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30 Small Business Ideas to Start in Brazil

by Biztraction Research

Have you ever wondered if there are profitable small business ideas in Brazil? If so, then this article is for you!

You must understand that Brazil offers a favorable climate for agricultural production and business operations because of its vast geographic area and diverse natural environment.

Read on as we will talk more about 30 profitable small business idea in Brazil and other things you should know before you think of starting business in Brazil.

How Easy Is It To Start A New Business In Brazil?

Starting a new business in Brazil is not easy. Given the extensive bureaucracy and language barrier, starting a business in Brazil can occasionally be a difficult endeavor for foreign entrepreneurs.

As a result, many people look to a local, knowledgeable partner to help with the process. Depending on the circumstances, different companies can be incorporated in Brazil at different times.

Also, timing can change based on the level of economic activity a company develops.

Executives are highly urged to work with a local trusted professional to ensure that this procedure complies with all legal requirements and avoids delays, liabilities, and unforeseen costs, given the deadlines required in starting a business in Brazil.

Cost Of Registering Your Business Name

To register your business in Brazil, you need to pay the following fees:

  • Location fee: It may sound strange, however despite how strange it may sound, the price to form a limited liability corporation will vary depending on where you are.The south-east region of the nation and the distance between Rio de Janeiro and Porto Alegre have the highest exponential growth rates. In Bahia, Roraima, taxes may cost between 2000 and 2500 BRl. While starting a business in Santa Catarina, Minas Gerais, and Sergipe may cost between 3,000 and 5,000 BRL.
  • Annual Renewal Charges: A lot of services need to be upgraded yearly. It could cost you roughly 3500 pounds to create a business in Brazil if you use services like providing a registered office and registered agent there, complying with local laws and regulations, maintaining a director register, paying government fees, getting legal advice, and many other similar things.
  • Notary Office Fee: Fees for Articles of Association: One of a company’s most crucial papers is the articles of association. An attorney must thoroughly evaluate a firm before registering it with the Board of Trade in order to obtain this paperwork. All business kinds incur this expense. State-by-state variations in cost result in an average cost of 938.00 BRL.
  • Fee for Fire Brigade Permits: The fire brigade permission cost may at first seem absurd, yet it is a crucial fee. This cost covers whether the entire site is equipped with safety and firefighting gear, such as fire extinguishers, warning signs, and the appropriate exits required in an emergency. The cost ranges from 636 to 2,442 BRL, depending on the state.

How Can A Foreigner Start A Business In Brazil?

Here are few steps on how a foreigner can start a business in Brazil:

  • Legal Representation: Giving an attorney-in-fact authority for “company law and tax purposes” is the first stage in establishing a Brazilian subsidiary of a foreign corporation. The prospective attorney-in-fact must be a resident of Brazil, a citizen of Brazil, a visa holder, or a permanent resident in order to be eligible for tax residency. In his/her capacity as a shareholder in the Brazilian firm, he/she will now be in charge of protecting the interests of the foreign company.
  • Articles of Association: Drafting the articles of association comes next after designating the legal representative. The name of the company, its purpose, its headquarters address, its capital, its administration, its directors, and its corporate governance, among other things, shall be nominated for this document, as well as any local or foreign shareholders.
  • Enrollment In Government Organizations: The constitution of a new corporation will now fall within federal, state, and municipal jurisdictions. Before submitting the articles of association to the Board of Trade of the State where the business will be established, it may be essential to get permits in advance in order to function lawfully and in accordance with the corporate purpose.
  • Registration at the Central Bank of Brazil: Electronic registers in the system of the Brazilian Central Bank are required in order for the foreign shareholder to be able to invest in or loan money to the Brazilian subsidiary. This will allow the inflow of foreign capital, which is considered long-term capital and/or foreign loan.
  • Human Resources and Accounting: Accounting and human resources services must be set up when the Brazilian firm is fully formed and registered with the government agencies, as these areas are crucial for taxation in accordance with labor and social security legislation.
  • Signatures, clients, and contracts: You should be able to meet your needs for document signing, represent in meetings, and mediate the interests of the foreign company in the Brazilian Market once all the steps previously stated have been followed, and the company is fully incorporated.

30 Profitable Small Business Ideas In The Brazil

Now that you have an idea of what business in Brazil entails, we will take you through

30 profitable small business ideas in Brazil.

Digital And Technology Business Ideas

In the modern company environment, digital marketing is a very promising business idea. Create a digital marketing service division and start providing services like creating digital content and materials, managing social media accounts, creating or modifying web content, creating SEO guidelines, etc. Your web presence and social media expertise are crucial.

