30 Small Business Ideas for Success in Egypt

by Biztraction Research

No one should attempt to live without having any form of income, no matter how small the business may be. I guess this is the reason you are looking for small business ideas in Egypt you can start with little or no capital. Egypt offers thousands of business chances that, if taken advantage of, might completely change your financial situation.

The top 30 most profitable small business idea in Egypt will be discussed in this article and if you continue reading this post, you can launch your own company in Egypt in 2023. You can also look at small business ideas in regions like Nigeria, South Africa, Ghana e.t.c

How Easy Is It To Start A New Business In Egypt?

Starting a business in Egypt is very easy. Because of this, it is currently thought of as the greatest African country in which to conduct business as of 2022.

Also, the new administration is fostering a favorable atmosphere for startups by providing them with grants, loans, and tax breaks.

Businesses looking to grow outside of the established, mature markets in the northern hemisphere have a lot of opportunity in Egypt. Around 2 million more people are added to its 100 million-person population each year.

Cost Of Registering Your Business Name In Egypt

You should, however, note that the cost of registering your business in Egypt depends on the type of business structure you want to operate. If you want to operate a sole proprietorship, for example, during the company’s registration, the required minimum fee of 50,000 EGP must be paid in full.

How can a foreigner start a business in Egypt?

As a foreigner in Egypt, you must first decide on the business structure you want to do. It could be a sole proprietorship business, limited liability company, or a joint company.

You can start the company registration process once you’ve decided on the sort of business structure. The steps are as follows:

·Get name clearance for your business: Before starting a business, a company should get name clearance from the commercial registration. The business’s proposed name must be distinct and unrelated to any other names that are already in use.

·Documents and an Application Submission: The Companies Establishment Department under GAFI must receive the application for company registration along with the required paperwork. The authority examines the application and supporting papers.

·Get your incorporation certificate: The authorities will issue the incorporation certificate for the establishment of the firm if it approves the application filed, and the documentation presented.

Compliances After Registration

You still need to complete a few steps once the company has been incorporated before you can begin conducting business.

·You should get a bank account for a business: A corporate bank account must be opened in the business’s name. This bank account may be used for any business financial transactions.

·Registering for Taxes: The GAFI’s Tax Office is where the firm can register after it has been incorporated.

·Acquire Licenses/Permits: The ability to operate may be subject to certain licenses or permits. Your desired business activity may determine the type of license you need. So it’s important to get permits and licenses.

30 Profitable Small Business Ideas In The Egypt

1. Game development agency

In 2023, it is anticipated that the video games segment in Egypt would generate US$692.10m in revenue.

Revenue is anticipated to grow at a rate of 4.19% per year (CAGR 2023-2027), with a forecasted market volume of US$815.50 million by that year.

By 2027, 44.8 million users are anticipated in the video games market. Game development agency is a lucrative business in Egypt and you can start a small agency with the cost of $1000 to $1200.

Game developers have a variety of ways to make money while creating their games, including partnering with other developers, using crowdsourcing, becoming a developer for other businesses, or selling tools they developed for their game.

2. Content Creation (Blogging, YouTube, SEO, Translation)

According to research, there are over 50 million creators worldwide, and their market is worth more than $100 billion. Egypt is also an African country with millions of creators. You should bear in mind that you don’t really need much capital to start this business and you get to know more than you gather experience by working for clients.

It’s no longer necessary to limit digital content creation to a pastime. Content makers have a wide range of platforms and opportunities at their disposal to make it a full-time career or at least a side business that pays well.

In order to address the problems or demands of a particular target audience, content creators provide informative and/or entertaining content. The information can take on many forms, including blogs, articles, audio, and podcasts.

A variety of platforms, specialized content websites, and channels are available to content providers, as well as a variety of content developers of various types.

3. Website And Graphics Design

The Egypt government has generated about $5m on website design in 2022. All you need to do as a graphics and website designer is to gather enough skills. After doing this, you just need a small amount of money to get yourself a laptop and get started!

As a website and graphic designers in Egypt, you can earn extra money by working as independent contractors. Working at your convenience while being paid for it is called freelancing. You may work from home as a freelancer, even in your pajamas, without stress, as long as you make your deadlines.

