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30 Profitable small business ideas in Netherlands

by Biztraction Research

We would talk about 30 profitable small business ideas in Netherlands and guide you through the information you need to start any of these businesses.

How easy is it to start a business in the Netherlands?

When you think about the difficulty of starting a business in Netherlands compare to other countries. It is quite easy to start a business in the Netherlands. The Netherlands is one of the best countries to start a business because it is ranked the 5th most competitive economy in the world. Within the working days, it takes three to five days to start a business in the Netherlands, and wherever you reside in the world, you can start up a business. 

Is the Netherlands a good place for business?

In 2020, the Netherlands was ranked 41st on the list according to the regional ranking of countries’ ease of doing business, while in 2019, it was ranked 35th according to the world ranking of countries and the business they do. This high ranking is due to the country’s advanced business infrastructure, strategic location, business climate, attractive tax environment, few labour disputes and strikes, and stable economy.

profitable small business ideas in Netherlands
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How can a foreigner start a business in the Netherlands?

The basis for starting a business in the Netherlands as a foreigner is to be a legal resident and have a work permit in the country. Other existing conditions that are required include: 

  1. Registering with Handelsregister, which is the Dutch business register.
  2. Ensure you give all your details to the Dutch Tax Office.
  3. Ensure proper customs administration.
  4. Acquire a BTW (VAT) number.


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As a foreigners, you can follow these fully listed procedures to start a business in the Netherlands;

  • Register the company’s name. The registration form can be completed in a few hours, but the Tax Identification Number (TIN) will take two to six weeks to be issued by the tax office.
  • Choose a legal entity where the business will operate under.
  • Reserve the trade name based on post-verification with the Trade Register.
  • Draft and prepare incorporation documents for the company.
  • File the incorporation documents with the Trade Register (this is also applied to the tax and VAT registration).
  • Register as an employer and obtain all business license according to the sector of activity.


Business ideas to start in Netherlands without capital

Irrespective of where you live, service-based businesses are the best types to start that require minimal or no capital. The main form of capital you need for these businesses is a skill.

Cleaning Services

House cleaning and hygiene is something everyone likes but time is always a factor. As one of the wealthiest countries in the world, the Netherlands people do value their time. Therefore, they don’t spend their few free hours cleaning and hence pay someone to do the work for them. Both old and young citizens of the Netherlands hire someone for cleaning services. The cleaning service business pays up to 200 euros to per client.


This is a professional service that provides advice and guidance by an expert for a specific amount of money. It contains different domains depending on the expertise area or area of specialization. A consultant in the Netherlands earns up to 23 euros per hour. Example: nutrition advice, business management, etc.

Life Coaching

An expert provides clients with aid to improve their career, self-esteem, relationships, and daily life activities. It helps to identify problems and the strategies to overcome them. A life coach help people maximize their potentials of reaching certain goals in life. A life coach in the Netherlands earns up to 33 euros per hour.

Personal Trainer

This fitness program provides knowledge, abilities, and skills designed for overall bodily health and well-being. Personal trainers are instructors that assist people in achieving their dream body shape and fitness and general well-being by designing exercise patterns safely and effectively. A personal trainer can earn up to 21 euros per hour.



This interpretation job requires an expert in a specific language to translate speech or written text into another language. Since the Netherlands is a business country and many foreigners come from different countries, a translator job would be good to start if you do not have money. A translator earns 24 euros in the Netherlands.


Franchise opportunities in Netherlands

Another World Franchise.

This is a virtual reality park franchise that requires an investment of 28,816 euros upwards. It creates suitable Virtual Reality games for the future generation, both adults and kids. The main target of this franchise is to make it accessible to everyone to improve technology worldwide. The Another World Franchise allows its players to earn money from it. It gives the game license, creates new free games yearly, and provides a website for the booking system.

Sahar & Vosk.

This is a beauty salon franchise that also requires an investment of 28,816 euros upwards. It is a fast-growing brand for skincare, and it aims to offer high-quality and affordable face and body products. This brand has its business academy, a laboratory that teaches skincare products. This company also aims to expand across the world. It offers high investment returns within six months at most.