1. Game Development Agency

Game development is a thriving sector in Brazil that has surpassed both music and film in size. It has generated millions of dollars revenue to the government and you can start with $1000 and above.

With more people having access to digital platforms and gadgets, video gaming is becoming more popular throughout all age groups, and the game creation industry is only expected to expand.

Most people have a strong desire to work in the field of game production, especially those who have a history of playing video games.

There are some educational suggestions and talents you might develop to increase your competitiveness in the employment market.

2. Content Creation (Blogging, YouTube, SEO, Translation)

In order to launch a content writing business in Brazil, market analysis should be done first. Content creation entails creating, editing, and disseminating digital content.

Blog posts, product descriptions, podcast scripts, eBooks, press releases, and landing page material are a few examples of content.

You can work as your own boss if you create content. As a result, you select a working schedule that works for you and accept a realistic task. Also, creating content enables you to gain crucial abilities that you might not otherwise get through ordinary writing.

As businesses compete for the internet audience, who frequently start their purchase journeys by searching for relevant and educational content online, content creation is a high in-demand service. Consequently, a content writing service is a great way to generate passive revenue.

3. Website And Graphics Design

In Brazil, a graphic designer’s total annual compensation is predicted to be R$6,100 per month, with an average pay of R$2,500.

In addition to specializing in one area of design (such as print or web design), graphic designers can also be generalists who create everything from social media visuals to logos. One of the most fulfilling things you’ll ever do is to launch a graphic design company.

Starting your own graphic design company is a terrific option if you’re enthusiastic about design and want to make a living.

4. Virtual Assistance

Virtual Assistance is a lucrative business in Brazil.

The top paying companies for virtual assistants in Brazil are Riot Games, Oasis Management, TEEMA Solution Group Inc, Great Bay Kids Company, Lancaster Archery Supply and so on.

A Virtual Assistance business is simply to start since it makes use of administrative and creative abilities you probably already have from prior employment, your career, or your education.

Because you essentially offer a list of services in exchange for a predetermined fee, a virtual assistant business may be launched quickly.

To start your virtual assistance business, you frequently don’t need to invest any money or make any purchases at all. Find a niche you enjoy and complete the necessary training to become a virtual assistant.

After that, decide on your pricing strategy and establish an internet profile so that you may submit job applications. Depending on your availability, you can set your own work schedule as a virtual assistant.

The tools and technologies you currently have at home might probably be used to your advantage. Virtual assistants provide administrative support to organizations, groups, or people by working remotely.

Today’s firms frequently outsource their work, thus there is a growing demand for virtual assistants.

Being a virtual assistant allows for flexibility because you can choose your own working hours and location.

In Brazil, a lot of virtual assistants have a specialized home office where they can work quietly and without interruptions.

5. Digital Marketing And Social Media Management

In Brazil, digital marketing is a very promising business idea. Create a digital marketing service division and start providing services like creating digital content and materials, managing social media accounts, creating or modifying web content, creating SEO guidelines, etc.

For a digital marketing company, your web presence and social media expertise are crucial.

For the benefit of the business or the hired person, depending on the situation, the hired person is expected to maintain social media accounts, the content schedule, post timings, engagement, and advertising campaigns.

Additionally, they are in charge of building a brand on the selected social channels.

Professional Services Business Ideas

6. Consultancy Business (Financial, Business, Tax, Digital And Others)

The consultancy business is expanding year after year and is thriving more than ever. Global consulting is one of the largest marketplaces in the professional services sector, with a combined value of over $250 billion.

Reading about other entrepreneurs’ entrepreneurial journeys will help you make decisions about how to approach starting your own consulting business with relevant industry insights.

7. Laundromat

Laundromat business is one of the most lucrative industries in Brazil to invest in because people frequently look for someone to clean their homes, vacation rentals, hotels, offices, hospitals, and other facilities.

Employees in this line of work must be able to handle multiple locations at once and be proficient in purchasing products, managing inventories, and controlling payments.

The most crucial step to being known and reaching more clients is getting started. An investment of about $800 is needed to start a cleaning service.

8. Daycare

Daycare facilities are in great demand in Brazil for parents who switched to remote work after entire families were stranded at home for weeks on end.

What’s best? If you’re a stay-at-home parent, you can care for your children and run a daycare business out of your house. Average annual wage for daycare business is about $29,000

9. Interior Designing

The majority of interior designers and their businesses have a 35–40% gross profit margin.

Another general rule is to plan for a 20–30% net profit for all interior design services. According to your business strategy, a good budget would be between 3 and 12% of your gross sales revenue.

Based on experience, talents, gender, or region, interior designer compensation might vary greatly.

