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30 Profitable Small Business Ideas In Norway

by Biztraction Research

Are you looking for profitable business ideas in Norway? Norway is the best option if you’re seeking a new location to conduct business. This Scandinavian nation has a vibrant business scene and has several prospects for business owners. Norway has a booming economy and a stable government, making it an excellent environment to conduct business. The Norwegian government provides several incentives to aid enterprises in starting, and there are several chances for entrepreneurs in various industries. You can also explore profitable ideas in France, Germany, Denmark or Italy.

In this article, we’ll list 30 Profitable Small Business Ideas In Norway, go through the benefits of conducting business in Norway and give an outline of the key elements of setting up and managing a business in this country. Read on for more information about whether you’re considering expanding your business into new markets or are simply interested in what Norway offers.

How Easy Is It To Start A Business In Norway?

Starting a business in Norway is relatively easy but not without challenges. The high cost of living in Norway is one of the main obstacles to business. Because everything is expensive, including housing, food, and transportation, businesses must be ready to pay more for goods and services.

The nation’s tight labor rules present another difficulty. Businesses in Norway must abide by several rules controlling working conditions and employee benefits, some of which can be challenging to obey.

Furthermore, the Norwegian market might be challenging due to its size and competition. To flourish, foreign enterprises may need to collaborate with local businesses because they may need help to stand out in a crowded market.

Is Norway A Good Place For Business?

Norway has established itself as a country with solid economic stability and excellent chances for foreign companies wishing to grow and provide their services globally. The country boasts one of the most incredible levels of living in the world, with a GNP per capita of 765.836 NOK. In other words, Norway is seen as an economically secure nation where the possibility of issues arising from external economic sources is reduced.

Norway is rated as one of the most competitive nations in the world. The egalitarian culture and mutual trust between employers and employees facilitate efficiency.

Additionally, the essential cooperation of the government, industrial confederations, and labor unions produce stability and low conflict levels.

Norway is a part of the EEA agreement; it is not a member of the EU. This means that Norway is a comparable partner to other EU nations in the internal market, giving businesses accustomed to doing business in the EU a similar legal environment.

How Can A Foreigner Start A Business In Norway?

In theory, anyone can open a business and offer goods or services in Norway; you do not need to be a Norwegian citizen or resident.

To start a business in Norway, you must abide by the same rules and legislation that apply to Norwegian corporations. A post box does not match the requirements; you must have a Norwegian firm address with a postal address, post number, and city to begin.

A Norwegian D-number (a personal ID number) and a Norwegian business address are requirements for foreign nationals who wish to establish and run a business in Norway. You can use public services in Norway if you have this D-number. A D-number application can be made at the same time as company registration.

Franchise Opportunities In Norway

Several American franchise chains, including McDonald’s, Avis, and Starbucks, are in Norway. However, the majority of franchising systems in use in Norway are based on ideas created here. All franchise systems there must follow the Norwegian legislative foundation for business enterprises. Additionally, they must operate under the EEA’s structure, which complies with EU law. Under EU Directive 4087/88, franchising is exempt from the Competition Act. The Ministry of Trade and Industry is in charge of overseeing franchising in Norway. There are no significant barriers to launching a franchise chain in the nation.

The establishment of a franchise concept in Norway has its challenges. Despite attempts to organize franchise conferences in Norway, there needs to be more public awareness about franchising. Most business possibilities are advertised in newspapers and magazines, on the Internet, or at facilitated meetings because there are few central locations where prospective franchisees can gather. With 5.3 million people spread out across an enormous geographic area, Norway has a small market, frequently forcing franchise designs to be more expensive than is customary in the United States. Franchise systems in Norway must contend with high costs, such as labor and property renting, and a competitive job market. Potential franchisees have needed some help to obtain funding in Norway.

Websites To Find Businesses For Sale In Norway

There are tons of websites out there that sell businesses in Norway. The most important thing to be mindful of when seeking to buy a business online is to look at the credibility and authenticity of the site you’re browsing.

Below are some trustworthy websites to find businesses for sale in Norway.

1. millionmakers.com

2. sunbeltnetwork.com

3. smergers.com

4. easybuysellbusiness.com

5. franchiseeurope.com

6. businessesforsale.com

7. sellanybusiness.com

Online And Technology Business Opportunities In Norway

In the last decade, remote and technology-related jobs have spiked because of the increase in internet usage and technological gadgets; therefore, finding online and technology business opportunities in Norway will be easy. Below are some of them.

#1. Online Retail Consultant

You may quickly launch this profitable online business with little to no worry. Thanks to this business opportunity, you can create and ultimately enhance online stores.

As an online retail consultant, your duties will include the following:

  • Crafting compelling product descriptions for goods.
  • Advising customers on how to utilize social media to promote their online stores.
  • Working on getting their critical products included in publications to help their business grow.

