30 Most Profitable Small Business Ideas In Poland

by Temiloluwa Alagbe

Overview of the Poland Economy

If you are looking for profitable business ideas in Poland, then you are in the right place. The GDP of Poland has increased steadily by over 800% since 1989. It’s no wonder the World Bank describes it as one of the strongest economies in the European Union. In addition, its business-friendly location, skilled and affordable labour, and large consumer market make it an attraction to investors worldwide. You could be one of those investors, too. To help you get started, we have curated a comprehensive list of businesses you can begin in Poland.

Brick-and-Mortar Business Ideas in Poland

1. Restaurant business:

Cooking takes up a lot of time, and only some people have that time to spare, but everyone needs to eat. This situation is exactly what makes the food business a lucrative one in Poland. Another benefit of opening a restaurant is its versatility. It could serve as a spot for small gatherings and a place to dine. Your business will surely thrive as long as you set a high food and service standard for your restaurant.

2. Food Truck Business:

If you don’t have the capital for a restaurant, you could start a food truck business. In addition to being cost-effective, it has the benefit of mobility and free advertisement

3. Childcare Services:

Children need a lot of attention and care, and let’s face it, parents don’t have that time. This lack of doesn’t mean they don’t love their kids, but they need to keep these kids fed. That’s where you come in. Providing peak childcare for these busy parents by starting a daycare or a nanny agency.

4. Courier and Delivery Services:

A study conducted by Statista revealed that 92% of the Polish population purchased their goods online as of last year (2022). These statistics indicate that e-commerce thrives in Poland, implying that a courier or delivery agency would also flourish.

5. Cleaning Services

Starting a cleaning business is profitable because of its high demand. Other benefits include its low startup cost, consistent income, and it is not seasonal (regardless of the weather or season, people would need cleaning services).

6. Tourism

World Data shows Poland is ranked the 15th most toured country globally. Providing the proper guidance and shelter for these tourists will certainly yield profit. You could start a travel agencya hotel, or a spa, and the possibilities are endless!

7. Car wash:

Car washes have a high demand in Poland. The reason is that nearly everyone has a car, and those cars need to be cleaned. Opening a self-service car wash where people can drive past and their vehicles get cleaned is a brilliant business idea in Poland.

8. Business Consultant:

There are a lot of people like you who are looking to start businesses in Poland. Why move with the herd? Consulting companies are in high demand in Poland. Study the economy diligently and create your business consultancy, guiding people down the right business path.

 9. Agriculture and Farming:

Food is in high demand, well, everywhere, because people need to eat. Starting your farm is always a good idea because it is profitable and affordable.

 10. Event Management:

Event management is another business that is in high demand, and it only makes sense considering the population. Where people are present, there would be events; where there are events, an event manager is needed. That’s where you would come in.

11. Liquor Store:

We can only talk about events if we mention drinks. Even if it were a kid’s party, there has to be something for the adults. Not to mention, liquor stores are all the rage in Poland.

 12. Vending machines:

Setting up vending machines at strategic locations like schools, offices, public transport stops, apartment complexes, etc., will bring in profit.

13. Bakery:

According to Global Data, the Poland Bakery and Cereals Market was estimated at $4.3 billion in 2021, and it was projected to increase at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of over 3%. time. This is all the convincing you need to open your bakery in Poland.

14. Furniture Shop:

The Poland furniture industry is not only profitable within the country’s borders but in Europe in its entirety. However, to venture into this business, your standards must be through the roof because the bar has already been set high. Your business will surely thrive if you set excellent quality and service standards.

 15. Grocery Store:

Opening a grocery store is profitable for many reasons. From low operation costs to high sellout rates, a grocery store is the business to start.

Online Business Ideas in Poland

1. Online Store:

E-commerce is rapidly becoming popular. This popularity could make the competition fierce, but there are a lot of ways to beat the competition. One of which is creating content that promotes your online business.

 2. Website Development:

Following the rise of e-commerce, the demand for web developers has skyrocketed. This demand makes it a productive business to venture into.

3. Dropshipping

The dropshipping business is a middleman business. The dropshipper advertises products on their website that they do not have in stock. When an order is placed, the order is forwarded to the company with which the dropshipper already has an agreement. The dropshipper charges higher than the regular price to account for his services as a middleman. If you need more capital to start an online store, this is the perfect business for you.

4. Software Development:

There is an ever-increasing demand for software developers in Poland. The reason for this is the growing popularity of the internet and everything it offers.

5. Blockchain Development:

Because of the ever-increasing prevalence of online transactions, it is easy to understand why this skill is in demand.

6. Content Creation:

One of the surest ways of promoting businesses is content creation, but only a few business owners have the time for this. You will make a substantial profit by developing your content creation skills.

7. Voice-over Services:

Put your language fluency to good use with this versatile business idea. From TV advertisements to online content, your voice could be a very useful money-making tool for you and other businesses.

8. Influencing:

Influencers are a very important part of the social media world, and social media is a very important part of the business world. This correlation is why becoming an influencer is a great idea. Though it would take up much of your time and energy, it is 100% worth the trouble.

 9. App Developer:

With the sky-high demand for phones, it is only natural that the need for app developers increases, too. This demand is certainly a business idea worth investing time and money into.

 10. Virtual Event Manager:

Managing virtual events is just as profitable as managing physical ones. The reason is that inline meetings have become just as popular as physical meetings.

 11. Saas Product Developer:

The ease of access to SaaS products makes the demand for its developers high.

 12. Freelancing:

You could offer various services from the comfort of your home and charge for these services at your discretion.

13. Online Teaching Services:

Nearly everyone has a busy schedule, but no one wants that busy schedule to get in the way of expanding knowledge. This unavailability is why offering online teaching services is a highly profitable business in Poland.

 14. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is marketing products online. The more customers you pull, the more money you make.

 15. Online Job Board Business Idea in Poland:

Many people are searching for jobs, both offline and online. You could do the bulk of the work for these people by going out and searching for job listings for a fee.


There’s no denying that the Polish business environment is fiercely competitive, but you’ll do just fine with the right business strategy. Remember that setting and maintaining a high-quality standard, uniqueness, and creativity are paramount to building a profitable small business.