30 Profitable Small Business Ideas In New Zealand

by Biztraction Research

Most people prefer to establish their small business ideas in New Zealand because the ease with which you can establish a new branch of your business and transfer assets to your home country makes New Zealand a popular choice for entrepreneurs. There are no limits on the movement of funds from a New Zealand corporation to overseas investors.

If you have thought of small profitable business ideas in New Zealand, then you are in the right place. Read on as we will detail more about it in this article!

How Easy Is It To Start a New Business In New Zealand?

Registering your business name in New Zealand is very easy. You should know that New Zealand is a wonderful country to launch a business. There are excellent prospects for your firm to flourish because the nation’s economy is one of the top 10 economies in the world.

Since there is no minimum wage requirement in New Zealand, you and your workforce can negotiate salaries, providing you more freedom in how much to pay your staff. This allows you more freedom as a business owner because there won’t be any limitations on the amount of profit you can make or the amount of tax you pay.

If you care to know how you can go about the registration, then keep reading, the latter part of this article gives a step-by-step guide to business idea registration in New Zealand.

What Is The Cost Of Registering Your Business Name In Zealand?

Now that you know that starting a new business is easy, you should also know the cost.

The standard fee for business registration in New Zealand is NZD 114.39, not including GST or the fee for reserving the company name.

How Can a Foreigner Start a Business Idea On Zealand?

As a foreigner in Zealand who wishes to start a business idea, you should try following the steps below:

·Secure a visa: First and foremost, you must have a visa. A residential visa or an entrepreneur work visa are the available options for you in this situation. Depending on your company’s level, there are two entrepreneurial work visas. A six-month visa is issued after a successful application for anyone wishing to start a business. You can apply for an additional 24 months of residency if your business is up and running and expanding steadily. Your firm must meet a few requirements to receive a visa.

·Think about a business structure: After receiving your visa, choosing the best type of business structure, a sole proprietorship, a partnership, or a limited company, becomes necessary. There are advantages and disadvantages to each of these many business structure types. As a single proprietor, you have the easiest setup requirements and full ownership of your company’s profits. Still, you also lose out on the advantages of delegating knowledge and dividing business risks with partners.

·Choose a name: After deciding on your company’s legal structure, the following task is to pick a name already used by another company. Choosing a name is more difficult to do than to say. Luckily, the New Zealand government offers ONECheck, a free online service that assists business owners in quickly checking the availability of proper company names.

·Open A Business Bank Account: Using a specific business banking account is practical and essential, especially as your company grows. Combining your personal and corporate finances in one account is a bad idea for protecting your assets and can be complex for accounting and tax preparation.

·Respect legal obligations: Many people find it difficult to deal with regulatory regulations, especially if they are foreigners. Don’t be in this category of these people; therefore, ensure that you adhere to all legal obligations.

30 Profitable Small Business Ideas In Zealand

Now that we know one or two isn’t about New Zealand business Let us look at 30 profitable small business ideas in New Zealand.

Digital & Technology Business Ideas

Game Development Agency

The government will generate revenue from $276 million to $407 Million in 2022. The start-up cost for game development in New Zealand Zealand is about $6,500 to $12,000.

Game developers have a variety of ways to make money while creating theiAustralia’scluding partnering with other developers, using crowdsourcing, becoming a developer for other businesses, or selling tools they developed for their game. They all have various degrees of success, and most young game developers quickly discover that focusing solely on their projects can be difficult.

While some game developers make money through side jobs to finance their game development, many game developers make compensation when they work for larger production firms. Some of the best games are created by smaller studios, sometimes by friends working together to create their games or by individuals hired to create games for larger studios.

Content Creation

You should consider content creation if you are very good at crafting words. You don’t need capital to start if you already have the skill. An average content creator in New Zealand makes about $64,100 per year and the government has generated billions in content creation per year. Your online presence can become a money-making machine, and you can start getting paid for unique content with just a little imagination, ingenuity, and dedication. You have easy access to and can use all the tools you require.

Contention creation is one of the most profitable small businesses in New Zealand. You can go into content creation, blogging, SEO writing, YouTube translation, etc.

Earning a living that works well with the wit don’t lifestyle can be accomplished by creating online content. There’s never been a better moment to start and experiment with new online money-making ideas because the influencer and content creation sectors are experiencing a boom.

