How to Start an Embroidery Business

by Fikayo Moronkola
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Do you find yourself with a passionate desire to start an embroidery business? 

Also, are you looking to express your creative flare for adding intricate details to fabrics or other materials with your embroidery business? If yes, no need to go too far, right here in this article, we will take a look at the vital facts needed to uncover making an Embroidery business a success with the right steps.

Generally, every business needs the right location and target market, especially unique ones like embroidery. We would take a look at tips to finding the right location to start your embroidery business.

Starting an embroidery business allows you to work flexibly, from home or a small office, with room to grow and take on larger orders globally. As amazing as it’s advantage, starting an embroidery business requires that one takes the right actionable steps to start your own embroidery business.

 Let’s get started!

How to Start an Embroidery Business

What We Covered In This Article

Size and Economic Overview Embroidery Business Industry

Embroidery business is lucrative due to high demand for personalized goods reflecting individuals’ personalities. Due to this driven force to have personalized items, the embroidery business continues to persist and grow bigger to meet customers’ demands.

As a matter of fact, the embroidery business market will reach $2.04 billion by 2030, experiencing continuous growth. Advancements in technology, rising incomes, and demand for personalized goods drive global expansion of embroidery.

In terms of market segmentation, the influence of embroidery business can be seen to spread across Europe, Asia Pacific, Africa, North America, Latin America, and Middle East.

 Further on this journey on how to start an embroidery business, let’s take a look at countries where the embroidery business is set to thrive.


Five Top Countries Where Embroidery Business Will Thrive


Embroidery in China goes way back in history yet it is still thriving due to its uniqueness. China would be a good country to not just start an embroidery business but also learn new techniques regarding Chinese embroidery. From facts, Chinese embroidery is said to be unique due to their delicate choice of material, colour, pattern, and their choice of embroidery threads.

China is top among other countries to start an embroidery business because Chinese embroidery represents the brand of all things embroidery-personalization. If you are looking to start an embroidery business that speaks originality, China should be among your too choices to launch your business idea and also gain new skills in embroidery.

Top thriving embroidery business in China include:

Changsha City Fancy Embroidery Co., Ltd

Changsha City Fancy Embroidery is a company that has their embroidery business which specializes in Hunan works manufacturing. Hunan is among the province in southern China.

 This company excels in pure silkworm thread embroidery, specializing in one-sided technique.  Above all, the major goal of the company is to highlight the Hunan culture and preserve its cultural heritage.

Location: Kaiyuan Rd, Changsha, Hunan, China


Suzhou Embroidery Arts and Crafts Shop

Suzhou Embroidery Arts and Crafts Shop is an arts and crafts shop which offer services in- silk embroidery hand paintings, hand embroidery crafts, double-sided screen home decor.

 This embroidery business is one which not only make hand embroidery crafts but also concentrate other skilled embroiders display their custom-made embroidery. As a result of this they ensure they display quality and top-notch handmade products.

Location: No.28, Xian Feng Road, Jiangyin, Jiangsu, China


Sanmen Xuzhi Trading Co., Ltd

Sanmen Xuzhi Trading Co., Ltd is an entirely view in the embroidery business perspective, they focus more on the equipment aspect. This company works on the perspective of business where the quality of the equipment is as important as the products. 

Hence, they sell embroidery machines and also second-hand sewing machines that are in good working condition to the embroidery market.

Location: Industrial Area, Airport Road, Taizhou City, Zhejiang, China

The government of China has provisions made in terms of Corporate Income Tax (CIT) incentives for small based business enterprise as well as preferential tax treatment for individually owned and small business enterprise in China.



In Palestine, embroidery is not just a popular business, it is in embedded in their culture, this shows the value to which embroidery is placed in Palestine. Since, it is of high value, Palestine would be another top choice to start an embroidery business because it’s a solid ground for your embroidery business to launch high.

If you choose Palestine for your embroidery business, you can utilize their use of embroidery as a symbol of identity and occasions to identify your brand. Starting an embroidery business with your unique style in Palestine is a good choice.

