you looking at a country that has exclusive benefits such as a high-income economy as well as a beautiful environment where you enjoy the beautiful scenery to start a business idea in Poland for ladies

If yes, you could take your drive to start a business and make good profits for yourself in Poland as a Lady. 

Where to start from? You are in the right place. In this article, we will take a journey through business ideas that are unique, profitable, and small business ideas that you can start with minimum investments. 

Let’s get started on this journey!


Economy Overview and Business Size of PolandS

Significantly, Poland has a well-developed market, and it is known for its strong prospects for economic growth.  

According to GDP, it is ranked sixth as one of the countries with the largest economy creating a solid background to kick start your business idea in Poland as a lady.

Poland provides a strong economy, safety, a good standard of living, free university education, economic freedom, and comprehensive healthcare for women entrepreneurs.

To point out, let’s look at five places certainly to thrive for Ladies looking to start a business in Poland.


Top Five Places to Start a Business Ideas in Poland for Ladies

In this case are states highly recommended for starting a business idea in Poland for ladies.  These five states are based on certain factors considered in business such as starting a business, dealing with construction permits, enforcing contracts, and registering property. To list:


Bydgoszcz is the top place to do business in Poland, being the eighth largest city and offering a business-friendly environment for local and foreign investors. 

As a lady, Bydgoszcz is one of the states in Poland that makes it convenient to set up one’s business idea. Consider starting your business in Bydgoszcz, which has become a vital economic center in Poland.

Bydgoszcz has thriving businesses such as

  • B2SAAS.com is based on e-commerce with a target to ensure businesses have easy access to various software applications at ease. This business is targeted to help other businesses utilize tools that improve their productivity and efficiency.
  • Modino is a start-up founded in 2020 based on energy and manufacturing to ensure secure and safe over-the-air software updates. The goal of the business is to ensure that businesses can guarantee their transaction are secure without experiencing over-the-air backlash.
  • Azimuthe is a business that deals with data analytics and software. This business offers innovative, advanced services to meet diverse market database needs. 


It is not difficult to start a business in Poznan because it is known as a center of trade, sport, education, technology, and tourism. This city offers safety, quality healthcare, and a business-friendly environment, making it ideal in Poland.

Although regarded as Poland’s second most prosperous city, many businesses are drawn to its solid infrastructure, low labor costs, and forward-thinking employment laws.

Thriving business in Poznan includes-

  • RDS-BIM, a business founded in 2018 deals with construction, architecture, and design. This business is an architecture plug-in that reduces work time by 45% and errors by 20% in an innovative way.
  • TimeFlip focuses on a human-friendly time tracker business aimed at helping individuals and teams to be productive. This business utilizes business to help people make good use of their time and be efficient at their work.
  • AISENS is generally based on infusing sport with the Internet to aid human health. The goal of the business is to aid in body movements by making exercise possible everywhere in the best possible ways.


In business, resolving commercial disputes is key and a city such as Olsztyn makes it easy and possible. Likewise, this city is known for being ranked high as a city whereas a lady you would enjoy doing business in one of the happiest cities. 

Also, Olsztyn is a city where individuals are set to enjoy benefits in terms of income, employment, quality of life, and safety.

Thriving business in Olsztyn includes-

  • EKOSYSTEM sp. z o.o. is based on software development and transportation. Also, aimed at helping business processes improve during transactions with customers. The business focuses on creating smart solutions that are easy to integrate to help businesses have good performance and productivity.
  • DataInq was founded in 2017. In addition, DataInq helps online store owners build data-oriented extensions and they prioritize customer experience.
  • Modino.io is a business involved in cyber security, software development, energy, and manufacturing. Further, it aims to create a safe and reliable method for updating IoT devices and help create solutions to global challenges.


Looking for a city with a good trade route, check Wroclaw which is at the intersection of Via Regia and Amber Road, two trade routes. Besides, this city offers both cultural landmarks and business opportunities for adventurous women.

In terms of economy, Wroclaw is the second wealthiest among the largest cities in Poland. One of the most innovative cities, with a strong focus on research and development by diverse companies.

