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29 Business Ideas with Daily Revenue and Stable Income

by Ibrahim Agunpopo

Are you looking to start a business that can provide you with daily income and stable revenue? With the right business model and execution, it is possible to create cash flow on a daily or very consistent basis. In this article, we’ll explore 29 different business ideas perfect for anyone seeking reliable daily or recurring revenue.

1. Mobile Food Cart/Truck

The food truck industry continues growing in popularity throughout the country. Operating a mobile food business provides flexible hours with the ability to strategically place your business in high foot traffic areas during peak meal times when revenue potential is highest.


  • Low overhead to get started
  • Ability to move locations
  • Flexible schedule
  • Immediate revenue generation

2. House Cleaning/Janitorial Services

Residential, commercial, and specialty cleaning services tend to be recession-proof. Customers need these services performed regularly. With some customer acquisition efforts, you can build a client base that requires weekly, bi-weekly or monthly services—ensuring consistent cash flow.


  • Low startup costs
  • Recurring service needs
  • Flexible schedule options
  • Rapid growth potential

3. Landscaping and Lawn Care

Custom landscaping designs and standard lawn maintenance are services in continual demand. With some equipment investment and skills training, there is ample opportunity to secure reliable clients for mowing, pruning, fertilizing, planting, weed control and more on a weekly or monthly basis during the operating months in your region.


  • Existing expertise can allow low startup costs
  • Recurring service needs during operating months
  • Ability to charge premium prices for custom design work

4. Personal Chef Services

The trial runs we’ve all experienced during the pandemic taught us that eating home cooked meals need not be limited to our own kitchens. Personal chefs can offer meal planning, customized menus, grocery shopping and delivery services that provide delicious ready-to-eat dishes to your doorstep—daily, several times per week or whatever frequency matches your clients’ needs and schedules.


  • Flexible schedule
  • High revenue potential
  • Opportunity to specialize in various dietary needs (keto, vegan, etc)
  • Recurring revenue from weekly or monthly meal plans

5. Fitness Coach

Health and fitness services remain in high demand. Working one-on-one or with small groups as a personal trainer or nutrition coach allows you to offer highly customized and effective programming while commanding premium pricing. Services can range from in-person training sessions to creating online workout and meal plans clients can take with them anywhere.


  • Flexible schedule
  • High earning potential
  • Build recurring client base
  • Online options maximize reach

6. Resume Writing Service

Few professional services offer the earning potential and flexibility of resume writing. With some expertise, you can charge several hundred dollars per resume while working entirely on your own schedule. Combine this with the continual need as people change jobs and move through their careers, and you have a clear path for securing consistent business year after year.


  • Work from anywhere
  • Command premium pricing
  • Flexible schedule
  • Recession resilient
  • Recurring customer needs

7. Freelance Writing

Strong writing skills turn into immediate earning potential for freelance writers. A slew of online publications retain writers on a per project basis. Building a portfolio and expertise within a niche can lead to steady work and continual paydays. Even starting slowly by writing a couple articles per week quickly compounds.


  • Very low overhead
  • Location independent
  • Variety of project work
  • Recurring work with established publications
  • Flexible schedule

8. Virtual Assistance

If you have excellent organizational skills and competence with office administration-type tasks, selling your services as a virtual assistant may be the ideal work from home business. VAs help busy entrepreneurs offload tasks that would otherwise take time away from more critical aspects of operations. This might involve scheduling appointments, typing correspondence, managing email inboxes and calendars, event planning logistics or dozens of other responsibilities.


  • Typically flexible schedule
  • Location independent
  • Low startup costs
  • Recurring revenues servicing consistent clients

9. Pet Sitting/Dog Walking

For the pet lovers out there, offering pet care services allows you to generate recurring revenue while doing something you enjoy. Pet owners require daily dog walking and regular pet sitting while they travel. Once you acquire happy clients, you can count on year-round demand and income.