Top thriving embroidery business in Palestine include:


Taita Leila

Taita Leila is a hand-made clothing brand in Palestine which focus on selling modern clothing with inspiration taken from the Palestine traditional way of embroidery. This company believes in preserving the traditional way through the eyes of modern day. It’s interesting to know that up till date, the clothes are made by hands by the women in Palestine and then sold across the world.

In light of this, check out their website here!



 Jeel designs is another embroidery business which aims to uphold the tradition of Palestine embroidery. This company has a team of both in-house and external artists and designers. In this case, they work towards creating products that are modern yet exceptional in their representation of history. 

Presently, they are based in Dubai and Ramallah, but their products can be shipped to various parts of the world. 


Nol Collective

Nol Collective is a small family run business alongside women cooperative from Gaze and West Bank. They sell products such as accessories, handmade soap, clothing, among others.

 The aim of the company is to help support local artisans by displaying their products as a collaborative online store. In addition, women from Al Amari Refugee Camp create handcrafted designs, selling online for profit.


The United States Agency International Development (USAID) helps support Palestinian entrepreneurs through social and economic initiatives as they make impact in their country.



Are you good at making items simple yet elegant? If yes, your embroidery business can start off in Ukraine by taking inspiration from the country’s unique embroidery style. Your clothing colour scheme might not be based on flashy colours but light tones like the Ukraine embroidery colour scheme.

In addition, Ukraine has diverse regional embroidery patterns, which aids starting a business. If you learn from Ukraine’s embroidery, your business can stand out and strive in your area.

Top thriving embroidery business in Ukraine


PJSC Edelvika

PJSC Edelvika is a company founded since 1994, with 201- 500 company staff. They are known to produce dress costumes, decorative fabrics, work wear, industrial clothing in a wide range. The company engages in embroidery, weaving, sewing, and finishing production.

In the meantime, take a look at the company’s website on how their business operate.


General Mangement Ltd

General Mangement Ltd is well known around Ukraine for its high-quality production of clothing. This company produces various form of garments from tracksuit, sweatshirts, jeans, to shirts, among others. The company is well equipped with cutting, sewing, pressing, embroidery, and knitting machines.


Episma Ltd

Episma Ltd is an all-round embroidery business company. The company is based on supplying embroidery machines, repairing embroidery machines, training staff based on embroidery production. Also, the company works with variety of embroidery designs in terms of fabrics and cuts while delivering customized designs according to client’s taste.



In Tunisia, the embroidery business is upheld high as each design is taken through an intricate process. As early back, the people of Tunisia, would ensure that they would engage in research to know more about the clients before embarking on the design. This was and is still a very important business strategy in our World today. 

The people of Tunisia also made use of the business strategy of innovation by combining precious stones with their embroidery. No wonder, they regarded their embroidery as intricate. Looking to stand out in your embroidery business, Tunisia is a good country to learn and start your business.

Top thriving embroidery business in Tunisia include:


Seribod Tunis

With twenty years of experience, Seribod Tunis offers high quality industrial embroidery designs. The company offers sewing alterations to ensure they meet their client needs and ensure their embroidery designs fit all textile items such as- luggage, parka, fleece, poll shirt, t-shirts, cap, sweater, among other textiles.

Location: Rue 62128 ZI cited Ibn Khaldoun 2062 Tunis is an embroidery business based in Tunisia and they offer vast service of clothing brands personalized according to customer preference. They are into customizing T-shirt, sweater, jacket, sweatshirts, shorts, polo shirt, tank top, hoodie, and personalized caps. 



Do you have a desire to ensure that old piece of clothing is not abandoned to waste away? If it’s a yes, your embroidery business can take inspiration from Serbia’s skilled embroiderers. Serbs also work on making different cuts available for their clothing to give it a unique style.

Top thriving embroidery business in Serbia:

  • Mitex
  • Tomash Production

Steps to Start an Embroidery Business

1. Get in-depth information about the embroidery business

For every business, there are certain basic information an entrepreneur needs to understand before launching the business for take-off. Well, you are a smart entrepreneur already, if you made reading this article right now. Congratulations! 

Keep learning about ‘starting an embroidery business’ as your business grows. ‘There is nothing new under the sun’…You may find the missing piece to start your embroidery business through business research. 

Also, seek guidance from embroidery industry experts and relatives providing valuable feedback for business plans.