#2. Graphic Design

Business owners will always require the assistance of graphic designers to create logos, banners, flyers, book covers, and other similar products in exchange for payment. With the help of the Internet Internet, you can learn graphic design on your own, or you can go to a school or institute to do so. You can provide this service from the convenience of your couch with the help of your laptop.

#3. Blogging

The considerable number of individuals who use and rely on the Internet daily has made blogging a very lucrative company. It is best to focus your blog on your area of interest for sustainability. An entrepreneur can focus on many themes through blogging, including fashion, lifestyle, gossip, health, relationships, food, politics, entertainment, and more.

You can sell ad space, use affiliate marketing, offer eBooks or webinars, or use Google AdSense to monetize your site. Blogging is always possible to perform in addition to your typical job. You will need an internet-enabled PC or laptop to establish and run this business.

#4. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketers advertise other people’s goods. They receive commissions on their sales in exchange. Although one of the most well-known affiliate marketing platforms is Amazon, you can consider many other options. You must first set up your site because affiliate marketing frequently involves blogging to create a seamless blend of content and promotion.

#5. YouTuber

There are more than 5 billion video views on YouTube daily, and your video might be one of them. A YouTube channel may be as profitable as a typical blog, if not more so, with proper management. To begin with, you do not need to purchase a domain or pay for channel hosting.

Additionally, you have a sizable audience and a working platform at your disposal. Additionally, getting your AdSense application approved through YouTube is simple, and you can begin making money the moment you create your account and publish your first post. You may upload a video to YouTube and start your business there.

#6. Editorial Services

You can offer the following editorial services from the convenience of your home:

  • Copyediting. A copy must be checked for accuracy and free of grammatical, stylistic, and typographical faults.
  • Proofreading. A “completed” piece comes to a close here. The proofreader appropriately implements the copyediting changes, and no more errors are introduced during the process.
  • Indexing. Purchase indexing software and enroll in courses to assist you with this task.
  • Developmental Editing. A developmental editor works with a manuscript on overall issues, including content and organization.

#7. Computer Repair

As technology advances and computers are used more frequently for various activities, users tend to take them in for repair rather than replacement when they develop problems. To be successful in this business field, you must have a solid knowledge of computer hardware. If you want to set up a repair shop and buy some tools for the job, you’ll need a moderate amount of initial money.

30 Profitable Small Business Ideas In Norway

There are a lot of profitable small business ideas in Norway since the Norway business market keeps thriving. Below is a list of 30 Profitable small business ideas you can start in Norway 

#1. Internet Shop

Online selling is a form of electronic commerce in which customers purchase goods or services online from a vendor. The conclusion of the pandemic marks the beginning of a new period, and the online business sector is expanding quickly. Due to exceptional circumstances, e-commerce is now a common practice.

#2. Private Detective

People who work in the private sector or for the general public are known as private investigators or private detectives. Private detectives assist with various tasks, including surveillance, background checks, pre-employment verification, guarding famous persons, and helping to find the whereabouts of missing people or goods.

#3. Photography

There are several methods to make money from photography if you are talented in the field. Nevertheless, it would help if you remembered that the transition from skilled armature to professional is not simple. Instead of attempting to do everything at once, it is best to concentrate on one aspect of photography, such as working with corporate clients, weddings, wildlife, or travel.

#4. Cigar Bar

Since smoking is not permitted in public areas, opening a cigar lounge is profitable. Start your cigar lounge in a well-known area. It should have a pleasant atmosphere, excellent furnishings, and enough space for smokers.

#5. Computer Repair & Service

The number of people who own and use computers has expanded tremendously as the globe transitions to a digitized economy. As a result, they, too, require maintenance and repair. You can start a computer service and repair business by schooling in hardware and software maintenance.

#6. Book-keeping

Even though several software programs can help with bookkeeping, the work is still time-consuming and requires professional staff to complete. Because of this, it is common for some businesses to continue using bookkeepers to complete jobs.

#7. Tour Guide

There are many tourist attractions in Norway, and as a tour guide, you may contribute to making the tour experience better for visitors. Knowing multiple languages might benefit your business if you wish to serve foreign tourists.

#8. Virtual Assistant

You can start this business if you are organized, have experience in office administration or secretarial work, and enjoy working with people. Nowadays, many businesses choose to work with virtual assistants to save money over hiring regular employees.

#9. Event Planning

In Norway, event management is a successful small-company concept. Start an event management business to manage numerous events, such as social gatherings, corporate events, weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, etc.

#10. Gym Business

Today, a lot of people are interested in fitness. The pandemic brought about a sense of well-being that is essential for everyone. Due to this, the gym industry is quite lucrative. You may launch a gym business with reputable brand equipment and a prime location.

#11. Business Plan Consulting

You can leverage your expertise in project management and business processes to become a productive and successful business plan consultant. You have a viable market to display your skills and make money simultaneously because many new firms in Norway require this service. You can work this business either full- or part-time.