Agribusiness Ideas

10. Arable Farming And Food Processing

In its whole agricultural industry, Brazil is a global pioneer in creating and promoting sustainable farming methods.

Brazil has 69 million acres of land that are used for crop production annually. 90% of the total crop area is devoted to the main crops of soybean, maize, sugarcane, and rice; aside from rice, the nation is one of the biggest producers and exporters of these products.

11. Animal Farming Business

Animal farming business is a lucrative sector in Brazil with lots of room for expansion. This profitability is influenced by a number of variables, including the nation’s substantial population and expanding economy.

The second-largest pork producer in the world is Brazil. In Brazil today, more than 17 million pigs are farmed annually.

The production strategy for animal farming in Brazil is primarily one of integrated management between farmers and industries. Animal farming has played a significant role in the agricultural sector and continues to do so.

12. Agro Processing Business

In 2020, the Brazilian agribusiness industry as a whole contributed 26.7% of the country’s GDP, while the agricultural industry contributed 7%. Starting this business will cost you more than most of the business idea we have listed. With about $1500 capital, you can set up the business.

The Brazilian agricultural industry is another cornerstone of the country’s economy. The nation cultivates a huge range of fruits and vegetables, as well as rubber, cocoa, livestock, tobacco, and sugarcane.

Brazilian investments in the sector’s modernization and mechanization were significant compared to those made by other nations in the region.

13. Storage Facility

The Brazilian government has generated much revenue here and with about $500, you can start this business.

Storage facility is a profitable business in Brazil. Your profit will rely on a number of variables, such as the facility’s size and location, how you plan to use the facility to create income, and if you borrowed money to buy the property.

Find a self-storage investment in a location where demand is high to increase your chances of maximizing your profits.

14. Agro Equipment Sales

Agriculture equipment marketing is a smart business move in Brazil, because more and more farmers are employing contemporary technology to boost production.

Your production facility can be established. You can also sell agricultural equipment online or through a store as an alternative. To expand this firm, you’ll need a strong marketing network.

Consumer Services Business Ideas

15. Catering Services And Meal Delivery Platforms

In 2020, it was predicted that corporate catering and foodservice in Brazil would produce 55.8 billion Brazilian reals. You can set up this business if you have $800 and above as capital.

For your food delivery service, you can anticipate significant demand and healthy revenues. Additionally, demand from potential clients won’t go away.

Delivering items will become progressively simpler, quicker, and more convenient as technology develops. Over the past five years, there has been a noticeable increase in the market for meal delivery.

Apps for ordering and delivery are currently up against a wide range of challenging objectives. Around $9.6 billion has been invested in the food delivery sector, and Brazil is keeping up.

Brazil is rapidly advancing in terms of technological adoption. Brazil’s smartphone usage rate was predicted to rise to 75% by 2025 from its current level of 65% in 2019.

During the anticipated period, the market for food ordering and delivery will have the largest increases in sales value, expanding at a 12.3% CAGR.

16. Fitness Trainer

Since most individuals now place a high priority on fitness, opening a fitness studio is a profitable business concept in Brazil. With as little as $1000, you can set up this business.

Starting your own gym with a variety of sports possibilities is one of the best business ideas for you if you want to work in the sports industry and have money to invest.

Depending on the demand for the fitness studio, you should open your first location near an office, a sports complex, or a residential neighborhood.

Both good trainers and quality equipment should be purchased. Advertising both online and offline is essential for the success of any fitness center.

Here are a few strategies for launching your fitness studio business:

· Select a strategic site that is close to homes, workplaces, or cities.

· Always make sure your team is comprised of educated and high-caliber trainers.

· Make sure you buy the appropriate tools and that everything is in good condition.

· Start marketing your business and expanding clientele.

17. Moving Services

You should think of launching your own moving service business in Brazil if you have about $1500 dollars and above. Over the past few years, there have been a number of significant emigrations, with some people moving back to major cities and others leaving urban regions to buy properties in the suburbs. Everyone hates moving, yet little moving businesses have made a fortune off the real estate boom. Become a part of the action by launching a small moving company.

If it’s a multi-day, out-of-state move, movers are often compensated per hour or per job.

18. Videography And Photography

Do you want to launch your own photography company? It’s not just you. It’s never been simpler to start earning money with your camera thanks to the growth of social networking, photo sharing, blogging, and online commerce.

Photographers capture weddings, design photos for advertisements, work as freelancers for magazines, travel the world, and take pictures of places–the list is limitless!

Discover which area of specialization is more profitable before beginning mobile photography in Brazil. Invest in a computer with specialized photo-editing software, high-end, professional cameras, and lenses.

19. Personal Shopper

Many fashion students have the aspiration to become personal shoppers. Imagine having access to the best jewels, clothes, and furniture but never having to pay for any of them.