Thriving business in Wroclaw includes-

  • Poley. I am a business that combines the food business with technology through the use of robotics. They address crowded places and businesses, utilizing robotics to save time. How? They provide items such as robotic machines that make stand-alone drinks among others.
  • Firmbee.com is focused on project management, human resources, consulting, marketing, and sales. Founded in 2020, they help businesses regain financial control and elevate their efficiency. Also, this business makes use of project management modules to help other businesses manage their teams and tasks.
  • Apeiron Synthesis Check out Apeiron Synthesis. They make chemical production more cost-effective and sustainable. This business deals with renewable resources, 3D printing, and chemical manufacturing.


Bialystok has several nearby border crossings which makes it easy for businesses to experience easy transfer of property. Plus, it’s a city where the food processing business, electrical engineering, machine industry, plastic processing, and textile industries thrive. 

Besides the economic benefits, Bialystok has parks occupying 32 percent and they prioritize a unique and healthy climate for the individuals living in the city. 

Thriving business in Bialystok includes-

  • Binacare, an innovative business through virtual therapy through video games helps children. Through the aid of AI, the game makes use of the player’s body and focuses on the kid’s posture as they play the video games.
  • VectorWay is generally involved in cyber security, entertainment, gaming, and software development among others. This business focuses on taking geometric descriptions of objects from Easter images.
  • Tap2Pay is a business that creates a platform where online payment can be done across various social media, websites, and messengers. Additionally, to create a good customer experience, they ensure the transaction is smooth and secure.

Factors to consider for Starting a Business Idea for Ladies in Poland

Altogether, starting a business as a lady in Poland requires that you find the right location alongside the right strategies to fit your smart business idea. Key factors for entrepreneurs include business ideas, plans, budgets, finance, legal documents, equipment, materials, and passion for growth.

However, women have shattered entrepreneurial limits, certain factors hinder their business success. To avoid, here are a few tips to help overcome the barriers while starting a business idea in Poland for ladies:

– Build a positive network
– Take risks and be flexible
– Build your business knowledge and sense

20 Business Ideas in Poland for Ladies

IT Services

As a lady, you have your passion for combining the knowledge of technology and business, and starting an IT service business is your best fit. With your expertise, you could design, build, and run various niches in IT services based on your specialization. 

However, with a World relying heavily on technology, the IT service business would help you as a lady to enjoy profitable income as you help companies achieve success.

 IT Services are quite broad from software development, software installation, virus protection, cyber security, and network security, among others. Poland has a high demand for individuals including you looking to start an IT service.

Join the team of other ladies in the IT service business and their average hourly salary in the US is $8.17

Soap-making and candle business

This business idea is one tagged ‘unique’. It is not only a unique business for a lady looking to start a business in Poland but it can be considered as a side business that is profitable too.

 To succeed as a female soap maker and candle business owner, prioritize high-quality materials and your target market.

A few materials to get started with this business are- soap dyes, fragrance oils, soap molds, melt-and-pour soap bases, wax, and wicks.

 Investing in the right equipment would make your business more profitable and easier for you. If you are a lady who is working, you could schedule your soap-making and candle business to fit your work schedule and your free time.

Souvenir gift business

Poland is known to have tourists coming in the year and out, so it would be a great idea to take your creative passion to start a business that deals with souvenirs. 

Souvenirs are also much appreciated at various events from weddings, your relative’s birthday, and your friend’s baby showers and birthdays.

If you are good at arranging, packaging, and planning souvenirs for people, it could be a good business idea for you to help you earn more income. Also, it requires that you plan souvenirs for events that meet your client’s taste and budget.

Those who engage in the souvenir gift business earn an income range between $30,000 and $70,000 per year.

Jewellery Designer

If you love creating unique jewelry designs, consider starting a jewelry business. Well, your jewelry business ideas are still possible, if you are ready to take the next step.

As a jewelry designer, you need skills such as an eye for detail, good hand skills, artistic and creative skills with good organization and planning skills. To improve your business, display your design portfolio and showcase your expertise with design software.

As of 2023, jewelry designers earn an average of $64295.

Wallpaper Designer

Do you have a knack as a lady for creating amazing illustrations, if yes, you could start a wallpaper design business. Your business is based on creating designs, and patterns, and working with different materials for wall coverings.

As a wallpaper designer, you get the opportunity to work with other professionals in various fields like interior design, among others. You also have the decision to work from your home.

Wallpaper designers earn an average of $23.71 on an hourly basis.

Translation business

Starting a translator business as a lady in Poland allows you to maximize your skill in bridging the communication gap between individuals who speak different languages. 

The job of a translator is highly valued in most countries, and it comes with good profits too as the choice to pick the language of choice in which you chose to specialize.