#12. Fintech

Fintech is quite well-liked in Norway because of the ongoing changes in the global economy. Due to the high need for such services in this nation, starting a fintech business is an excellent idea. But before starting a fintech company in Norway, do extensive study on the need from all angles.

#13. Restaurant / Coffee Shop

A restaurant, coffee shop, or café is a classic example of a successful commercial venture. Opening a café in a large city or nearby populated areas with many offices or students attending colleges and universities would attract many customers. You may profit by selling nutritious snacks, quality coffee, and welcoming decor.

#14. Beauty And Nail Salon

In Norway, running a beauty salon can be a lucrative business, especially in the appropriate area. You can run a little marketing with this business to attract customers. If you provide excellent services, you will inevitably attract repeat clients.

#15. Language Instructor

Norwegian is the language that is most often used in Norway. However, many people are keen to acquire other foreign languages, like English, French, German, and others. People who desire to go to other nations should also learn these languages. Therefore, if you are fluent in another language, you can start a business by charging people to learn it from you.

#16. Export-Import Business

In Norway, doing business in export-import is profitable. However, before starting an export-import firm, be sure you have the required licenses and licenses. Norway exports various products, including crude oil, fish, aluminum, etc.

#17. Become A Nutritionist

The need for dietitians has increased dramatically in recent years. It’s an excellent profession with lots of room for growth and progress. To become a nutritionist, you must complete a lot of training.

#18. Relocation Service

The majority of people will move from one location to another at some time in their lives. It might be laborious to move one’s possessions to a new house or office; as a result, people hire business owners who specialize in packing and unpacking goods.

#19. Selling Of Auto Parts

This is a company that can coexist alongside an auto repair shop. The demand for spare parts for automobiles will always exist as long as people maintain them. Repairing damaged or worn-out auto components is necessary if you want your car to stay on the road and fulfill the purpose you purchased it, making the auto spare parts industry successful.

#20. Sandwich And Café Bar

The capital city of Oslo has a lot of sandwiches and café bars. This company has the potential to be very profitable, especially if it is innovative and strategically located. One fact is that investors won’t squander money on bad investments by continuing to make them year after year.

#21. Real Estate

There is a lot of money to be made in Norway’s burgeoning real estate market. Anyone looking to improve their fortune should consider starting a real estate company in Norway.

#22. Technology Products

Today’s world relies heavily on technology. Technology development has affected almost everything around us, making this sector incredibly profitable for companies. Selling technology goods is a rapidly expanding industry in Norway.

#23. Food Truck

One of the many sorts of mobile vending businesses is a food truck. Because you can quickly shift your truck to a location with more prospective clients than your current position, this form of a food company is beneficial. A food truck business is relatively inexpensive to start, but good management can generate a lot of revenue.

#24. Music Coach

You can make a living teaching music if you love it and are informed about it. If you can sing or play an instrument, you can sell this talent by instructing others and earning money.

#25. Automobile Maintenance and Repair

This might be a very lucrative business to start in Norway if you are a mechanic. A car will require maintenance or repairs from time to time as long as it is in use. All you have to do is secure the necessary funding and locate your company in an ideal area.

#26. Yoga Instructor

You should consider becoming a yoga teacher if you’re a dedicated yogi who wishes to instruct others in practice safely and regularly. Many people in Norway struggle with having a hectic schedule that leaves them with little to no time to unwind and relax. To address this problem, start a yoga class.

#27. Seafood Mall

Norway loves its seafood, so if you open a seafood mall there, you can be sure that business will be consistent. Without question, this is a profitable business; all you need to succeed in it is your capital and business acumen.

#28. Elder Care

Like most areas, Norway is seeing a rise in the population of senior citizens. As a result, there will always be a significant need for senior care. These seniors can receive health-related or non-health services such as cooking, errand running, driving, and body massage.

#29. Pest Management Services

Both homes and companies could benefit from this fantastic enterprise. Rates greatly vary from place to place, so thoroughly research your area’s markets to see which would be the most chance for you.

#30. Makeup Artist

There is always money to be made as a cosmetic artist in Norway, no matter your state. In a short amount of time, you may learn everything there is to know about becoming a makeup artist, and you won’t need a lot of capital to get started. You can either open your own business or market your services online and in nearby publications to get started.

#31. Day Care Service

The daycare market is enormous! You have a choice of starting at home or at work. If you offer daycare for the children of their employees, businesses could be willing to give you free space. For this firm, licensure and safety are crucial. You can quickly establish a profitable business and a reliable income.


Although all these small businesses are profitable, and Norway remains a continuously thriving market, you must conduct your research to ensure that your business survives, as every business will have its ups and downs. We hope you found this post very helpful, as promised. Kindly let us know what you think.


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