Website and Graphics Design

Around three billion New Zealand dollars were spent on IT design, consulting, and development services nationwide in 2021. Because of the intense rivalry in today’s market, practically every service requires a good website and graphics for advertising. In order to build effective advertising strategies, many businesses are prepared to make investments.

You need about $500 to learn about this website and graphics design in New Zealand. There’sanizations, design studios, advertising and digital agencies, publishing houses, and both state-owned and private businesses all need graphic design expertise.

Due to the abundance of excellent platforms available today, graphic designers can also successfully market their freelance services. If you venture into the website and graph today sign in New Zealand, you can make a huge profit!

Virtual Assistance

The government also generates revenue from virtual assistance per year. Starting this business starts from $100, depending on how you want to start.

Virtual assistance is a profitable business in New Zealand. Your duty as a virtual assistant can change based on your talents and intended clients. While some virtual assistants focus on specialized projects like design or marketing, others provide more all-inclusive services.

A successful VA is someone who is enthusiastic about working for themselves and offering top-notch customer service

For their clients, virtual assistants can manage a wide range of services. You might handle the following typical virtual assistant tasks:

·input of data

·administrative duties such as document organization

·inbox control


·customer service

·responsibilities involved in managing social media, such as scheduling posts and answering questions

Many virtual assistants charge by the hour. Others are compensated for carrying out particular tasks.

You should also be aware that Virtual assistants make up to $31 per hour in New Zealand.

Digital Marketing and Social Media Management

The New Zealand government generates about $1854 Millions in digital and social media management yearly. Digital marketing and Social media management are ever-growing sectors that are ways you can earn money in New Zealand.

To be a virtual assistant, you need to pay money to those ahead of you so you can be taught well. You can learn this business for as small as $50, so you had better go for this!

The practice of advertising goods or services online via social media, email, or mobile apps is known as digital marketing. The rise in consumer use of digital channels for product research and purchases has become a crucial component of any corporate strategy.

Working as a social media manager in New Zealand can also be liberating. Fortunately, managing social media can be done wherever there is a strong Wi-Fi connection.

Professional Services Business Ideas

Consultancy Business

According to data made public by the Public Service Commission, the New Zealand government has spent $1.2 billion on consultants and contractors. As a consultant, you will make hundreds of dollars per week depending on how you can monetize your skill. You also don’t need anything to start this business. If you’re good at what you do, keep developing until you become an expert.

By offering to market their online and offline skills, consultants can set their hours and earn more money. The demand for professionals with specific skill sets is growing because of the global expansion of the digital economy, and consultants are getting paid well to put their expertise to work.

It’s no longer necessary for consultants to be well-known authorities in their industry to market their services. You only need to assist someone in achieving a goal these days.

You can dec don’t major in finance, business, tax, digit, or any other business niche you deem fit for you!


Starting your own laundromat in New Zealand will cost you about $100,000. There are several reasons why people decide to utilize laundromats. Sometimes people find themselves unable to purchase their washer and dryer. Occasionally, folks will use a laundromat to wash bulkier things like bedding that won’t fit in their oIt’sachine.

Laundromats primarily generate income by providing their patrons with coin-operated washing and drying machines.


According to estimates, New Zealand spends $2.4 billion on public funding for early childhood education. You can start a daycare business of your own for as little as $10,000, and venturing into the daycare business is one of the most profitable businesses in New Zealand.

You must note that you need clients who require and are willing to send their kids to one of these early learning facilities to generate money in the daycare industry.

That being said, a densely populated area is the best place for a daycare center. Customers won’t need to travel far every day to drop their kids off at childcare. The establishments most likely to draw clients are those close to significant schools and densely populated areas, which increase their likelihood of making a profit.

Interior Designing

According to statistics, the government generates revenue from interior designing is about $275 million naira in 2023. You can start this business for as low as $2,000. Being an interior designer or decorator is a very lucrative business choice you can make for yourself in New Zealand.

Many variables affect this, including convocation level, geographic location, employment history, and company size. In essence, setting your own pay rates is feasible by exposing yourself to as many situations as possible.

Agribusiness Ideas

Below are lists of agribusiness ideas that are profitable in New Zealand:

Arable Farming & Food Processing

The New Zealand government has generated about $252 million on arable farming and food processing in 2022. You can start this business with a capital that is as low as $600 in New Zealand.

