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Switzerland is a great place to set up a company. It’s easy to do, and plenty of people want to register their startup there. However, if you’re looking for assistance with the process or want an expert opinion on what steps should be taken next, then we can help! Company formation agent in Switzerland are similar to those in Germany, Malaysia and Canada.

What We Covered In This Article

Are company formation agents regulated in Switzerland?

Are company formation agents regulated in Switzerland? The answer is yes. Company formation agents are required to register with the Federal Tax Administration (FTA) and have a professional qualification. In addition, they must be registered in the canton where they operate.

Company formation agents also play an essential role in helping individuals start their businesses or grow existing ones by providing expert advice on all aspects of corporate structure, including incorporation procedures for new ventures and corporate tax planning for established businesses.

Can I register the company myself?

You can register the company yourself. You will need to provide information about your business and pay a fee. The applicant must also submit the following:

  • A certificate of incorporation or similar document issued by a competent authority of Switzerland in which all the particulars required for registration are mentioned;
  • The names and addresses of shareholders, directors, and officers (if any);
  • An application form for registering a Swiss limited liability company or limited partnership;
  • Suppose you are starting a new venture with just two people. In that case, you should register as an unincorporated association instead, which does not require shareholders but still requires directors/officers who manage its affairs.

Why use a company formation agent

It can be a lot of work if you’re thinking about setting up a company. A company formation agent will handle all the paperwork and help you with your taxes.

The average cost to set up a company in Switzerland

The average cost to set up a company in Switzerland is approximately CHF 3,500. It includes everything from the necessary paperwork to your lawyer and accountant fees. It also covers registration fees and legal costs if you want to do it yourself without hiring an agent or lawyer.

The average cost of setting up a Swiss-based limited liability partnership (LLP) is approximately CHF 21,500 (or $21,200). In addition to paying for your legal work upfront, this includes other expenses such as accountants’ fees and sometimes even travel costs associated with setting up business meetings between prospective partners who live outside Switzerland but wish still be able to access its tax benefits like lower taxes on profits earned abroad during those years when they weren’t earning any income at all!

10 Best company formation agents in Switzerland

To start a business in Switzerland, you’ll need to find an experienced company formation agent. There are many different options out there, but we’ve found the 10 best companies that can help you with business registration and formation:

#1. Swiss Company Formation

Address: Untermüli 6, 6300 Zug, Switzerland

Contact: +41 32 511 07 64

Services: Incorporation registration, Accountancy services, Bank account opening, and more

Price Range: $99 – $3,900

Swiss Company Formation is the best company formation agent in Switzerland. It offers comprehensive services for offshore corporate service providers, including incorporation, registration of companies and partnerships, and filing documents with the local and national authorities. The company also provides legal support to its customers throughout their journey toward becoming a Swiss entity.

In addition to these services, Swiss Company Formation also offers accountancy services such as tax planning advice on how you can maximize your profits while minimizing tax liabilities or even avoid paying any taxes at all! 

#2. SCF Swiss Company Formation

Address: Rte de Champ-Colin 12, 1260 Nyon, Switzerland

Contact: +41 76 732 22 40

Services: Company formation services, Corporate structure, Tax Planning, etc

Price Range: $102 – $5000

SCF Swiss Company Formation is a company formation agent in Switzerland. It provides company formation services in Zurich, Geneva, and other areas of Switzerland.

SCF Swiss Company Formation can help you with all your legal needs related to forming or restructuring companies, such as:

  • Corporate structure (incorporating)
  • Registration of the shares/profit & loss account
  • Shareholding certificates

#3. Gamut Corporate

Address: Hinterbergstrasse 49, 6312 Steinhausen, Switzerland

Contact: +41 41 419 41 00

Services: Company formation, Tax planning, Bank account opening, and more

Price Range: $2,658

Gamut Corporate is a company formation agent in Switzerland. It offers services including:

  • Swiss company formation
  • International corporate establishment
  • Corporate succession and succession planning

They also provide advice on international business law and compliance and help with international tax matters.