Most of this work may be done from a distance thanks to the growth of online eCommerce stores. Additionally, personal shoppers are paid highly, with an average yearly income of $60,000.

Technical Service Business Ideas

20. Electrical Repair Shop

Due to the enormous demand for power, the electrical repair business is immensely profitable. However, commercial success does not come to you on a silver platter. Your company’s continued profitability or loss will depend on how you position it and run it. It will cost you about $800 to set it up.

21. Auto Repair Shop

One highly important business in Brazil is an auto repair shop, since people always need their automobiles mended when they break down. It is one of the sector in which the government generates revenue per year. A revenue of about $100 million has been generated so far.

If the proprietor provides high-quality customer service and dependable vehicle repairs, their auto repair shop may prove to be highly successful. This is highly important because an automotive garage’s earnings greatly depend on the volume of repeat business it can generate.

Some vehicle repair service owners operate from a garage at their home, which lowers overhead costs and is practical for family life. Others purchase or rent office space in an industrial setting, allowing them to work away from home in their garage or office. On occasion, vehicle repair owners expand their business by adding more.

22. Plumbing Services

In Brazil, the average gross pay for a plumber is R$77.545, or R$37 per hour. They also receive a R$2.606 incentive on average.

Salary projections based on information from anonymous employee surveys and data from companies in Brazil.

23. DJ Services

If you run your DJ business properly, it may be quite profitable. You can maximize your business revenues if you have the necessary information and abilities. To start this firm as a full-time career, one needs a strong vision, talent, excellent abilities, defined goals, and effective planning.

24. Network Security Business

The Brazil government will generate about $4 billion from this sector in 2027 so you should think of this business idea. With as little as $500, you can get started with this business.

The network security business is profitable. Adopting network security solutions is a no-brainer for enterprises of all sizes given the rising risk of falling victim to a cyber assault.

25. Recycling Business Ideas

People are becoming more environmentally conscious, thus they are looking for products that don’t affect the environment. Waste recycling has generated million of dollars revenue for the government and you can also start off with this business if you have as little as $500.

So, if you enjoy arts and crafts, using recycled materials can be a terrific choice. Here are a few instances:

· candlesticks and can-made jars;

· recycled-paper notebooks;

· glass bottle-based jars;

· fruit box shelves constructed of wood.

26. Manufacturing Business Ideas

Brazil has been a significant global car supplier since the middle of the 20th century, producing around two million vehicles annually.

Electrical equipment, paints, soaps, medications, chemicals, aircraft, steel, food items, and paper are among the other important manufactured goods.

The usual small business model of minimal overhead, little inventory, and low-to-moderate output works effectively for a wide range of industries.

One of the most frequently used materials, paper has a variety of uses in daily life. It also has uses in a variety of fields, including printing and packaging.

27. Airport Shuttle

According to “The Value of Air Transport in Brazil,” the aviation industry boosts Brazil’s GDP by US$18.8 billion.

Airport shuttle is a profitable business in Brazil. The shuttles often run according to a defined schedule, and they can transport people to and from the airport terminal as well as surrounding parking lots or hotels.

In order to find out the schedule and ensure they have enough time to go to the airport, passengers should visit the shuttle’s website or give them a call in advance. With the capital of $700, you can get started!

28. Travel Agency

Do you have entrepreneurial talents and a strong desire to travel? Then opening a travel agency can be an excellent career move for you.

You’ll be in charge of connecting tourists with suppliers of all travel- and tourism-related services, including lodging, transportation, sightseeing, tour guides, local adventures, etc. as a travel agency.

It’s much simpler than you might imagine launching an internet travel business. You’ll need to conduct market research, obtain a few licenses (such as your IATA number), investigate the competitors, create a website, and implement effective marketing strategies.

29. Professional Tour Guide Agency

Businessmen in Brazil constantly consider the potential for tourism and other connected industries, mainly due to Brazil’s huge potential for these firms.

A sector with high profitability that requires little startup capital is the tourism industry.

Tourists require guides at all times to show them around the city, take them to the most significant landmarks, and transport them to the best beaches.

To visit historical, cultural, recreational, and local locations, you may even design packages that differ based on the number of travelers.

Brazilian tour guides might make more than $400 per month if they are well-versed in the city they are working in.

30. Local Arts Business

Brazilian art has produced an astonishing number of creative individuals working throughout the media and subgenres of painting, sculpture, and photography over the past fifty years and it will cost you as little as $500 to set up a local art business in Brazil

These people’s excellent effort has solidified their nation as a top cultural destination. The profit made depends on the amount of art sold and the price of the art.

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