You could also take your business as a translator a step further to address the needs of functional needs which is highly recognized and of vital importance in every country. 

As of 2021, translators earn an average salary of $49,110.

Camping owner

Furthermore, Poland offers diverse campsites, making it easy to set up legally by following the required rules and regulations. If you ever loved going Camping and still do, this could be a great business idea just for you.

Setting up a camping business in Poland is easier for women due to the flat land, accessible lakes, and vegetation in some cities. In addition, you could also specialize your camping business for certain activities or age ranges.

If you are setting up a kid’s summer camp, you would earn an average of $100,000.

Ecotourism business

Research shows that a lot of tourists prefer a more sustainable and responsible means of travel. Are you passionate about preserving the environment and your interest to start a tourism business still lies as a burning passion for you? 

If Yes, the ecotourism business fits your burning passion well with the ability to make good profits from it.

Your business as an Ecotourism owner is quite welcome in Poland, a country where tourists are tripping in year in and out. By embracing this chance, women can engage in a profitable and meaningful business that connects tourists to their surroundings.

In 2022, the ecotourism industry was estimated to be worth 127.4 billion dollars globally.

Glamping business

Glamping! What’s it about? Glamping in a literal meaning would mean ‘luxury camping’. As a lady, you can take the camping business by innovating and coming up with creative ideas to intertwine the love of traditional camping.

Also, with the desire for human comfort starting your own glamping business with a creative and fun twist is a good idea.

How about a camping site in a hotel form? Offer clients slippers, blankets, heaters, ovens, tables, blenders, and bell tents for comfort. Besides, it’s a great investment for a business as a lady as glamping is becoming quite famous in today’s world.


Blogging is one small business, a business idea you can do right from home as well as a side business. In whatever handle you look at starting a blogging business it is always profitable and flexible. 

Above all, your daily schedule would not have to be disrupted as it would be based on your priorities.

 To start a blogging business, you need to:

  • Select the right blogging platform that would fit your topic specialization.
  • Find the right niche.
  • Choose the right blog name that fits your brand and the blog domain.
  •  Invest in designing your blog page and working with a calendar to help you stay up-to-date and productive.

The average salaries for bloggers range between $500/month to over $10,000.


Generally, a ghostwriter writes for an individual or an organization that is likely to receive public recognition. 

Further definition, a ghost-writing business allows one to collaborate, and work on different projects to achieve success in projects.

If you’re a lady who loves writing but worries about privacy, starting a ghostwriting business can help you stay anonymous while earning.

A ghostwriter earns an average salary of $36,000.

College exams and applications business

Poland is ranked 10th overlap in the World among the countries that have good education systems. 

The country is popular for its low cost of living, good career opportunities, and excellent universities, attracting focused student attention. Besides, it is very lucrative as there’s intense competition in college acceptance which means it is in high demand. 

Also, if you have experience assisting students with financial aid, applications, college selection, and exam prep.

Career Counsellor

A Career Counsellor has the responsibility to help a lot of individuals make the right decisions concerning their world of work. 

You can start this amazing and much-appreciated business idea by making use of your skills in career decisions and changes to help your clients as a lady.

In this business, your target market is vital alongside your credentials which will encourage your clients to be able to communicate effectively with you. 

Career counselors earn an average of $46,439.

Business Consultant

You can become a business for any business as many businesses require advice based on making decisions in their business as they seek new business initiatives.

Further take steps to maximize the huge potential in Poland for business consultancy.  Plus, you provide essential documents like feasibility reports, financial reports, and market analyses as a business consultant.

Having a good educational credential helps to build your portfolio.

Online Branded Clothing Store

If you are a fashion enthusiast as a lady, your business idea could be to start an online branded clothing store. You can partner with brands and be an influencer while making profits.

The fashion industry’s competitiveness is no secret, but starting an online clothing store with passion puts you on the right track.

A few tips on how to launch your successful clothing store include:

– Select the right brand strategy that works best for you

– Choose your brand identity that represents your brand well

– Decide on what your business is going to focus on selling

– Make a business plan and model

– Strategies for cost review

– Build your online store

– Get funding to help launch your business

– Work on your marketing and advertising strategy to teach your target market

– Stay up-to-date by engaging in fashion trends and market trends

On average, an online branded clothing store is lucrative and revenue of $39,000 is estimated to be generated in the first month of being an e-commerce business.