#4. SFM Corporate Services Geneva, Offshore Company Formation

Address: Rue du Stand 51, 1204 Genève, Switzerland

Contact: +41 22 311 03 83

Services: Offshore company formation, Offshore Company Registration, and more

Price Range: $600 – $5066

You can also register your company in the Swiss financial center of Geneva, Switzerland. SFM Corporate Services is a leading provider of offshore company formation services and has been providing quality legal advice since 1978.

With its expertise in corporate law, it will help you with all aspects of offshore incorporation, including:

  • Offshore Company Formation – This includes an initial registration process and ongoing management services to ensure that your business remains compliant with local laws and regulations.
  • Offshore Company Registration: The first step towards becoming a formal entity within Swiss jurisdiction requires registering your company’s name under one of several jurisdictions (e.g., Panama). After this initial step is completed successfully, additional steps will follow, such as ensuring compliance with all relevant taxes before applying for incorporation at its final location.

#5. CO-Handelszentrum GmbH

Address: Haldenstrasse 5, 6340 Baar, Switzerland

Contact: +41 41 766 31 50

Services: Company formation, Offshore, Tax Planning, Asset management, and more

Price Range: $5555

The CO-Handelszentrum GmbH is a company formation agent based in Geneva, Switzerland. It offers services for both private and corporate clients. The firm has been in business since 1993 and provides services to Swiss and foreign clients.

#6. Schweizer Gastronomiefernschyle

Address: Spitalgasse 34, 3011 Bern, Switzerland

Contact: +41 31 302 11 44

Services: Asset protection, Offshore/Onshore Company Registration, Company incorporation, etc

Price Range: $2005

Schweizer Gastronomiefernschyle is a Swiss company formation agent that provides offshore company formation and offshore company registration in Switzerland. The company offers services for both onshore and offshore companies, including incorporating a Swiss limited liability company or a Swiss branch office. It also provides other services related to establishing your business in Switzerland, such as asset protection planning and wealth management advice.

#7. Company address Zug/Switzerland

Address: Baarerstrasse 43, 6300 Zug, Switzerland

Contact: +41 41 480 00 08

Services: Company formation, Bank account opening, etc

Price Range: $186 – $2845

The company address is the legal address of a Swiss- or German-based business. It’s usually located in one of two places: Zurich, known for its banking industry and tax laws, or Luzern (also known as Lucerne), where many companies are registered for tax purposes.

The company’s registered office address is where you receive mail from banks or other institutions related to your business—for example, if someone wants to send you an important document or package containing money.

#8. STAX AG Treuhand-Fiduciaire

Address: Bahnhofstrasse 21, 6300 Zug, Switzerland

Contact: +41 41 709 00 60

Services: Company formation, Offshore Company Formation, Protection services, and more

Price Range: $4207

STAX AG Treuhand-Fiduciaire is a company formation agent in Switzerland. They are located in Zug/Switzerland, and they can help you with your company formation needs. You can contact them on their website or by phone, as listed above.


Address: Bangarten 21, 9490 Vaduz, Liechtenstein

Contact: +423 340 41 60

Services: Accounting services, Tax planning, Company Formation, and more

Price Range: $3853

SIGTAX AG is a company formation agent in Switzerland. The company offers accounting and tax services and other administrative services for corporations and individuals.

The company has offices in Zurich, Geneva, Basel, and Lugano.

#10. Microwin AG

Address: Richtistrasse 5, 8304 Wallisellen, Switzerland

Contact: +41 44 831 01 01

Services: Company formation, Bank account opening, Corporate structure, etc

Price Range: $976 – $5700

Microwin AG is a company formation agent in Switzerland and Zurich. They offer services like helping individuals start their businesses by setting up shops in Switzerland or elsewhere. They also help existing businesses grow by assisting with mergers, acquisitions, and other strategic moves that can simultaneously increase profitability while reducing costs.

In addition to their international presence (they have offices in Geneva and Basel), they operate out of two locations at home: one in Zurich and one near downtown Geneva (the latter being where I worked).


We hope this post has been helpful to you and that it has given you all the information that you need about company formation agents in Switzerland. As we mentioned earlier, there are many reasons why people might want to set up a business here. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I form a company in Switzerland?

Must provide company name, registration information, plus details of account signatories to open an account.

Is it easy to set up a company in Switzerland?

It is relatively easy to set up your own company in Switzerland.

Who can start a company in Switzerland?

Anyone, including foreigners.

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