Young businesspeople around the world, not just in Egypt, are also finding website design to be one of the most promising and developing industries. All you need is a thorough awareness of legal requirements, marketing concepts, SEO techniques, and online operations. This is a profitable, cutting-edge, customer-focused, and cost-effective approach.

4. Virtual Assistance

As a virtual assistant, you are an independent contractor who, typically on a part-time basis, provides administrative support for you and your company.

You can also do responsibilities traditionally performed by an executive assistant, such as making phone calls, scheduling appointments, planning travel, or managing emails.

The Egypt government is generating revenue from this sector per year and you should also give it a try.

With a capital of $50, you can start your Virtual assistance business

5. Digital Marketing And Social Media Management

According to statistica, Egypt’s digital advertising industry is expected to increase by 4.24% between 2023 and 2027, reaching a market size of US$952.90 million in that year. This set yourself up as a small business owner. You will need about $70 to $100.

The good news is that, whichever route you take, digital marketing businesses offer a lot of potential for financial success.

A digital marketing agency might be successful when it first launches. Any company, regardless of its industry, can eventually reap the rewards of using digital marketing to reach its audience online and become profitable.

Professional services business ideas.

6. Consultancy Business (Financial, Business, Tax, Digital And Others)

According to Statista.com, the management consultancy sector generated $139 billion in sales in 2022. You can start this business with little or no capital, and it is a very lucrative one.

Both people and corporate companies have a high demand for consulting. If you are a specialist in finance, this is a lucrative venture for you.

For this business, you need to have solid market knowledge and mathematical prowess. You must give your clients advice on investments, plans for business growth, income estimates, cost-cutting strategies, and prospects. Having a strong network and effective marketing are essential for business success.

7. Laundromat

In 2023, per-person revenues of US$13.55 are produced based on population statistics. You will need a capital of $100 minimum to start this business in a small way.

In Egypt, there is a high need for laundry services. You have two options for starting a laundry business: independently or through a franchise. You will have an advantage over your rivals if you offer additional services like ironing and home delivery of cleaned things. Door-to-door marketing and good public relations are key components of this company’s success.

8. Daycare

In actuality, childcare can be a very lucrative industry. The majority of parents are employed, thus they must entrust their kids to daycare centers while they are away at work.

It is safe to state that the daycare sector offers a wide range of chances given its 3 percent annual growth rate and yearly revenues of approximately $57 billion.

Creating and maintaining a daycare is difficult, despite the encouraging statistics. In order to stand out from the crowd, childcare providers need to be knowledgeable in their field and willing to put in the time and effort necessary.

9. Interior Designing

The Egypt government has generated up to $466 from this sector in 2022. The interior designing business is one you can venture into if you have a capital of $100 and above.

Naturally, just like in any other profession, an interior designer’s profit or earnings is based on a variety of factors, including their training, credentials, level of experience, and talent.

Marketing yourself more effectively is one of the first things you should do to increase your clientele and income. If you aren’t aggressively marketing your website and brand, you can’t expect customers to show up at your door. You can gain more recognition for your company and yourself as an interior designer and increase your income significantly by marketing your firm.

Agribusiness ideas

10. Arable Farming And Food Processing.

You should start arable farming and food processing business if you have a capital of $500 and above. The Egypt government has planned to increase the production of arable crops and food processing by 30% in 2024.

Instead of raising livestock or growing fruits and vegetables, arable farming focuses on growing crops like wheat and barley. Land that is suitable for cultivation is referred to as arable land. You can also venture into food processing and doing this requires less capital. 11. Animal farming business.

The Egypt government has generated up to $466 from this sector in 2022. It is a business idea you can start with as little as $500.

Animal farming business has always been a significant source of revenue for people. Additionally, cattle farming today is unquestionably profitable on both a large and local scale.

You can also go into poultry farming, which involves birds, chickens, etc. Animal farming business is one of the most profitable industries in Egypt’s agricultural economy. Chickens are more prevalent than other poultry species.

12. Agro Processing Business

There is a rising profitability and market share in this business. The Egypt government has also generated a lot of revenue from this sector. You will need a capital of $1500 and above to start a small Agro processing business.