This is a speech therapy center that offers an investment of 15,560 euros. It offers speech therapy for children with disorders from zero to fourteen years. This has been operating since 2012 and uses exclusive techniques for an achievable result. This program is centered on qualified specialists and entrepreneurs. This center has various advantages because it has ahead of the company with 30 years of experience and has up to 13 remedies that are already registered.

Krispy Kreme.

This is a doughnut and coffee store franchise that has an investment of 264,151 euros. They operate with other subsidiaries for the retail and wholesale of doughnuts, coffee, and other beverages. It operates through the company’s store, the domestic and international franchise, and the KK supply chain.

The Tutoring Centre.

This tutoring franchise requires an investment of 88,850 euros upwards. It strengthens the children’s abilities in various subjects and makes them have a passion for learning and other academic activities. It was founded in 1994, and it provides other opportunities to the franchise. Four years ago, it operated around 100 franchises in the US. The franchise fee for this center is around EUR 30,737.

business ideas in Netherlands

Websites to find businesses of sale in Netherlands


This is one of the world’s largest marketing places for businesses. It started online in 1990 and now connects millions of business people every month. This website helps businesses to market their business. It advertises up to 61,648 businesses in over 100 countries.


This is a private sector for marketing businesses by introducing businesses worldwide. It instantly connects people for various business and investor transactions. Franchise brands, Deal professionals, and business brokers, among others, also use SMERGERS because it is simple, straightforward, and easy to manage.


Tech business opportunities in Netherlands

Graphic Design 

Graphic designers captivate viewers with images, colors, and typography. However, graphic designers working in user experience (UX) design need, for example, a human-centric approach to justify styling decisions about image position and fonts. In short, you need to empathize with your users while creating a great-looking theme that focuses on a particular user and maximizes usability. A graphic designer earns up to 2,970 euros in a month.

Video Editing

Video editing is the process of editing and rearranging video footage to create a new piece of work. Editing is usually considered part of the post-production process. Other post-production tasks include titles, color correction, sound mixing, etc. There are many reasons to edit a video, and how you edit it depends on the result you want. In a nutshell, a video editor in the Netherlands earns up to 2,482 euros in a month.


Data Analysis

Many organizations have various ways to approach data analysis. Data analysis is the process of changing and processing raw data and extracting the relevant information that helps businesses make informed decisions and be successful. This procedure helps to reduce the risks inherent in decision-making by providing useful statistics, mostly presented in bars, charts, tables, and graphs. 

 Data analysis helps track how well your products are within a target demographic area. A data analyst receives 4,470 euros per month.


Programming is all over the place. Code facilitates common acts in our lives, from ordering takeout to streaming movies. Tech companies are no longer just software corporations; they now deliver meals to our doorsteps, assist us in locating a taxi, influence presidential election outcomes, and serve as personal trainers.

Only a few people have known how to code for many years. That is, however, beginning to change. The number of people learning to code grows year after year, with an estimated 26.2 million software developers globally, not including the many other programming-related jobs. A computer programmer earns up to 4,560 EUR per month.

Web Design

The design of websites presented on the internet is referred to as web design. Rather than software development, it usually relates to the user experience components of website creation. Previously, web design was mostly focused on creating websites for desktop browsers, but since the mid-2010s, mobile and tablet browser design has become increasingly essential.

A web designer is responsible for a website’s appearance, layout, and, in certain situations, content. For example, appearance refers to the colors, typography, and images utilized. The way information is organized and grouped is referred to as layout. A good web design is simple, aesthetically pleasing, and appropriate for the website’s target audience and brand. Many websites are developed to remove any unnecessary information. A web designer earns 4,320 EUR per month.

Cyber Security

The technique of protecting computers, servers, mobile devices, electronic systems, networks, and data from hostile intrusions is known as cyber security. It’s also known as electronic information security or information technology security. The phrase is used in various contexts, ranging from business to mobile computing, and it may be broken down into a few categories. A cyber security analyst’s salary is up to 4,583 EUR per month.

