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Best Company Formation Agent In Norway

by Biztraction Research

A company formation agent in Norway make the whole process of registering a business easy. They assist you in filling all documents, registering with the appropriate authorities, and checking business plans. Some company formation agents even go as far as helping managing your books after they have helped you establish your company. So you have developed a profitable business idea you would like to start and are planning for next steps. Business can be overwhelming because of the different moving parts. However, registering you business is require in Norway and other countries like Germany, Denmark.

A handful of great company formation agents in Norway can assist you in starting your company. You will learn about Norway’s best company formation agent.

Are Company Formation Agent In Norway Regulated ?

Brønnøysund Register Center keeps a list of company formation agents who either employ the service of a third-party supplier on this list or have completed testing of their formation service (i.e., they have software capable of submitting electronic incorporations). This helps to regulate Company Formation Agents in Norway. Although the companies on this list have been testing (or utilizing a service that has undergone testing), they will all offer varying degrees of service, so it is crucial to make an informed decision (e.g., compare pricing and services offered and look at customer reviews, etc.).

company formation agents in Norway

The Average Cost To Set Up A Company In Norway 

Depending on the add-ons you select, submitting a postal application to register a corporation is less expensive than hiring an agent to handle the procedure on your behalf. Most offer pricing schemes based on your needs.

Costs associated with incorporation come to €7,210 in Year 1 and €500 in Year 2 and subsequent years (excluding annual accounting and tax fees). The typical charge for a Norway engagement is €19,285, which covers all government fees, company incorporation, opening a local corporate bank account, and other expenses.

The private limited company is the most popular business structure for non-Norwegians. The whole company establishment, including the basic legal structure and tax counsel, bank account guidance, and getting a D-number, will cost from €1500. Additionally, you will pay the Norwegian business registry between €600 to €700 (NOK5570 to 6797).

How To Register A Business In Norway 

Creating a new company seems simple. In reality, Norway is one of the countries where it is most straightforward to start a business. Registering a company in Norway has to be done through the Brønnøysund Register Center. All foreign businesses needing a Norwegian organization number must register as a Norwegian registered foreign business (NUF).

Norway has a standard method for forming businesses. Opening a private limited liability corporation starts with picking a suitable name for the business. The Brønnøysund Register Center must verify and authorize the name. Another prerequisite for the creation of an AS is a bank account.

The next step is to present identification documents, such as a recent utility bill or bank statement as proof of residential address and copies of your passport, identification cards, or driver’s license.

These papers must also be provided when opening a share capital bank account and any additional forms or papers the bank may require.

To register the firm with the Brønnøysund Register Center, a set of documents and information must be filled out through an application process. These documents include the memorandum of association and ones that list the board members’ names, the company’s commercial domain, and its primary goals and functions. Documentation has dramatically decreased since the Private Limited Liability Companies Act’s 2013 changes.

Why Use a Company Formation Agent in Norway

There are several benefits to registering your limited company with a professional company formation agent:

  • Advantage of a team’s expertise and experience (a team well-versed in regularly carrying out numerous company formations).
  • Because all the paperwork is done for you, you have plenty of time to focus on starting up your business and growing it into a successful venture.
  • Your limited company registration will go more smoothly if you use a business formation agent.
  • In general, application forms are easy to fill out and don’t take much time. Therefore, you might quickly register your limited corporation.
  • The company formation agent will take care of the legalities. So, rest assured all the documentation will be completed appropriately.
  • Going directly to the Companies House may be more expensive than using a company formation agent.
  • A company formation agent can offer a wealth of extra services and guidance.

10 Best Company Formation Agents In Norway 

#1. Euro Start Enterprise 

Leading company formation specialists, Euro Start Enterprises assists business owners worldwide in establishing their organizations in more than 30 nations at the most competitive rates. Euro Start Entreprises has assisted business owners worldwide since 2007 in starting and growing their enterprises. Now that they have a network of offices and agents spread over more than 30 nations, they can offer various services, including accountants, serviced offices, foreign exchange, corporate checks, business insurance, and telecommunications, to mention a few.