Open an International Food Restaurant

Truly, you might be doubting that starting an international food restaurant business is a huge task and risk as a lady looking to start a business in Poland. 

While true to an extent, the benefits and profits of a successful restaurant business outweigh the risks. Take your culinary passion to Poland and wow both locals and tourists with international dishes.

Of course, if you invest well in your restaurant with delicious food to offer and good customer service, with the number of tourists going to Poland, your restaurant would rarely be empty!

Based on the results, the average salary for a restaurant owner is $97,000

Tourism Agency

Are you a lady who is good at planning and making travel arrangements? If it’s a yes and yes, who says a lady can start her own travel agency? 

What better opportunity than starting it in Poland where tourism is of great importance to the country?

Also, you can run your tourism agency from the comfort of your home, and with time you can expand your business by employing individuals to aid your business. 

Tourists are looking for an agency that can give them an all-inclusive dream vacation they are spending their money on. Be that tourism agent that gets five-star customer reviews all the time.

Prioritize your advertising using social media platforms and build an efficient system to help clients communicate what they expect on their tours well to you. 

Do not forget to get the necessary license required to start as a tourism agency in Poland. 

Tourism agents make an average salary of $46,400.

Photography business

Poland has an amazing landscape and nature for photographers to make use of from the view is woodlands, lakes, and hills. 

Also known for its architecture, and it has UNESCO World Heritage old towns, churches, and castles that showcase its history. Many photo-worthy places to boost your portfolio and attract clients, both locally and globally, as you earn profits are across Poland.

A few amazing picture-worthy places in Poland are:

– St Mary’s Basilica from Sukiennice

– Miedzianka Hill

– Crooked forests

– Vistula River and Old Town Viewpoint

– Morskie Oko

– Gorc Lookout Tower

– Colourful Lakelets

– Long Markets

– Praski Park

– Swider River, among others

Dropshipping business

Poland has a good transportation system in terms of road, train, air, and even water. This benefit makes it possible and convenient for anyone looking to start a dropshipping business in Poland.

To start a dropshipping business, it is advisable to select the right niche that your business would focus on.  As of 2020, there were five profitable sectors: baby products, beauty, pet products, health and fitness, and phone accessories. 

You could capitalize on the niches to start your dropshipping business since they are in high demand. But your choice is not limited the top five areas mentioned to takeoff your business in dropshipping as a lady in Poland.

Dropshippers make $50 to $5,000 in profits daily.

Event Planning

Event Planning involves managing ceremonies, parties, meetings, tradeshows, conventions, and other activities that involve events for your clients. You need to budget, schedule, obtain permits, and arrange venues, transportation, food, and decorations as an event planner.

Event planners have the opinion to choose the events they want to specialize in or if they want to engage in all events for their business. 

If you are looking to start an event planning business, getting the right team is a benefit, and learn to communicate effectively. 

An event planner earns an average of $33,000 per year.

Meanwhile, need more exclusive business ideas in Poland, check this article on 30 Business Ideas in Poland.



What Kind of Business Idea Can I Start as a Lady in Poland?

If you are looking to start a business idea in Poland for ladies and you are reading this article right now, you are already on the right track.  This article features profitable business ideas you can start from home, as side businesses, or creatively.

To be profitable, choose a business idea you’re passionate about and have a budget to modify decisions. If you are ready, why not take that first step and picture your business idea taking shape already as you write down your business plan?


Is Poland a Good Place for a Lady to Start a Business Idea?

Poland provides individuals with lots of benefits needed for a lady entrepreneur to start a business. Also, its fast-growing economy, beautiful environment, low cost of living, good medical service, and amazing employment opportunities make it ideal for starting a business.


Is Starting a Business Idea as a Lady in Poland Lucrative?

As a female entrepreneur, if you plan and choose the right business to invest in, you’ll profit. Poland is a country that offers business opportunities based on readiness, actions, and compliance with regulations.



Ladies, your journey to start a successful and profitable business idea in Poland has just begun, it begins as you take that first step. 

Finally, this article has taken you through various important views on starting a business in Poland as a lady from looking at five states in Poland where businesses are highly likely to thrive.

Also, through vital tips to help ladies start a business on a good note and looking at 20 business ideas in Poland for Ladies. 

Notwithstanding, it would just be a business instead of a lucrative business without the actions and determination from your end.  Turn your good business idea into reality, earning the profits you deserve while embracing your passion through the ups and downs. 


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