  • Minimal startup costs
  • Enjoyable work for pet enthusiasts
  • Consistent year-round demand from recurring clients
  • Flexible schedule

10. Airbnb Hosting

Those with spare bedrooms and a hospitality mindset can expect reliable revenue by listing rooms, in-law suites or their entire house on Airbnb. You host guests for nightly or extended stays with the opportunity to provide additional services for extra income. The earning potential expedites greatly when you have multiple listings.


  • Virtually no start up costs beyond any desired renovations
  • nightly payout potential
  • Substantial earnings for multiple listings
  • Ongoing revenues from returning guests

11. Home Inspection Services

Home inspectors ensure real estate transactions progress smoothly by providing detailed evaluations of properties prior to purchase. With some upfront investments for training, certifications, software, tools and marketing, you can offer visual examinations and written reports buyers and sellers depend on prior to closing deals.


  • Potential for $1,000+ per inspection revenue
  • Schedule flexibility
  • Recurring inspection referrals

12. Junk Hauling & Removal Service

Removing unwanted junk, clutter and debris provides immediate relief and joy for your clients. Rent or purchase a junk removal truck and offer dependable service at reasonable prices for continual business. Provide dump runs, donate usable goods, recycle and profit.


  • Low startup costs
  • Year-round, recession-proof demand
  • Operational simplicity

13. Carpet/Flooring Installation & Repairs

Skilled flooring installers and repair technicians have continual opportunities to generate income thanks to ongoing construction, remodeling projects and everyday wear-and-tear. Build a customer base requesting installations for new builds and renovations along with maintenance accounts for repairs and replacements when damage occurs.


  • Strong industry growth projections
  • Manageable startup costs
  • Recurring service opportunities

14. Handyman

Handymen seem capable of solving just about any household conundrum. Put your skills to work by offering broad or specialized home repair and installation services. Tasks can range from putting together furniture to hanging art and mirrors to unclogging sinks and garage door repairs.


  • Flexible schedule
  • Broad range of services to offer
  • Consistent demand

15. Massage Therapy

Offering restorative, therapeutic massage provides lasting health benefits clients will return for weekly or monthly. Whether providing home-based services alone or renting space within established wellness centers, this hands-on business promises recurring payouts.


  • Flexible schedule
  • Mobile services maximizing earning potential
  • Recurring revenues from devoted clients
  • Low startup costs

16. Painting

Interior and exterior painting needs span residential and commercial spaces alike, meaning reliable recurring revenues. Beyond walls, you can offer special painting services for fences, ceilings, cabinets, metal gates, water tanks, signs and retaining walls. Consider decorative finishes that will expand your service offerings further.


  • Profitable incremental work between larger jobs
  • Commercial accounts provide ongoing work
  • Manageable startup costs
  • Balanced cash flow

17. Pressure Washing

Pressure washing that dramatically transforms the appearance of homes, office buildings, restaurants, sidewalks and more while removing contaminants and improving longevity. Provide scheduled maintenance for consistent clients along with one-time cleaning requests as your schedule allows.


  • Quickly build recurring residential accounts
  • High visibility prompting additional jobs
  • Year-round demand in warmer climates
  • Easy entry

18. Water Damage Restoration

Offering emergency restoration services following plumbing failures, storms, floods and pipe breaks proves continually profitable. Technicians fix damage caused by water intrusions, dry surroundings to prevent mold growth and repair structures. Marketing to plumbing companies and residential customers would be very wise.


  • Seven figure income potential
  • Recurring insurance-funded restoration projects
  • Continuous demand

19. Online Bakery

Selling baked goods online eliminates brick-and-mortar costs associated with operating traditional bakeries. Use digital storefronts for orders. Offer specialty cakes, cupcakes and custom creations for celebrations along with cookies, muffins and pies for everyday cravings delivered to your customers’ doorstep.


  • Low overhead
  • Recurring bulk & subscription orders
  • Special occasion boosts

20. Handmade Crafts

Displaying your quality handmade crafts, home goods and artwork online allows interested buyers to discover your unique offerings anytime. Custom orders stream in when you design truly one-of-a-kind crafts, providing ongoing revenue between digital sales.