#2. Nytt Foretak

The Norwegian Financial Supervisory Authority (Finanstilsynet) has approved Nytt Foretak as a provider of business services. Nytt Foretak is Norway’s top provider of shelf companies and company formation services. The foundation of Nytt Foretak was the idea that time is our most valuable resource. To help you save yours, they have spent the last seven years creating technologies and services. Did you know that Nytt Foretak can help you set up your business more quickly—by an average of four weeks? Many business owners, multinational corporations, and consultants have used Nytt Foretak.

Since 2014, Nytt Foretak has provided startup assistance to business owners and entrepreneurs. They have helped more than 5000 founders—Norwegian and foreign—launch their businesses in Norway.

#3. Accace

Accace is a proactive outsourcing and consulting partner that connects needs with options. They provide consumers with comprehensive care by fusing advanced, efficient technologies with a holistic approach. With more than 2,000 clients and over 800 professionals, Accace has experience assisting small to large-scale international enterprises in operating efficiently.

Professionals with experience in business consulting for numerous industries and sectors are in charge of the team in Norway. They have created a wide range of services to assist businesses new to the Norwegian market or the Nordic region, covering go-to-market research, customized incorporation and support for the business launch, and a complete package of accounting, tax, payroll outsourcing, and consulting services.

#4. Leinonen Group 

Leinonen Group is an internationally established accountancy and advisory firm with over 30 years of knowledge and experience. In total, 11 nations, including Finland, Sweden, Norway, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Bulgaria, Hungary, and Ukraine, have their 12 offices dispersed around Scandinavia, the Baltic states, Central Europe, and Eastern Europe.

Accounting, payroll administration, taxation, legal, and advising services are part of their service offering. Their entire range of services is tailored to your company’s requirements. The customers of Leinonen Group are incredibly diverse, and they intend to continue providing services to businesses of various sizes and industries. Most of their clients are multinational corporations with long-term operations in the area they serve.

#5. Million Makers 

 To provide outstanding solutions and services for starting Businesses like company formation, opening bank accounts, virtual offices, and human resource solutions for domestic and international success, Million Makers has dedicated years of work and experience to perfecting skills, specialization, international associations, and partnerships. They assist their clients with a variety of information technology needs, including those for software and web development. They have customers in 106 nations.

#6. Tetra Consultants

Tetra Consultants is the consulting company that serves as your valued partner and advisor during your company’s growth. Tetra Consultants wants to grow their company internationally. They offer comprehensive services for your business requirements, including company formation, tax registration, setting corporate bank accounts, visa applications, and many more. With more than 10 years of experience, they employ the knowledge and abilities of their attorneys and accountants to serve their clients best.

#7. Maxcorp

Maxcorp is a certified service provider with offices throughout 6 nations; they specialize in small business formations and corporate services. They are a group of lawyers with expertise in tax and business law, blockchain architecture, and crypto service licensing for virtual asset service provider (VASP) businesses. They’ll determine the best course of action based on your goals and expectations. Their group will be in charge of speaking with and writing to the appropriate government agency. They aim to offer a procedure that uses less time and money while still being effective.

#8. Healy Consultants Group 

Healy Consultants Group PLC assists multinational Clients with business sets up in every country. Healy Consultants Group PLC has helped clients with business registration, business licensing, Norway business banking solutions, Norway resident director services, visa choices, staff recruitment methods, and registering legal offices efficiently and effectively for more than ten years.


Starting a company in Norway is one of your best business decisions. From the ease of forming these businesses through the help of numerous company formation agents available in Norway to the Norwegian market, everything works in favor of business owners. We hope you found this helpful post on the Best Company Formation Agent In Norway. Feel free to let us know what you think.

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