Farming and other economic operations with a direct connection to agriculture fall under the umbrella of agribusiness. It entails the entire process of producing, processing, and distributing an agricultural product for sale. Due to the exportability of agricultural products, this economic sector plays a significant role in arable-land countries.

The various facets of producing agricultural goods are treated as an integrated system in agribusiness. Modern farming methods, such as the use of GPS to guide operations, are used by farmers to raise animals and produce fruits and vegetables.

Agribusiness has a considerable impact on the tradable economy of the nation, with a contribution to the gross domestic product in the billions of New Zealand currency. Therefore venturing into it will be a good decision

Animal Farming Business

The animal Farming business has yielded about $97 billion for the New Zealand government, and the cost of starting this business is about $500.

We know the management and raising of livestock intending to get their flesh and byproducts for human consumption as livestock farming, and it is one of the most lucrative ventures in the agricultural sector.

One of the oldest agricultural practices carried out by our ancestors was the raising of livestock. Milk, bones, skins, and other materials are provided to man by it, which entails raising animals such as goats, chickens, snails, fish, and rabbits.


The New Zealand government has generated about $6.8 billion naira on Agro-processing in 2022. You can start this business with a capital of $300. The manufacturing sub-sector, known as Agro-processing, uses raw materials and intermediate products derived from the agricultural, fishing, and forestry industries.

This sector of the New Zealand economy has strong forward and backward links with the secondary and tertiary sectors of the economy. Phases like pre-feasibility, feasibility, business planning, and production throughout the full production processes define the upstream industry.

The downstream industry includes businesses including wholesalers, merchants, restaurants, and facilities for sorting, grading, packing, processing, and drying.

Storage Facilities

This business has yielded revenue of about $119 to the New Zealand government. You can start this business with $0 if you have available space to rent out. People involved in this business will lend out storage facilities to those involved in agriculture, and they, in turn, get paid for this.

Agro Equipment Sales

The government has made about $5.6 billion in revenue from this business, and you can start it with a capital of about $700. The tools used in agriculture to carry out certain activities or serve specific purposes are known as Agro equipment sales.

By reducing the need for human labor and reducing mistakes, physical flaws, and wastage in agriculture brought on by human labor and tiredness, these tools increase efficiency and productivity in agriculture.

You can venture into the sales of this Agro equipment as it is one of the most profitable New Zealand businesses.

Consumer Service Business Ideas

Catering Services & Meal Delivery Platforms

The New Zealand government has generated a revenue of about $360 million from this sector, and you can start this business with as little as $300

If you are a businessperson interested in the food industry, you can think about leveraging the considerable development that the meal delivery industry has had.

There is now a market opportunity for additional on-demand food delivery services to enter it, as more individuals want to free up their time from spending it in the kitchen and grocery stores. Food delivery is a very competitive business, nonetheless, because of the size of the New Zealand population and the low entry requirements for this sector.

There are a few essential measures that you must follow if you want to launch your food delivery service in New Zealand.

Fitness Trainer

The government makes about $567 million from this sector. Consider this business if you have a capital of #$500 and above.

In New Zealand, there are a few choices open to personal trainers (PTs) who want to launch their training businesses.

·working in an already-established club or facility by renting a space, going freelance or on the go as a personal trainer, opening your own business (a PT studio or small gym), or acquiring a franchise of an already-established business model, like Jetts.

·Starting a personal training business can easily turn into a profitable endeavor as a result of the large number of New Zealanders who routinely exercise or use fitness facilities, provided you plan your business strategy correctly.

Moving Services

A revenue of about $4 billion has been generated from this business by the New Zealand government. All you need to start this business is a vehicle in good shape.

In New Zealand, the logistics industry is very large. People transport items from one location to another on a daily basis. Logistics plays a significant role in everyday economic activity. It’s a lucrative industry that anyone can get involved in. The successful operation of the business requires logistical services in every sector.

You consume food every day, and some others must make that food available for trade in the market.

Videography and Photography

The New Zealand government generated a revenue of $1 billion from this sector in 2023. You don’t need much to start this business if you have a good camera, phone, and system.

Through specialized video services, a business-savvy videographer can assist local businesses in gaining more market share. The videographer can produce an It’s professional product demonstration film, record client testimonials that highlight happy clients’ experiences, and provide potential customers with a virtual business tour.