Given the significance of this industry to the economy of the country, it offers a chance for everyone who is willing and committed to look around it and make money to make money.

These top Agro processing business concepts might support you in doing that. One way to make a lot of money in agriculture is through Agro-processing. There are other additional methods, including farming and raising cattle.

13. Storage Facility

Egypt’s government has generated about$28 million on this business. You should know that farm produce storage is a relatively inexpensive technique to earn millions in a single year in Egypt. You buy farm products when there is an excess, then you wait until there is a shortage before selling them and keeping the profits.

Due to market scarcity and rising use, several agricultural commodities gain in value over time. During harvest, there is a large or excessive supply of food, yet it quickly runs out.

Some farmers lack the resources to preserve their crops, and others must sell their produce nonetheless due to urgent requirements. Investors in agriculture can now seize this chance. You can earn 100% and above returns on investment in the farm produce storage company.

14. Agro Equipment Sales

This sector has generated about $200 million revenue for the government. It is one of the ways to earn money in agriculture is by selling agricultural equipment, which is a lucrative business choice for everyone. Make sure the store is ready. You need to create a warm inside space for your clients. The cost of starting a small Agro equipment sales business is about $2000.

Additionally, keep in mind to appropriately exhibit your goods. Going to an interior designer and beginning with a floor plan is a fantastic option. Next, set up the store in accordance with your particular requirements.

Consumer Services Business Ideas

15. Catering Services And Meal Delivery Platforms.

Total revenue of about $211.30 millions has been generated by Egypt government so far. You need a capital of about $1000 and above to start a catering business in Egypt.

In Egypt, demand for catering services is rising. You can start a catering business if you are a skilled or enthusiastic chef. This company needs a strong network, publicity, and, most importantly, excellent service. You will receive multiple reference clients after a few profitable orders. Pay great attention to the quality and flavor of the food you are presenting.

16. Fitness Trainer.

This is one of the perfect job for you if you’ve got little to no capital. You may generate money from your passion for fitness, whether you work in the industry or are just a health-conscious individual.

The fitness sector is thriving in Egypt and will further expand going forward because of the popularity of health movements like the vegan, keto, and paleo diets, as well as exercise fads like HIIT and circuit training.

17. Moving Services

The cost of starting a moving business will be the cost of a vehicle as this is one of the most important tool you will need. The government generates millions of dollars from this sector per year, plus it is one of the most lucrative business ideas for you.

By providing their many services, moving businesses generate enormous revenue. Small moving businesses prosper as more clients hire them to move a single item of furniture or other items, increasing their revenue. Along with local relocation, moving firms also provide cross-country movers, which are more expensive than local ones.

They charge you for cross-country moving based on the items you are transporting and the distance you are moving them. Additionally, they add a fee for packaging, which increases their profit.

They have a group of skilled and experienced professional movers on staff. Relocation businesses offer specialized moving for those with tight budgets in an effort to get into a sizable market.

18. Videography and Photography

In Egypt, photography and photography is an extremely profitable line of business. This is the perfect business plan if you enjoy using cameras. In Egypt, there is a lot of room for growth in the photography industry.

Taking pictures of travelers, documenting popular tourist attractions, or taking pictures for publications or businesses can all be very lucrative. In the photography industry, having a website and strong networking will be quite beneficial.

19. Personal Shopper

A personal shopper can go to malls, department stores, and grocery stores on behalf of their clients and make purchases. To start, they meet the client in person to discover their preferences and needs. They then locate stores that sell the things on the list. In other situations, the client may ask the personal shopper to go to a particular store.

Working within the client’s budget is crucial for personal shoppers. Your objective is to find high-quality products that meet their demands and wishes for the most affordable price. Finding the best deals on the market is an essential part of the job, thus being current in sales and trends is advantageous for the position.

Technical Service Business Ideas

20. Electrical Repair Shop

Egypt’s government revenue is about $116 millions and if you love electronics, opening an electronic repair shop is a great idea to ensure that you don’t lose money. You can undoubtedly make more money staying at home than working for the government. You need your skull and capital of as little as $100 to start this business.