System Software Administration

An enterprise software application management solution covers deploying new software and updating old applications. A system administrator configures, maintains, and operates the network and computer systems of an organization. They will also guarantee that the equipment and software are up to date and discover and resolve network issues. A system software administrator earns 4,190 EUR per month.


A simulation uses models to simulate the operation of real-world processes or systems. The model describes the specified process or system’s key behaviors and properties, while the simulation depicts how the model changes over time under various conditions.

Simulations are often computer-based, with a software-generated model used to assist managerial and engineering decisions and training purposes. Because the models are both visual and interactive, simulation approaches enhance learning and experimentation.

Examples of simulation systems are discrete events, processes, and dynamic simulation. All of these systems can be used in various organizations. A simulator earns 4,720 EUR per month.


Benefits of doing business in Netherlands

Key Area

As one of the world’s further developed economies, the Netherlands consolidates a top-notch foundation with a decisively invaluable situation in the central area of Europe. Forbes positioned the Netherlands as number four among its Best Nations of Business On the planet. Because of its an important area, the nation has tracked down favour from European, Asian, and American organizations that need to extend their businesses.

Cutthroat Assessment Rates

Adding to this heap of area benefits is how the nation has serious assessment rates and is favorable to business strategies. The Netherlands additionally effectively advances taking part in Research and development exercises through a most loved corporate duty construction and explicit Research and development charge motivations to animate development.


The Netherlands’ administration is a significant advocate of public-private organization and mechanical development. This groundbreaking approach permits organizations the vital help to grow and enhance in the district. The Dutch have a decent structure set up to help advancement in business development.

Enormous Ability Pool

The labour force in the nation is profoundly taught, gifted and multilingual, which offers firms an appealing pool of work from which to draw. As one of Europe’s incredible social communities, the Netherlands is an engaging spot for labourers to live.

Solid Monetary Focus

The Netherlands is generally a helpful spot for major monetary organizations. A solid monetary area has a significant impact on the Dutch economy. The Service of Money has attempted to make the Netherlands a world monetary focus, and current regulation exists for financial oversight.


30 profitable small business ideas in Netherlands

  • Remote jobs

Physical employees are not the ones that can only be monitored, you can equally monitor those that work remotely without seeing them. Since technology is becoming more advanced and more remote, then the remote employee monitoring service is booming. You can start remote businesses which also offer your services to organisations in the Netherlands.

  • Make and sell handcrafted items

Making and selling arts and crafts is another creative way to make a lot of money in the Netherlands. You can make unique materials like bags, beads, and shoes, and sell them to various unique channels to make a lot of money.

  • Start a horticultural architecture company.

A horticultural architecture business is a business that deals with flowers, such as flower planting to make a building more beautiful, or how to utilise flowers to beautify your yard or home.

  • Business of kid-friendly applications

If you’re a skilled app developer, developing kid-friendly apps is another lucrative business opportunity. This business requires you to create a variety of unique educational apps that can improve the lives of children and teenagers.

  • Sell cannabis and its derivatives.

It is a business opportunity in the Netherlands that you can start, but there is a specific law governing its use. The business does not only deal with selling cannabis, but also includes some special herbs.

  • Internet investigation

It is profitable business ideas in the Netherlands that may bring in a lot of money; it is a profitable business that requires you to conduct market research and favourable feasibility studies.

  • Invest in a bacon factory.

It is a fantastic company idea that produces varied bacon in the Netherlands; it is a nice business that necessitated a large amount of money and other positive measures.

  • Pet-specific services

It is a business that deals with how to care for various household pets, thus there are some areas of specialisation in pet servicing that you may choose and focus on to make money, such as dog walking.

  • Accountant 

Paying taxes is what every place does as long as the certainty of life is concerned. People and businesses will almost certainly need help with keeping records and paying tax. If you have what it takes and other necessary training and certificates, offering your services as an accountant can be a great idea. It would not take much to start this business; the most important thing is to know how to market your services.