2. Draft out your business plan

Next step, draft out your business plan. What’s a business plan? We have got you covered. In simple terms, your business plan should contain- executive summary, business description, market analysis, company organization, products or services provided, financial outlook, and summary.

The essence of drafting out a business plan is for the purpose of achieving your business goal for your embroidery business by taking strategic steps detailed out in your business plan.

 Also, having a big-picture business plan helps you assess your current situation and foresee your business’s future based on the steps you take to achieve your goals.


3. Identify your target market

The right target market is crucial to great extends for the success of many start-ups and company. To choose the right target market, you need to identify the niche you want your embroidery to focus on. Your niche would point out your area of specialization, age gap of your potential customers, among other factors.

If you are able to identify the right target market for your business, your embroidery business is sure to have a lasting success. You might be wondering, where do I start in identifying the right target market? 

Here are few steps to identify your business target market:

  • – Define your business value ( what solution is your business providing)
  • – Track data driven analytics (from website, social media, media campaign)
  • – Identify your potential clients (the ideal people your business is focused to address their needs)
  • – Use market segmentation to narrow your ideal audience (market segmentation include- demographic psychographic, behavioural, and geographic)
  • – Engage in interviews with people
  • – Understand your competitors and engage in research

4. Get an embroidery machine

It cannot be overstated- choosing the right equipment’s for starting a business especially for a business which requires skills, techniques as an embroidery business. Further in this article, factors to choosing the right embroidery machine would be discussed. 

We understand that financial budgets are factored in when starting a business, but it is good to invest in quality to get profitable benefits in the long run. An embroidery machine cost an average of $250 for low-cost budget. $600 for middle level budget, and $1000 for high level embroidery machine.

Yet, the prices are subject to factors such as location and place of order. 

5. Acquire information about your business license from your local government

Starting on the right foot is essential for every business, and no one wants to be sanctioned because they don’t have the required license to run their embroidery. This is why, we consider it important that depending on the location of choice you want to start your embroidery business, from home or at an office space. 

It is important to find out about the required business license from your local government. Doing this, gives you more confidence to put your business out there without hiding your creative and innovative embroidery designs.

6. Choose the right business location to sell your products

There are two perspectives in terms of business location. For starting an embroidery business, you first have to consider the location in terms of country, you can choose to start your business from where you live or in another country through the means of technology such as social media.

The second consideration of location is based on where you decide to operate. Do you want your business workspace to be at the comfort of your home or you much prefer an office space where you can conveniently store your embroidery business equipment’s. It all comes down to personal factors and individual preferences.

7. Get to know basic business skill

In our World today, starting a business goes beyond being creative and highly skilled to run a successful business. Entrepreneurs are advised to know basic skills in business to help them make sound business decisions to help project their business to success. 

There are certain business skills one can take online from different platforms like Coursera, Udemy, LinkedIn Leaning, among others. Also, you could watch business related videos on YouTube and even skills that are more drawn towards embroidery.

8. Connect with local suppliers

Apart from getting the basic equipment ’s needed for an embroidery business, having a local supplier plug is also important. An embroidery business deals with materials and as you get daily orders from your clients, you wouldn’t want to delay their order because a material has run out or isn’t available. 

Hence, after selecting a suitable location for your business, search for local suppliers who can provide necessary materials as needed.

9. Advertise your business

Now, that your embroidery business is already taking shape, take another step further to put your business out there. There are many platforms designed to help business owners showcase their amazing products. You just need to identify the best platform your business needs and utilize it to its full potential.

 In addition, many platforms are east to access and operate and majority are budget friendly. Set up a website that will, make business transactions, placing and tracking orders easier for you and your customers.

Wow! The energy level for starting an embroidery business is already in full momentum, it keeps getting better in this article. To full grasp the benefits of starting an embroidery business well, here are other tips you need to put into consideration for a successful business.

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Right Embroidery Machine

– Consider your budget

When Choosing the Right embroidery machine, don’t ignore your set budget for purchasing equipment’s. Also, don’t settle for less quality because of cost, you have the talented skills already, having a less quality machine wouldn’t be nice. It is better to invest in an embroidery machine that will give you the quality you desire in the long run.