This same procedure also applies to the photography business. We know photographers as professionals that take pictures of moments.

Personal Shopping

 The New Zealand government has generated total revenue of about $46 billion from 1999 to 2022. Personal shopping is another business idea you should consider in Zealand, and you need $0.0 to start this business.

Personal shoppers use different payment methods to bill their clients: they may charge an hourly rate, a fixed fee, or a percentage of the sale. Employees of a department store clients ‘work as personal shoppers are compensated either directly by the employer, on commission, or through a combination of commission and hourly pay.

Technical Service Business Idea

Electrical Repair Shop

The New Zealand government has generated about $40 million from this sector. Starting your own business in New Zealand as an electrician is a fantastic alternative. To do that, there are a few crucial stages. The first and most time-consuming step is getting the necessary licenses and certifications to practice as an electrician.

The next step is to take some time to consider your business goals and organizational structure. It’s a smart idea to start as a sole proprietor, and you can later change that to a company if you desire. And finally, you need to start keeping track of your business spending and be conscious of your tax requirements.

Auto Repair Shop

Given society’s dependence on automobiles, one of the benefits of the auto repair industry is that it is a career that will never go out of vogue.

Due to the ongoing vehicle maintenance and repair requirements, your body shop will always be busy. Many shop owners began their careers as mechanics before opening their shops, but the business also welcomes them. Consider owning a repair shop in New Zealand because it is a very profitable business, and the New Zealand government has generated billions of revenue from this sector.

Plumbing Service

Total revenue of about $119,000 million has been generated from this sector. If you already know the skill, you don’t need much to start this business.

To become a plumber, you should consider pursuing a career in New Zealand’s plumbing sector. The shortage of trained gas fitters, drain layers, and plumbers in New Zealand provides excellent job chances.

DJ Service

Total revenue of $141,000 million has been generated from this sector. As a DJ in New Zealand, you can make money by playing, and those who create their music can make money through royalties. Your DJ income can vary substantially depending on where you reside, how frequently you perform, and how well-liked your preferred musical genre is.

Security Business

A don’t revenue of about $2.3 billion has been generated from this sector. You don’t need much capital to start Zealand’sness.

In Zealand, the security company revenue is frequently a direct outcome of the variety of services they provide. And there are lots of those. Therefore, it is simple to explain how security companies generate revenue. That includes bodyguard, guard dog, parking security, and security guard services, among other guard and patrol services. Several clients will even offer sophisticated special operations services if they request them.

Recycling Business Ideas

The New Zealand government has generated total revenue of $160 million from this sector. You also don’t need much to don’t this business.

In today’s modern world, a steadily rising amount of garbage is produced in many forms. The majority of us are aware of the drawbacks of not recycling waste materials, but we are ignorant that recycling may be a lucrative industry. The recycling industry offers the huge financial potential to everybody.

Knowing how to recycle the products you want only requires a basic familiarity. Environmental protection is a priority in this business. #26. Manufacturing business ideas.

Manufacturing Ideas

The New Zealand government in this sector has also generated a total of $6.5 billion in revenue. Depending on your ma today’s ring ideas, you can start with a capital of $500.

If you have manufacturing ideas like candle creation, producing food and beverages, crafts, brewery production, sports equipment manufacturing, textile production, apparel, and footwear manufacturing, furniture manufacturing, e.tc, then you are qualified to start this business

Airport shuttle

Total revenue of $468 billion has been generated so far by the New Zealand government. You can start this business with a capital of $900.

You make money by charging a flat rate for transportation to the drop location or charging each customer a price for the distance traveled from the pickup to the drop point.

Travel Agency

Total revenue of $680 billion has been generated so far by the New Zealand government. As a travel agent, you can make money by purchasing airline tickets is the least profitable aspect of the trip. The airline establishes a defined commission rate for agents at the beginning of each year. You can also make money from accommodation commissions and the like.

Professional Tour Guide Agency.

Total revenue of $133,150 million has been generated so far by the New Zealand government. You must guide people on tourist visits and get paid for doing this.

Local Arts Business

You can make money by selling their works through galleries or by taking on commissions requiring them to create a specific piece of art. The New Zealand government has generated about $2.3 billion from this business.