  • Low startup costs
  • Recurring gift & special event purchases
  • Seasonal opportunities

21. Handmade Jewelry

Creating captivating jewelry with beads, stones and customized materials satisfies both creator and buyer. Market necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings and more on popular online platforms, welcoming repeat purchases. Custom designs attract additional sales opportunities.


  • Flexible schedule opportunities
  • Low overhead costs
  • Potential for custom orders

22. Information Products

Creating and selling informational products, such as ebooks, online courses, videos, podcasts, templates, and more, opens up a continuous stream of revenue with the potential for sales around the clock. Today, consumers actively seek convenient solutions that offer valuable expertise, making informational products highly marketable.


  • Very low start up costs
  • Completely flexible schedule
  • Recurring affiliate commissions

23. Print on Demand Products

Print on demand (POD) allows entrepreneurs to sell customized products without inventory investments. Using POD suppliers, upload unique designs that print one order at a time on clothing, jewelry, phone cases, wall art, home goods and more as customers order.


  • No inventory costs
  • Range of product selection
  • Recurring purchases from happy buyers

24. Recycled Upcycled Goods

Repurposing discarded materials, such as fabrics, wood, glass, and metal, into trendy and functional products presents a consistently marketable opportunity. By sourcing timeless materials and giving them a new life as eco-friendly and stylish merchandise, you can cater to the growing demand from environmentally conscious buyers.


  • Virtually no inventory costs
  • Premium pricing
  • Recurring bulk orders

25. Self-Publishing

Self-publishing through major retailers provides authors with flexible opportunities to reach millions of potential buyers. By formatting print paperback and eBook files for various genres, including fiction, non-fiction, and poetry, authors can make their works readily available for purchase with just a click.


  • Maintain all creative license
  • Recurring royalties
  • Available to millions of buyers
  • Low start up costs

26. Software Sales

Developing and selling web and mobile apps presents an opportunity for recurring revenues through various channels such as monthly subscriptions, in-app purchases, and upgrades. There is a high demand for innovative solutions that enhance and streamline processes for businesses, personal productivity, gaming, and more.


  • Massive market potential
  • Truly passive income opportunities
  • Monthly payouts

27. Handyperson Services

Offering services for small home repairs and installations, including appliances, light fixtures, entertainment systems, phones, computers, and smart home devices, provides a consistent source of income for tech-savvy individuals. Focusing on assisting senior citizens in particular can create a niche market, emphasizing reliability and personalized service. This business model ensures a steady flow of revenue as clients seek assistance with various technical needs in their homes.


  • Flexible schedule
  • Broad range of billable services
  • Manageable startup costs

28. Locksmith

Well-trained locksmiths provide urgent assistance countless times daily rescuing individuals unexpectedly locked out of homes, safes, businesses and vehicles while also installing and repairing locks and keys for residences and commercial accounts as proactive measures.


  • 24/7 high demand
  • Mobile services maximizing revenues
  • Account protections plans

29. Plumbing

Providing essential plumbing services to both residences and retail establishments is crucial for maintaining fully operational plumbing and sewer systems. Highly skilled technicians play a key role in addressing a range of issues, including backed-up drains, leaky pipes, broken water heaters, and appliance hookups. Additionally, the installation of new components such as sinks, faucets, toilets, valves, and bathing equipment is part of the comprehensive services offered. Operating during convenient business hours, nights, and weekends ensures timely and reliable assistance for clients in need of plumbing solutions.


  • Recession proof
  • Reliable demand including emergencies
  • Contracted maintenance accounts


When choosing a business idea with reliable income, even in hard economies, find something that fits your skills and interests while serving ongoing customer needs. Good options meet consistent demand for necessary products and services. Great small businesses can scale sustainability by offering customized solutions on flexible schedules that fulfill people’s everyday, repeating purchases.

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