  • Cleanup of construction site

The Netherlands is a country that always loves improving its structures because of its stable economic state, and wherever construction is ongoing, the place tends to be so messy. Construction site cleanup services perform a general cleaning and removal of leftover building materials and this job can be paid daily.

  • Start a boat storage business.

It is a successful business that offers to keep tools used in a specific period or area, such as tools used during the winter, therefore you will need a larger facility to accommodate the tools.

  • Business of childproofing

It is another business opportunity in the Netherlands that requires you to care for an infant. There are some parents who do not know how to properly care for a new baby, so it is a unique business that can generate revenue.

  • Begin a vegetarian diet.

Start a vegetarian restaurant as another unique business idea that will generate a unique income because not everyone is a vegetarian. It is a profitable business opportunity because you are a chef who prepares special foods.

  • Services for Fumigation

It is a business in the Dutch agriculture industry that deals with utilising chemicals to kill or get rid of numerous dangerous insects on the farm.

  • Open a movie theatre

It’s a business that involves watching movies in a large apartment or a hall, a hall that can hold hundreds of people, and it’s a business that necessitates capital, projectors, and other equipment, as well as branding processes.

  • Gluten-free options

Gluten-free option It is a successful business dealing with the sale of gluten-free products; it is a tiny network that will sell well; sit tight and make a lot of money.

  • Services for errands

Service for Errands It is a business opportunity to conduct errands for persons who require such service, as well as domestic assistance to various households for a fee.

  • Mobile kitchen

The mobile food truck business is a chef business in which their dealings are conducted in a truck, which is movable. The business is profitable and requires dedication and hard work.

  • Plumbing service

A plumbing company is a concept. In the Netherlands, you can start a profitable business by attending a plumber school and learning the trade for a year, following which you can open your own plumber school.

  • Business of Recycling

It is a business opportunity that deals with establishing a company that handles garbage, cans, and other waste items.

  • Business of fitness/gym

Gym business is another great business that deals with gaining good body structure, enormous blood flow, and a healthy body, just as there are many types of people searching for a healthy body or getting rid of an obsessed, fat, large stomach.

  • Start an ice cream parlour

Ice cream by both young and old, adults, students and various other individuals, is a powerful unique business idea that will sell very well in the Netherlands. It is a year-round business.

  • Child Care at Home

It’s similar to a daycare business in that it requires no capital but your home and the care of children, feeding, dressing, and teaching them until their parents return, and you earn a lot of money.

  • Service of laundry

Service of Laundry The wash guy business, which requires washing loads of cloth for clients and earning in return, is in high demand in the Netherlands.

  • Funeral homes

Funeral homes are businesses that deal with arranging or preparing dead bodies for final burial ceremonies or burial arrangements. If you have extensive undertaker skills, this business could be ideal for you.

  • Establish a Boutique

Starting a unique boutique business is a business that sells a variety of clothing for men, women, teenagers, and infants, such as belts, suits, shirts, blouses, and skirts.

  • Coffee Cafe 

Coffee cafe is a mandatory daily drink in the Netherlands; it is hot liquids that keep the body warm and sound; it is a little business that is popular in the Netherlands and brings in a lot of money every day.

  • Delivery service

It is a business service that is similar to a messenger job, such as delivering critical messages to people or important information to large organisations, and the business always involves the use of a bicycle, automobile, or bike.

  • Gadget Sales and Repairs

We live in a world where almost everyone you see has a phone or other gadgets for communication. These gadgets and phones do not really last forever and need to be repaired at some period of time. Even with the repair, some people prefer buying new trending phones like iPhones and Samsung which have so many features other phones don’t. 

  • Making Sales Online

With so many social media platforms, sales can be made through advertisements on whatsapp, Instagram and other more. You can also set up an online store to sell anything you want from clothes, to gadgets and even services. The good thing about this business is that location is not a constraint as you can be patronised by anyone from anywhere in the world.

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