– Assess your workspace

Embroidery machines comes in different sizes and it is important that you factor in your designated workspace whether it’s from your home or an office space while purchasing your embroidery machine. An excessive embroidery machine to a small workspace seems claustrophobic and can delay work productivity.

–  Take into consideration mobility

Mobility in terms of if you might regularly need to move your embroidery machine depending on certain work factors. Ensure, that you purchase an embroidery machine that is portable and makes your work process a flexible one.

– Evaluate your place of purchase

Talking about the brand you choose to purchase your embroidery machine. It is important to factor in your brand authencity to ensure you are not purchasing from a wrong source. Also, factors in the time it will take before tour purchase is received so it doesn’t delay your business process. 

Best Embroidery Machine for a Small Based Embroidery Business

In the world of embroidery machine, there are two major types that any one looking to start an embroidery business needs to understand. This two types of embroidery machine also helps in making decisions on the niche you decide to focus your business on.

Home Machine Brands

Home Machine Brands are generally considered to be a good starter machine for beginners and small based business enterprise. Plus, they are easy to access with good local support and being available in stores. 

Commercial Machine Brands

Commercial Machine Brands are for embroidery business with a target to offer mass productions and have certain skilled expertise while dealing with embroidery machines. They come with support but not a much as the one offered in buying from home based machine brand.

Three top Machines Needed to Start an Embroidery Business

Certain sites, have taking time out to consider vast embroidery machines popularly used among embroidery business owners. Among the majority, there were considered to deliver quality and he worth their investment. 

The top three machines are:

– Tajima

Qualities of Tajima embroidery machine- a leading brand of industrial embroidery machine, popular among 130 countries in the World, provides follow-up services, and good customer service while offering high quality.

– Barudan

Qualities of Barudan embroidery machine- among the best embroidery machines, available and easy to find, long lasting, less vibration, solid stability, maximum torsion stability, easier, faster, and straighter hooping, accurate pantograph movements which provide precise stitching, good recovery system, and long term factory support.


Qualities of ZSK embroidery machine- thread break detection, offers quality in precision and reliability, superb servo motor that allows one to see through thick materials, colour changes automatically, less time wasted in adjusting tension systems.


What Do I Need to Start an Embroidery Business?

To start an embroidery business, here are few tips to consider while identify there needs to start your own business. They are:

  • – Cost of starting an embroidery business (it costs an average of $25,062)
  • – Price of purchasing an embroidery machine (it costs an average of $600 depending on the brand)
  • – Workspace cost (depending on the location which you choose for business operations but an small office space cost a minimum of $500/month)
  • – Fee of getting a business license (it depends on your local government interns of Country)
  • – Marketing and advertising fee (it depends on the platform which you choose to utilize- Facebook, Instagram, among others)

Is Embroidery Business a Lucrative Business?

Starting an embroidery business could cost a lot (depending on the level of business- small, mid, high based business) at the onset but it yields great profits as the business continues to grow. 

Yes, an embroidery business is a lucrative business with an expression of creativity and flexibility. An embroidery business which is projected to be lucrative requires that the business owner works on business strategies to keep the purchase high and running.

How Do I Make My Embroidery Business A Success?

To make an embroidery business a success- remember to work on your business and not just in your business. Further explanation means that the success of your embroidery business requires that you are invested on seeing that how you started in terms of your embroidery design has experienced a great improvement. 

Why? A business may not be down in demands but if it doesn’t meet up with the current demands especially with technology improving daily, in no time the business would run out. Hence, as your business continues to expand, take time out to research on new ideas and innovations to make your business a success.


So far, it’s been in-depth learning from countries like China, Tunisia…on their unique ways of embroidery design, to taking actionable steps on how to start an embroidery business. What about the very useful information on embroidery machines which plays an important role in the embroidery business. 

Now, finding out that starting an embroidery business is actually a lucrative business. It has been an eventful article with exclusive details. Can’t wait to get started on your embroidery business of creative, profitable, flexible, and convenient ways of doing business? 

If it’s a yes, take the next step already to starting an embroidery business.


Image Credits: All images on this website are sources from Getty Images, Pexels and Unsplash.

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