Since electronics are used in every home today, they are inevitably damaged if they are present. Since Indians prioritize repairs over purchasing new items, choosing an electronics repair shop is preferable.

21. Auto Repair Shop

The Egypt government has found this sector to be a very lucrative one, and it has yielded hundred of dollars for the country.

An auto repair shop will also cost you your skill plus little of about $100 capital, just like an electronics repair shop.

The most precious resource in auto repair is labor. Goods have much thinner margins, which typically range from 20 to 30 percent. As the ratio of parts to labor has dramatically changed, this could be an issue.

Despite the fact that labor and components are now roughly equal in frequency, selling pricey parts for a tiny profit will still account for half of your profits.

Although labor is still covered by a respectable profit margin of over 50%, based on these figures, you may expect an average margin of about 38%.

22. Plumbing Services

Plumbing can be a successful line of work for a business. Over 90,000 plumbing specialists work in the nation at large, and you need just about $100 to start this business as long as you have the skill for it.

Location, experience, and the quantity of rivals in the market are just a few of the variables that affect how much profit a plumbing company may make. However, the majority of plumbing enterprises might bring in between $150,000 and $250,000 annually. The average fee for a plumber’s services is an hourly rate.

23. Dj Services

If you enjoy listening to music of many kinds, starting a business that caters to your tastes in music can be a fantastic idea. If you also enjoy matching and merging tracks or have a knack for fusing various musical genres, this might be a business you could start.

You can establish a business offering people DJ (disc jockey) services and charging them for the work you do.

Some people may already be engaged in this, or something similar, as a pastime and are unaware that they have the opportunity to develop it into a highly lucrative business. 24. Network security business

Network security business, also called cyber security, is very profitable in Egypt. Because of the current skills gap and the growing threat from cybercrime, there is a growing demand for cybersecurity specialists each year. To compete for the finest positions, cybersecurity experts must also arm themselves with cutting-edge abilities.

25. Recycling Business Ideas.

In Egypt, waste management is a major problem. As a result, your trash management company can succeed. Waste management companies come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

You can first begin operating your industrial waste treatment facility. Second, household garbage can be used to create organic fertilizer.

Thirdly, you can offer equipment for waste treatment, such as scrubbers. Waste management is a significant sector of business when taking into account both environmental pollution and human health concerns.

26. Manufacturing Business Ideas

Any business that employs parts, components, or raw materials to create completed goods is considered a manufacturing business.

These finished products may be sold to consumers directly or to other manufacturers who will utilize them to create a new product. In the modern manufacturing industry, products are typically created by a combination of humans, machines, robots, computers, and other factors.

You can think of this if you really have any manufacturing idea.

27. Airport Shuttle.

Being the owner and operator of an airport shuttle service can be quite lucrative.

The ideal way to market a shuttle service is to form partnerships and alliances with organizations and local businesses that can provide you with patrons, like hotels, tour companies, travel agencies, and big businesses.

28. Travel Agency.

One of the travel agent’s most lucrative business that increases the profit margin for the travel business is travel insurance.

Although it is inexpensive and low-risk, it comes at a premium for the passenger. Because it is more of an addition than a component of the trip, travel insurance. Agents are frequently compensated by agencies for educating consumers about the advantages of insurance coverage.

Compared to hotels or other travel essentials, insurance commissions are paid at a greater rate. Customers frequently barter for the price of travel insurance to lower the entire cost of a trip because it is the one item on the itinerary that is the easiest to negotiate.

29. Professional Tour Guide Agency.

Egypt’s government has generated over $500 millions from the tourist sector of the economy. This business requires skill and just little capital to start this business.

Most tourist initiatives are typically developed and implemented by the tour guide. His responsibilities vary according to the mission and may include leading walking tours, sharing historical or cultural information, making comments on the places they’ve been, and responding to inquiries from guests.

30. Local Arts Business

Local set business is one of the small profitable ideas for you in Egypt. You earn as long as you sell your local arts. You can get started with a capital of  $1000 and above. Remember that the value of art can rise, just like equities and investments. A budding artist’s work will appreciate significantly in value if they go on to have a prosperous career.